Saturday, January 31, 2009

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Winter Reappears

We had a minor ice storm/snowstorm here today. And it was not nearly so bad as others had it, but it wasn't very good either. When I arrived home tonight, I saw the ice on the trees and it was so pretty. So, after sliding my way home, I found some beauty. At work, we have a number of very talented artists, Kitty and Michele among them. We have put out a calling for artists in the office to bring forth their work to display. A co-worker is a photographer...actually, a number of my co-workers are. He has a picture hanging in a exciting is that! I love to look at photographs, it brings me great pleasure. I worked on a picture for Ginger and I was so pleased with the results. I can't wait to see if people respond and to see their works of art. It will be like our own gallery. I see things and want others to see them and to see the beauty that I see...but it is hard. I remember looking at the Grand Canyon and thinking, "no picture can do this justice". So, maybe the pictures that I take can only be a memory of the beauty that I saw, even if it doesn't bring that beauty to others. But, oh, if it does, what joy! What do you do that brings that joy to you?

Saturday, January 24, 2009


What a lovely day we had here yesterday. It has been very cold here, at least for Pittsburgh. Below zero a couple of nights. But yesterday it went up to 50...yes, 50. I even got my car washed. Can't tell it, but it was. It's funny to see how cheerful people are when we get a sample of things to come with the weather. Cold weather brings problems that seem somewhat insurmountable at the time. Mippy's pipes froze, and one always has visions of water spewing forth all over the house. My friend went to FL to visit her parents, and when she got home, water (frozen, which would be ice), covered her garage and basement. The gutter on the back of the house has pulled from that thing to which it is attached. Hence, there were several inches of ice covering the back walk, which made it impossible to use the back door to get into the home. The front walk is brick and gets no sun at all, and it also was covered in a thin layer of ice, unable to be see until you walked on it (or should I say attempted to walk on it) and went flying, madly grasping in air for a dignified way to get your balance before the whole neighborhood standing at their windows burst into gales of laughter. So, that elimated the front walk, even though magneisum chorlride was spread. It melted it for a hot minute so you could get out immediately, but somehow managed to freeze up again. That left the living room window from which to jump or the garage. I elected to go in and out the garage, allowing all of that bitter cold to come out of the house every time I opened the large garage door. And then there is the car, cold and angry from sitting out all day. I believe I mentioned that we don't have the good parking spots anymore, so we have to walk.....I am sure it is five get to the car. Starting it, sweeping it, shivering until it warms up. Ahhhh, winter. My friend lives in Florida and has invited me down for a vacation. Hmmmm, Florida, Superbowl.....wait, where is my luggage? Nevermind, with my luck we would be detoured to Chicago and I would get stuck for twenty hours. Sound familiar? Alas, yesterday was lovely and gave me hope that spring will arrive! And all of the ice has melted and John, the roofer, fixed the gutter, pipes thawed our successfully at Mippy's, care is clean...can one ask for anything more. All is well. Have a wonderful weekend.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

What a Day!

Wow, what else can I say. What a day! I awoke and such anticipation. Peg and I have been on the phone or together all day. We went to Jenna's home to be all together during the ceremony. We watched in anticipation and wonder as all the people gathered on the mall. Some sadness that we hadn't gone. We ate, had some wine with a toast, talked about the road to the White House. I am not accustomed to having wine at noon, so came home and took a nap before the events tonight. Went to Mr. Small's in Millvale for a party. It was wonderful! The energy, the elation, the spirit of community. I am exhausted. This is not the end, it is the beginning. Peace.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Snowy, Snowy Night

It has warmed up here in Steel City. And it is a beautiful night. The snow is falling, and it is a perfect night for a walk in the snow. We went out for dinner with Ginger and Skipper. I had bar-b-qued ribs. mmmmmm. I think they are not too many points. Did I tell you I am on Weight Watchers? Lost 9 pounds so far, have at least 5 more to go, maybe 9 to have some wiggle room. Anyway, it began to snow tonight, and it is lovely. You must visit Reya at . She has an amazing blog, and has a bird's eye view of DC during this historic time. Peg and I have been on the phone more than enough to discuss wanting to go to DC and thinking it would be impossible. I watched Obama's train trip today. We shall have a celebration here with his volunteer team. Other news...Bean got and yet another part in a play through Pittsburgh Musical Theater. Monkeyboy and Bird are going to see Penquins play tomorrow, then home to see the Steelers. Of course, Sunday dinner will include the game. I suppose I should head off to bed, but I am just too wound up....beautiful night, game tomorrow, inaugeration on Tuesday. Have a wonderful, warm, peaceful weekend.

Thursday, January 15, 2009


I know that -2 doesn't sound as bad as some are having, but for me, it is cold. Driving to work this morning the sky was blue with crystals of ice in the air. I don't mind the cold, after all, it is winter. I think it is especially pretty when the sun is out and you can see those crystals. It is snowing again, and I went out to clean the walk. It was quiet and pretty with the snow falling. I spent some time with Monkeyboy and Bean today. Monkeyboy and I went to the library while we waited for Bean to finish play practice. She is the parrot in Aladdin. When we got to the library, Monkeyboy headed for the children's section, where he went to the computer and looked up books on tornadoes. He then went to the stacks to find the books and came home with four. It amazes me to see what kids in school are doing now. They have access to so much information. Bean was doing her homework in math, sitting quietly, working. Perhaps with the snow tonight, there will be enough to go sledding this weekend. A three day weekend is coming up, and Tuesday a group of volunteers for Obama are getting together to watch the inaugeration. I am excited. I am hopeful. It should be a day to be remembered. Are you going to watch? And Tigger, I hope you get to see it all in person. Let us all know how it was.

Sunday, January 11, 2009


I have never seen the Steelers play as well as they did against San Diego. Way to go, Steelers!
After much discussion, Peg, her son and I have decided to not make the trek to DC for the inauguration. In speaking with a resident of DC, to Congressman Altmire's office and various others, it was decided to not go down. The biggest obstacle was the transportation. It was leaving us further out of DC where we would have to take the metro, which everyone said is going to be very crowded. Then there would be the problem getting back to the transportation point! Tough decision, a lot of disappointment, but I think it is for the best. It is history making, but we will all get together here to watch it on TV.
A cold and blustery weekend here in Pittsburgh. Of course, they were calling for six inches of snow...I think we got....maybe two. They have a way of absolutely puttiong people in a panic for no reason.
I was looking forward to sledding. Bird makes a really neat sled track, and it is pretty fast. We have tried sleds, but the best seem to be the saucers, although they are certainly much more difficult to steer. The saucer zooms down the hill with Oscar barking with delight, me screaming at the top of my lungs and everyone laughing and having a good time.
Growing up I lived in a community where you could walk to everything. We lived on a street with a big hill, or what seemed like a big hill at the time. Sometimes they would close off the street so we could sled down the hill. They also froze over the tennis courts so one could ice skate. I didn't get ice skates till I was in high school, and only used them a few times, but that was fun also. You could walk to Bard's Dairy Store and get hot chocolate after you were done skating and sledding.
It seems to me that we had more snow back then, but I'm not sure, it could be one of those memory things. School was never delayed or called off since everyone could walk to school. People in that community took public transportation more than they drove to work, so the roads were never cleared as quickly in our community.
Well, it was a good football game tonight, and next week we play the Ravens. Even though we were well ahead, I get very nervous!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

After Holidays

So, after all is said and done, the holidays are over. All of the visitation, all of the family, all of the chaos. And LIFE settles in. Back to the routine. I like routine. But there is a let down, if you will. The realization that there is work, there is household items to fix, there is ice and snow. And then, something happens to make you think...WOW. Today I arrived home to find an invitation to the inauguration. I know, Bird asked me, is it a scam? No, it isn't. It is a real live invitation to the "open events" of the inauguration. I immediately called Peg, who did an inordinate amount of campaigning for Barack, to see if she got an invitation. Another friend did not. So I told Peg to bring folks tomorrow night to discuss if we should go. History. People keep saying that. But it would be fun. She knows of an apartment in DC that we could stay. So, ice and snow don't look so bad. I am holding something that is really neat...and I am excited! Sometimes winter can be beautiful, and now I can look at the snow and think that indeed, it is beautiful. Steelers are playing San Diego on Sunday....let's all cheer for them. Come on, Kitty, lead us all in a rah, rah, cheer.