Sunday, November 28, 2010

Feeling That Thanksgiving Dinner

It was a wonderful dinner, and I hope yours was as well. I say it took us thirty minutes to eat...Mippy said it took us thirty minutes to fill our plates, sit down and then eat. It amazes me the work that goes into the dinner and how quickly it is devoured. But it was oh, so good. And such a relaxing day. And the turkey was done to perfection this year, thank goodness.
Bean is looking great on her pointe shoes, and after such a short time.
And Monkeyboy is racing about on his blades, playing hockey and loving it.
The tradition here is to have everyone decorate my tree after Thanksgiving dinner. It was amazing to see over the years how the kids decorate. Initially it was seeing who could unpack and put more decorations on the tree. Now the kids actually try to do it so there aren't too many of the same color in the same place. It is smoother and more fun this way. I believe a good time was had by all.
Phipps is very busy this weekend. It is the opening of their winter show. So many people coming in with their children dressed up in their holiday finest to have their picture taken. I was in the Palm Court today, selling memberships. It is interesting to see families and how they get their children to sit still, to pose, to smile. Parents making faces, jumping up and down, and yes, cajoling children to smile with bribes of food to come. And then I become the photographer that takes the family picture. Always someone with closed eyes, fussing with their hair, poking a sibling. One family had triplets and two other children. That was a bit humorous, with one of the triplets crying, the other hitting and the third laughing at the first.
I already ordered on line and should be getting many of the things in the mail this week. It's more fun for me to get them in the mail than to go to the mall. I try my best to stay away from the mall at all costs.
The Steelers barely won today. Had me on the edge of my seat. The new kicker did an excellent job of winning the game for us.
Have a great week, and see you soon!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Stressful couple of weeks for me....two people very close to me had surgery...and of course Ava, the cat!
It appears that all are doing well, but it makes me appreciate health that much more. One never knows when problems are going to hit us, and when we climb back, it is a good thing.
OK, I am sick of leaves falling. Are you one to try to keep up with raking leaves, or are you one to leave piles of leaves until they ALL come down. Personally, I would like to leave them until they all come down, then have everyone come and help gather them up.
Did I tell you that I am trying to get rid of old paint cans? Well, I am. I must have twenty of them in my basement. I am told that if you put kitty litter in them, they will be taken. Do you know how heavy a gallon of paint is with kitty litter in it? Well, let me tell you, it is heavy!
Anyway, there are eight less paint cans. Working through them.
I have cold sores. It what comes with stress. Fortunately, they are already disappearing.
Bean has a part in the Christmas Carol. Not sure what it is. But I think she is pleased. And Monkeyboy is playing in line hockey, whatever that is.
Phipps is decorating for the holidays and their winter show and let me just say is amazing. Beautiful. If you are in Pittsburgh or visiting you have to see it.
The Steelers got rid of Jeff Reed. He has been on the line for some time, I think. He did well here and I appreciate it, but there have been problems in the past year or so, and I don't think it is just football related.
The Steelers looked bad on Sunday and the Patriots looked awesome. They could do no wrong. Hopefully, we will make a come back. Ben looked good for a minute, but neither the defense or the offense had it together Sunday. Sad, but true.
That's it for now....have a good week!