Wednesday, January 19, 2011

January in the 'burgh

Sunny and 45 degrees. Snowy and 8 degrees. 28 and icy. Welcome to Pittsburgh!
The Steelers did it and what a game against the Ravens. It was a quiet week here before the game. I think the team set the tone. Focus. No smack talk from us. A pep rally on Friday was the biggest news. The game looked awful the first half, but out team came back and defeated the Ravens. It's on to the Jets on Sunday. Get ready, Tim!
As you can see, the picture is hung. Few things that I want to do yet, but for now it is hanging and looking pretty good!
This would be a good time to do things in my house that I never want to do in the warmer weather. Problem is, I don't want to do them now. The freezer in the basement...well, let's just say that it should not even be there. I don't know why it is. It needs defrosting. Yes, that's right, I said defrosting. It has had much of the same food there for several years. Probably, the food isn't any good, but it seems wasteful to throw it out. The same problem exists in the freezer in the kitchen. But at least that one doesn't need defrosting.
Then there is the bathroom. For years, I have been saying it needs something. I keep thinking that it would be a wonderful winter project. Maybe if I take a nap those horrible thoughts will escape.
Why is there always something to be done in my house? No matter how much I do? Does someone or something sneak in at night and mess up the attic or the basement?
I have this problem. I know that this is the time of the year to tackle these things, but when it is dreary and snowy I just want to get OUT of the house. Cabin Fever, I believe, is the malady that strikes. For instance, today it is dreary. Yesterday it was sunny. So yesterday, I thought I should get errands done since it might snow. And today it looks like snow, so I am going to lunch with my friend and to the mall for a haircut. might snow tomorrow.
I know, it makes no sense. But my hair will look better. Which means I have to get a shower and wash my hair so Donald doesn't think I never take care of my hair. And it will be clean and shiny when he washes it and cuts it.
Some days I just go out of the house looking like.....well, you know. No shower, hair a mess, old sweats on that are stretched and torn. And I swear, I am just going to get some gas for the car and maybe stop for some wine. And that is the day that I see everyone. I try to ignore, but noooo, the yell my name and wave madly across the gas pumps. And I'm pretty sure the man who takes care of me at the wine store is the husband of the woman with whom I work. I look like a street person craving for my next drink. So within the space of one mile, I have seen four people that I know or are acquainted with and now they think that I am the eternal slob.
Next week CATS is coming to Pittsburgh. Our gang is going, and I am excited. I love CATS and all the music and dancing. Guess that means a shower and shampoo.
Stay warm.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

And So We Begin a New Year

Happy New Year. I hope this new year finds you in wonderful spirits and in good health.

And I hope your Christmas was wonderful. Mine was probably the best in a few years. Family and and play. Much work since Phipps was open in the evening, but I like the people with whom I work and we make it fun. Mippy and Bean came in to see the exhibit, as did Sprout. Mippy embarrassed Bean by shoving aside small children so she (Mippy) could plant her basil or whatever.

At this time of the year I think of indoor projects that need completed. I don't know why, I guess to keep me somewhat sane. The first project was enlarging and framing a print that I had from our annual trip to New York. I went to the local shop that I use to enlarge photos. We discussed size and I thought 11x14 framed would be large enough. NOT. So, today I went back and got it enlarged to 18x22 for a frame of 22x26. A wonderful, helpful man helped me choose the color of the mats and I am now waiting for the mat board to come in so I can cut it. The picture on this blog is of the smaller one, but just wait till you see the finished product on the wall. It should be perfect. I have a number of my photographs hanging in my home and each one seems better than the last. Photography gives me a great deal of pleasure. And playing with the prints is part of that pleasure.

The other picture that I posted is one that Bean made for me. I love it. I don't know how she did it and if she reads this, perhaps she can explain it. She has made seveal pictures for me over the years, and I treasure each of them and have them displayed.

Monkeyboy got a cell phone for Christmas. He has learned the art of texting. Oh, my. Gadgets. How kids love them. I guess we all do.

Speaking of ballet (well, I was when I was talking about Bean's picture), I went to see The Black Swan over the holidays. It was very intense and others have described it as "dark". Darren Aronofsky is the director who also directed The Wrestler. Natalie Portman, the Swan, began training for the production about a year prior to the movie. I am not a ballet dancer, but I think she did an excellent job for one who was not a professional dancer. It is about a dancer who becomes obsessed with being perfect, not only as the white swan, but as the black swan. She has a mother who was a typical stage mother, pushing her to the limits, which literally drove Portman crazy. Barbara Hershey played the mother and it was a perfect role for her.

Do you make New Year's resolutions? I think about changes I would like to make, but I try not to make "resolutions" since, in the past, I have made them and they have fallen by the wayside by January 2. The one that I did keep was to stop smoking, which I was finally able to accomplish. Took many tries, but it has been many years since I have had a cigarette. Sometimes, though, the desire still hits.