Thursday, October 28, 2010

Halloween Happenings

When I was small, we had a bakery. It was a small bakery and the people who owned it lived near us. It delicious baked goods, all fresh, none frozen for the next day or week. They had wonderful cherry filled cookies, decorated cookies and cakes and pies, which were not as good.
At Halloween we would dress up and go to the home of the owner.....because.....they gave out candy apples. And they were wonderful! As they gave them to you they asked your name, so you couldn't get two, which made me sad. We didn't have very original costumes. Some kids did...their parents made their costume. I remember in second grade one girl had a blond wig, only it didn't look like a wig. She won a prize for the best costume. No one knew who she was.
Halloween was a big deal. We used to have a party, then parade around the school with the parents standing there taking pictures. Then we would go home and prepare for the parade the town had. After that we got to go trick or treating. We never did much of the tricking, though.
It was fun and exhausting...going through all that candy.
Phipps is having a Halloween Happening. Kids come in with costumes and they see a magic show, can get their face pained, pot a plant and eat! It's fun to see all the kids in their costumes, some of which are very unique.
Ava, the cat, is on medication. X-rays were taken and examinations done and nothing of significance was found, so she is on meds for inflamation. She alternately does well and hobbles around on three legs. It's sad to watch, but she is sleeping and eating regularly, so the vet said to just give her time.
What do you remember about Halloween? Did/do you make costumes or do you buy them? I remember a butterfly costume I made for a certain child, who, when they saw it ran screaming to hide behind the bushes.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Let The Games Go On

Ahhh, it is the season again.
The NY Times had an excellent article about Nolan Ryan. It talked about him buying the Rangers with the thought of.....making them a winning team. Isn't that a novel idea? Not buying a team to build a new stadium, make money and move on. I read that he was quite the player in his time, and he wants to build this team to win. Good for him. And they beat the Yanks. That is such good news.
Ben is back. Very mixed feelings about that. I think he played a good game. We won. Thanks, Tim, for all the cheering. I think I saw you down by the goal line, but I can't be sure.
Monkeyboy's team is doing well. Monkeyboy has the second highest score...he is going for double digits. Such fun watching the kids play.
Both Monkeyboy and Sprout celebrated birthdays. Sprout's cake had a picture of her on it and it was so much fun! Monkeyboy elected to have a giant chocolate chip birthday cookie. Personally, I prefer cake.
Bean is in Phantom this week. Break a leg, Bean. She is having such fun, but is exhausted. Such is the life of a star. Well, she may not be THE star, but she is our star.
Ava has a bad leg or legs...have to take her to the vet again. He gave her a shot, which helped briefly, but she is not doing well. Both hind legs seem to be affected. She is having great difficulty walking. *fingers crossed that it is nothing serious.*
Seems to be a time when many close to me are having medical problems. This too shall pass, I just hope it passes quickly.
On a lighter note, there was a Japanese wedding at Phipps this weekend and it was lovely. Such beautiful dresses, all dressed in their culture. Makes me wonder why we are so against immigration.
Code purple today...chipmunk expired in the outdoor garden. Butterflies are about done. Great train display currently. I still love my job.
The weather has been decent for the most part. Warm days, cool nights. I am having a garage sale this weekend. Dreading it, but I made the commitment. Hoping to get rid of some junk. Never had one before, so we will see how this goes.
Vote, okay? I know....sometimes it seems to not make a difference, and sometimes I get discouraged, but do not be Have a good one!

Saturday, October 2, 2010

The Weather

It rained here this week. A lot. Some people don't like the rain...generally, I do. I fell asleep to the rain the other night. It wasn't a storm, just a pleasant rain. Woke up to it also. Got ready for work. It amazes me what happens to drivers in the rain, at least here in Pittsburgh. A usual 25 minute ride took me 45 minutes, but it was okay. I had the time, so it wasn't crucial that I speed. Which I can't anyway, because I need new tires. But that is a whole other story.
I began my day at Phipps in the butterfly area. There aren't many butterflies left, but we have to be there to catch them should one escape. It was a very quiet morning and raining there in the conservatory as well as outside. The conservatory was built in 1893, so some of the rooms have water coming in when it rains. So, after cleaning the area of leaves and setting up the table, I sat and watched the rain. And listened. It was quiet other than the water dripping on the bricks. A young couple came through holding hands, whispering, smiling. We talked for a few minutes. They were here for a conference that started that afternoon and decided to spend the morning with us. They had been married in June in an outdoor garden wedding in, of all place, Iowa.
I think one of the best things about living in Pittsburgh is the changes of the seasons. I love them all, even the snow and ice. Those days of terrible weather make me appreciate the good days, the sunny ones.
I had an hour or so left in the butterfly area, so I contemplated the weather and how it affects people. One woman told me Phipps was a perfect place to be in the rain; it made her feel happy and peaceful. A co-worker told me it was a good day to spend in bed reading a good book.
What do you like to do on a rainy day? Is it different now than it was as a child?