Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Summer in the 'Burgh

The last baseball game was last night. Monkeyboy's team won 3/4 tournaments, last night being the fourth. What will I do on a warm, summer night? Such fun to watch these kids develop skills over time and the elation of winning. Lessons learned.
Phipps has been in touch with me. Some budget problems, some problems with HR director's illness in the family. I will check when we return from the road trip.
Road Trip 2009 will begin in just two days. To Virginia for a week. I have been having muscles spasms in my back, so hopefully they will quiet down before we leave! We have lots planned, Williamsburg, Busch Gardens, the beach and lots of food, of course.
Not working has it's benefits...the biggest one being enjoying the world around me. I have had time to sit and enjoy the garden. The flowers are magnificant! And the deer are hardly bothering them. I have painted the bedroom, again! (hence the muscle spasms in my back). It looks very beachy. Thanks to all who have had input.
This has been an incredible summer here in the burgh. We had rain last Friday for the first time in weeks. Took the kids to Color Me Mine to paint and have art pieces fired. Monkeyboy painted a frog, Bean a tile, Sprout a cup and I painted a stone that said "Welcome" for the garden. We went to the library, where the kids sat on the padded window ledge, watched traffic and listened as Bean read a story to them.
Bean helped me pick out a swimsuit. Haven't used it yet. Tried on lots of them and many gave us a good laugh! The first one I tried on is the one I ended up buying. Had to have one for the road trip.
A neighbor is cutting their grass. I love the smell of fresh cut grass. It is one of my favorite smells of summer. Do you have one?
Time to do, shower, shop, get ready for road trip, or just sit in the garden enjoying summer.
Hope your summer is as pleasant.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

A Sad Day In Mudville

It had to end, this tremendous winning streak that his team had. I believe it was 16 or 17 games. And end it did. They lost their game last night, 6-5. It looked as though they tied it up in the last inning, but alas, the runner was called back to third and the last out was called. Another game today, perhaps two. We'll have to see.
Bean got an electric guitar, and generously allowed Monkeyboy to try it. Both kids have talent when it comes to music, and already they have collaborated on a song. MR plays keyboard, Bean plays guitar and Monkeyboy plays drums. They have been banished to the basement to practice. All they need now is a name.
I have a fan that is stuck on one speed. I wrote to the manufacturer and told them the problem. They suggested sending them the model number which is located on top of the motor housing, which just happens to be three inches from the ceiling. So, I am on top of the bed with a mirror looking for the number. Aha, this must be it. But they said it started with a "2". Hmmm, could this thing that looks like a "5" actually be a "2"? And I am having some difficulty reading the numbers from the reflection in the mirror. So, I try to take a picture, but that doesn't work. And it is very, very dusty. I clean it and get everything below very, very, dusty. I write back to the manufacturer and give him what I think are the numbers and tell him they could be in any order. We'll see what happens with that.
The magnolia tree has scales. They are little white bubble kind of things. Scales, I am told. They cannot be gotten rid of this year, but the medicine should take care of it next year, I am told. Oh, yes, and the deer have returned. Madly spraying plants and it seems to have helped.
Other than that, unemployment is wonderful. I wake up and think about doing something, then do nothing. Not true, of course. Bean, Monkeyboy and I went to pick out paint for the bedroom with the fan that doesn't work properly. We decided on light blue. That's the name. It is a pure blue, no grey or green, and I think it is going to be pretty. I had to repair the window where there was water damage (and I did a fine job, I might add), and I just sanded that down, so Monday will be paint day. Maybe. That's the great thing, you know. I can do it or not.
We went for a walk the other night, well, actually we went for a walk several times. Mippy, Monkeyboy, Bean and I. The kids rode their bikes and Mippy had Oscar, the dog. Monkeyboy wiped out twice...lose gravel on the road, and according to him, Bean making him wipe out. The first time he ran into a tree. Bean and I had a difficult time containing our laughter. I have a problem with that...I tend to laugh when people fall. He didn't get hurt on that one, only his pride. Two nights later, the same thing, only he got pretty scratched up on that fall. I didn't laugh. His arm was bleeding (Bean's fault,of course, she cut him off) and he held his arm up for about 1/2 miles watching the blood. And he was never going to ride his bike again because it was stupid. He rode it the next day. His father was riding his motorcycle to work and Monkeyboy rode up the street on his bike beside his father.
Off to clean and get ready for the game today. This next one will be do or be done time, I believe. It's so hard to follow all this.
Have a wonderful summer weekend.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Thoughts on a Sunday

Woke up this morning and decided it was a perfect morning to take a walk. Generally, a walk of this kind demands the cemetary. I look at the headstones and wonder about people. Who were they? How did they die? Some are very young. One was a teen who died and her parents decorate the grave quite elaborately.
Came home and decided it was much too lovely to go inside, so I brought my book out and sat on the patio, watching the rabbits, the birds and reading my book. It's called "Twenty Wishes" and is about a group of women that make a list of twenty wishes that they want to accomplish...kind of a bucket list if you will. I think I am going to start another one, since I lost the first one. I'll share mine, if you share yours. It should be something that is fun, something whimsical, if you will. For me, the first wish will be a pair of red cowboy boots. When I was a kid I always wanted a pair of cowboy boots and never got them. Now I can. Don't know where I will wear them, but I want them.
Bean and I were at one of the many tournament games this weekend and I noticed Monkeyboy and his friend, Noah. They don't talk much, kind of just hang out together. I asked Bean how she chose friends. She thought about it for awhile, and said that when she was in second grade, it was a matter of asking someone if they wanted to color with you. That was the beginning, or at least could be. She said a friend is someone you can be with and don't feel like you have to make conversation. You can just sit quietly and if feels okay. I think that's a good description. I also think a friend is someone that you haven't seen in a long time, but when you do, it is as though you have never been apart.
Tournaments. *Sigh* Monkeyboy's team (it's not actually his team, but the one on which he plays) is undefeated after fourteen games. This is the third tournament, and the final game of this one is tomorrow night. There was a homerun this game, and Monkeyboy made an outstanding double play from third base.
I have not heard from Phipps Conservatory, but am hoping to this week. I will keep you posted.
The beautiful flowers were from the Iowa contingency. Some might refer to my lack of employment as retirement, but I am fortunate to have a friend who said to me "You are now faced with a new adventure. Make choices, suffer the pitfalls, and bask in the glory of the right ones. Life is not a journey to the grave to arrive in a pretty and well preserved body, but rather to skid in broadside, thoroughly used up, totally worn out, and proclaiming--- WOW WHAT A RIDE!!!!"
I don't know to whom I should credit the last part, but it was a quote that they used and I thought both parts were perfect.
It's a new adventure, and I can't wait to see what lies ahead.
Have a great week.