Saturday, June 27, 2009

A Sunny Saturday

Can life be any better? Great weather, good food, nice people surrounding me and BASEBALL TOURNAMENT WEEKEND.
Monkeyboy's team is undefeated. The food they cook tastes wonderful. MR joined us today. The sky was beautiful. Do you look at clouds and see things? I do. I see a big dog in that picture. And isn't it funny when you see something and no one else does. They begin to argue what you have seen.
Bean was taking pictures today, wandering the field. She began to wave madly at someone, thinking it was I (or is it me?). She was insulted when the lady didn't wave back. I think that lady did look like me, only much older, of course.
Why do burgers always taste better on the grill? I chowed my down today and it was wonderful.
I am reading lots in the backyard. I read a bit, watch the kids behind us, watch the birds, the bees...wait, that's not what you think.
The parents on this baseball team are so very nice. And when one of the players has a bad day, everyone cheers anyway. The kids do try their best, and I think everyone wants to win, of course, but everyone cheers when there is an exceptional catch or hit, no matter what team it is.
Five more days and I will be done at my job. I don't feel sad, but there is so much I want to do before they de-activate everything. I really loved my job, it was something different every day. And the people are wonderful. Well, most of them are. There are some...well, we won't discuss them!
My interview at Phipps went great, I think. I really want the position. It is kind of a glorified Walmart greeter. I think it would be wonderful, and I would be eligible for courses they offer on gardening, flower arranging, etc. Free. How great is that? I am told that everyone will be called back for a second interview, and I am assuming that it will be after the Fourth of July holiday.
Time to gear up for the road trip. You may remember, we are headed for Williamsburg, VA. I love these road trips. Singing in the car, staying up late, eating whenever we are hungry. We will spend some time at the beach this year. I have no swim suit. Debating whether I should get one or not. It's very traumatic to try on bathing suits. I always think I can get into a certain size, and it never works, so I feel disgusted. Perhaps I'll just forget the suit. No, no, not that...I'll wear shorts on the beach. And a tank top. Yes, that's what I'll do. Why ruin my vacation by trying on suits that won't fit.
Well, the big bed calls my name. Three games tomorrow and a very busy week ahead. Have a wonderful Sunday.

Sunday, June 21, 2009


Sorry for the delay, but it has been a busy week.
The small road trip was wonderful. So relaxing. Except for the Pens game. That was NOT relaxing.
Rain on the way out, seems always to have rain on the road. About 5/10 hours. Yuk. The way back was sunny and great. Well, except for getting off the turnpike going 90 miles per hour around the off ramp. That Mippy! Now whenever we take a turn Bean and I yell "Wheeeeeeee". But we made it home in time for the baseball game.
Brother and sister-in-law always show us a wonderful time, whether it be sitting quietly talking, eating sister-in-law's wonderful cooking, listening to her play the piano or watching the kids. I am amazed when someone can pick up a song book and just begin to play. It is so wonderful to listen to. Bean played also, as did A. and even C. played a bit. The kids are a delight. Lots of giggles, lots of laughter. A bit of a scare when Bird had an eye problem back in the burgh, but it turned out okay, thank goodness!
The Penquins....what can one say except they were wonderful. Screams abound, cheering and jumping up and down. Monkeyboy went to the parade with his friend and got to high five the coach. Our teams are the greatest. Well, most of them are.
I have been sitting in the yard, under the tree, reading away the day. It is so wonderful, and it helps to have a good book.
I leave my one job in eleven days and I have an interview on Wednesday for a position at Phipps Conservatory.
We had quite the crowd at the ballgame today. Family for North Carolina, Ginger, Mippy, Bird and Bean of course, and all of the regulars. Even Mippy's brother came. Final Sunday tournament game and the next tournament begins next Friday. I am so glad it is summer and we have all the summer activities of which to enjoy.
Happy Father's Day!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Is this Heaven...No, it's IOWA

Just so we can make this clear, this is Bean speaking. I am the guest blogger. We (Mippy, Mia, and I) drove to Iowa to visit Mia's brother and family. It was a lllooonnnngggg drive!!!! It was supposed to take 10 hours so it shouldn't have been too bad. Well, that wasn't exactly how it worked. We got stuck in traffic, and more traffic, and some more traffic. The GPS, named Stacy, told us that we were supposed to arrive at 5pm. We arrived at 6pm. When we finally arrived, all were awaiting to see us. We had a wonderful 6-minute dinner prepared by Mia's sister-in-law. The next morning the trio of cousins came over for the day and we went to the near-by park. We had a lot of fun. We were all sweaty by the time we were walking back, while the youngest of the trio was complaining she couldn't walk anymore. We all got back and we pounded down many glasses of water. The rest of the day, we did arts and crafts, played outside, and just had fun. When it came time to go to bed, we all layed down and were told a bedtime story by Mia's brother.

Ohh...and don't think I forgot. PENGUINS WON! PENGUINS WON-in Detroit, in front of Detroit's fans, and we beat Hossa!!!! Ha ha ha. If only you had all heard Mia screaming. People in other parts of the house thought there had been a robber and it scared the heck out of them. That goes to show just how different Pittsburgh fans are from other fans.

The next day, we went to the oldest of the trio's softball game. I never realized just how many girls play softball. It's a great sport. Afterwards, everyone came home and we all had a meal called Million Dollar Spaghetti. Boy, it's true-it's got to be worth atleast a million dollars.

Everyone have a great rest-of-the-weekend!!
PENGUINS WON!!!!! (And don't forget it!)

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Sunday Afternoon

I have been sitting in the "new" reading area in the yard, reading a delightful book called "Dewey". It is about a library cat in Spencer, Iowa. And I am so enjoying the back yard. It's another beautiful day here in the 'burgh.
As I was enjoying the outdoors and reading the book, my thoughts drifted. Back to a house in which I grew up. It was a large house, five bedrooms, three stories. A great house, as I remember it, although my brother does not have the same memories. We didn't have a swimming pool nearby, so many of my summer afternoons were spent on the front porch. People had front porches in our neighborhood, and everyone could be found sitting on them. We had a swing that hung from the ceiling, a glider, and two rocking chairs. Ahhh, the rocking chairs. I wore the paint off the floor, rocking on those chairs, reading books, all summer. Oh, I would leave the porch in the afternoon when my mother and I would walk to the local market to shop for dinner. She never bought for more than a dinner at a time.
I remember this as I sit reading today.
The Pens did not do well last night. Not well at all. To not do well is one thing, but to start fights out of frustration is quite another. A bit beneath them, I think. Back to Pittsburgh on Tuesday, and I hope we win that one. Or at least play competively. And with no fights from frustration.
Monkeyboy had a game on Friday and one this afternoon. He got a double, a single and played first base like a champ.
Getting ready for a mini road trip this week. Looking forward to it, as always.
In preparation, I went to the library to get some books. Imagine my chagrin to find that the library I love best is closing for eighteen months for renovation! I like to wander the library, look at all of the new books, read the jackets, then make a choice. The local library doesn't have room to display all the new books on carosels, so they put them on a shelf. It's harder to brouse that way. The library looks fine to me, why do they have to rennovate it?
Summer is a time for road work. Lots and lots of road work. Delays everywhere. Perhaps if they did the roads right the first time, we wouldn't have all this construction every summer. It took me forty-five minutes to make a twenty minute trip yesterday. I don't know how I am going to go to work tomorrow since I understand they are closing yet another ramp to the bridge. This one project has been going on for several years, and will be going on for several more! Progress, they say.
It is time to go to Monkeyboy's baseball game. At least in his team they don't get rid of good players. What was the thinking in trading Nate McLouth???????
Have a great afternoon!