Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Beautiful Summer Day

After weeks of having the house closed up, having the air conditioner running non-stop and having horrific storms, we have today, a beautiful day.  Low humidity, sunshine and white fluffy clouds.  In fact, last night I was actually cold while sleeping.  Have you ever lay in bed uncomfortable, whether it be too cold, too hot, having to go to the bathroom, and wondered if you should do something to remedy the situation?  I do that a lot.  Last night the fan was going, the windows were wide open and at 4 AM I wondered if I should do something about the fact that I was freezing.  If I got up, would I be colder and lose the warm spot in the bed?  Would the cat think it is morning and decide to play?  Would I stub my toe or have difficulty falling back asleep?  I do this when I have to go to the bathroom.  Can I wait until the alarm goes off?  If I get up right now and race to and from the bathroom will I be able to go back to sleep?  That seems to be a big worry, and I have to admit, much of it depends on what time it is.  This morning I just curled up in a ball and fell back asleep with a wind...not breeze...coming in the window above my bed.

A few glitches with the computer.  Verizon had to come and give me a new router and fix a couple of settings. I called last week and yesterday was the soonest they could come.  They assured me they would be here between 8 AM and noon.  So, there I was, rolling out of bed at 7 to get a shower and eat some breakfast.  Waited.  Waited some more.  And more.  Tried to call them.  Push 1 for this, 2 for that, up to 8 for this and that.  Nothing about checking appointment.  There was one to cancel the appointment, but none to talk to a I kept pushing "0".  Not a valid option.  After a half hour I had someone on the phone who said the repair person would be there between 2 and 3.  Fortunately, he came before that.  Words I don't want to hear...."Gee, that never happened before".  And "I never got that message before".  And I have noticed that when anyone comes to the house to repair anything they always ask "Who did this?" followed by a shaking of their head.  He told me to contact HP. 

Easier said than done.  Finally....after 1 hour on the phone I get Jim from India.  He remotely accessed my computer and fixed the glitch, but not before several problems popped up.  Had to call them again today for a different issue.  I called six different numbers and finally called the world headquarters and talked to my new bff, Julia.  She assured me she would help.  I'm waiting for a call from her.

We have become a society that cannot reach a live person to discuss a problem.  Thank goodness I am persistent....although I have about given up on the one minor glitch.  When I asked Verizon how to bypass all of the automated messages and get to a person, the tech support said I can't.  They are busy because of all the storms we have had.  I'll accept that for now, because it is true that weather has probably played a part in all of this....but the next time I will think about switching from Verizon.

The kids seem to be racing through summer.  Baseball, biking, swimming,   Phipps is extremely short handed in their guest services department, so I have been working A LOT.  Have not seen many of Matt's tournament games, which is sad.  I actually go for the refreshment stands, but don't tell Matt that.  I believe we are all looking forward to the road trip which is rapidly approaching. 

Pirates are doing well.  Grilli is hurt.  He is the closing pitcher, and seems to be a really neat person.  I hope it isn't serious and that he gets back to the ballgame.  I see that they are again having a drug investigation on players.  Maybe I am na├»ve, but I don't think this has touched the Pirates.  I think if I heard of any of them taking performance enhancing drugs I would be very disappointed.  And I know there are those that say "everyone" does it, but I don't (1) think that is true and (2) think that is an excuse to do it.

Well, I am headed to the back yard to sit under the tree with my book and enjoy the wonderful weather. 

Tuesday, July 9, 2013


Change is hard for me.  Very hard.  I would rather put up with something that barely works than get something new that I have to learn.  Such is the case with computers.

I have an older computer, probably seven or eight years old.  Was spiffy when I got it, but lately it has not been the best.  Kept freezing up, had to start it with the recovery disk, just wasn't something I had any fun with anymore. So, for the past.....oh, I don't know....two years(?) I have been perseverating about a new one.  I have everyone's opinion and have made my head spin when I tried to sort it out.  Then, one day recently, I read that Windows 7 was going to be discontinued in August and no computers would be sold with Windows 7 after December.  After reading and hearing about all the problems with Windows 8, I thought do it now or be sorry.  So, here I am typing on my new HP Pavilion computer.  Jerry, the set up man, came today, put it all together, and although I am on a learning curve, I think this just might work.

Yesterday as I sat at the podium at Phipps, Mark, Curt and I began to talk. Curt was looking for a new pillow because he had a stiff neck.  Remember when you could go into a store and just buy a pillow?  No more.  I have tried many different kinds.  I have one for sleeping on your side.  That worked for a while.  You had to buy two for the price of one...$60.  I didn't want two, wasn't even sure I wanted one.  So I asked...I don't want two, so can I have one for $30?  No, you have to buy two or pay $60.  This was at Kohls.  I found a woman looking at the same pillow, so we bought two and each paid $30.  That pillow was good for awhile, but when I wanted to sleep on my stomach, it was a problem.  Foam or feather, though I'm not sure what kind of feathers they are.  Foam gets hot, so I went with feathers.  Paid a lot again.  Within six months it was flat.  I put it in the dryer to try to fluff it.  Nope, didn't work.  Ended up at K-Mart and bought one for $10.  If necessary, I'll replace it every six months.  What ever happened to a good pillow?????

Wonderful fourth of July.  Had to work, but went to Linda and Scott's for dinner.  Scott grilled burgers and everyone was there.  Had a wonderful time playing yard games, eating, watching fireworks and watching Scott, Matt and Mike so excited about setting off the legal ones in the back yard.  A great night for all, I think.

Remembering things about my childhood.  Remember hot summer nights when you would sleep on the porch?  I do.  I remember window fans when we had no air conditioning. Did you ever ride a bicycle down a hill and feel the wind on a hot summer day?  And the Goodie Bar man and the sweet sound of his music.  Doors unlocked and left open all night.  Gone are the days!

Alyssa went to see One Direction last night with Cheryl's daughter, Sam.  Matt had a semi-final tournament ball game.  They lost that tournament.  Katie had to work, but she is getting ready for her performance in West Side Story.  Soon after that will be another road trip, this year to the Grand Canyon.  Getting so excited...even going on a smooth rafting trip.

And the good news?  This computer has run an ongoing spell check!