Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Time Flies

When I was fifteen, I wanted to be sixteen. It took forever, that year between.
When I was eighteen, I wanted to be twenty-one. It took forever.  FOREVER.  Then the day arrived and fially, I was twenty-one.  And I thought to this it? Really?
We are getting ready for our annual trip to New York City.  I begin planning this trip and the road trip in January.  I kept thinking it was so far in the future.  It isn't.  It is here.  We leave on Thursday.
So, at what age does time seem to fly by without telling us?  At what age do we look in the mirror and are hit with the realization that we look old...if not old, older? 
I color my hair.  Have been doing it for years.  I read an article yesterday on botox.  I think rather than getting botox I will buy a can of spakle and fill in the lines. 
Makeup.  I never used to wear it.  I remember sitting in Tammi's office with Linda and them saying I should try it.  Years ago.  Now I feel naked without it. 
Age has its benefits, I am told.  People show you respect.  No, they don't.  Well, I guess some do, but most do not.  And on my facebook page it shows a picture of Barbara Walters with the comment "Is 60 the new 30?"  Of course it isn't.  Stupid question.  And Barbara Walters doesn't even look 60, which she shouldn't since she is over 80.  80.  My gosh, that souds old.  But then there was a time when 30 sounded old. 
So, here we are, about to head to NYC.  Going to see "Newsie" and Blue Man Group.  Katie is going to visit collegs.  See what I mean...Katie is going to see colleges.  *Sigh*.
I sit here typing, avoiding packing.  Because I have plenty of time, don't I?
Pens lost Sunday night in double overtime.  It is a sad day when they lost a 2-1 lead in the last 28 seconds of the game.  They play again tomorrow, and probably while I am in NY.
Matt had a game winning hit tonight.  Tie game in the sixth, two outs, two men on base.  Hit the ball to left field.  One player crossed home plate and everyone left the field.  WAIT A MINUTE....can't they at least run the bases?
OK, so do I pack?  Do I watch the Pirates?  Do I read my newest Baldacci book?  Or do I just watch HGTV?  So many decisions.
Have a great Tuesday and enjoy your week.  Tim, root as loudly as you can tomorrow night, I want a win.  After all, it is all about me.

Friday, May 10, 2013


When does my world revolve around food?  Always.  Kate and I had lunch at Peppi's.  Cheese fries, the best in the world. Burgers on a hoagie bun. The best.  Tammi and I eat there as do Kate and I.  It is a message at 8 AM...Peppi's?  Lunch?  Makes my day.  And having to talk Kate into Penn Avenue on as opposed to North Side one.  Pros and Cons?  North Side, cleaner, more tables.  Cons:  Have to pay cash.  When did that begin?  I never carry cash.  When we ordered and they told us cash, Kate and I are digging in our pockets for money.  We had to give up the fries that day.  Sad.  Penn Avenue..well, let me just say it has the feel of a diner.  Not so clean (and there were not wood shavings in your hoagie, Kate), air conditioner blasting, even in the winter, limited parking, ambiance.  Food.  Love to plan around lunch or dinner with my friends.  There is something about food and sharing laughter and fun.  I love it.
Had fun with the kids, individually. Alyssa, Matt and Katie.  Matt had a really good two innings, 2 hits, 6 strike outs.  How much better can it be?
This weather is incredible.  Sunny, 75 degrees, a little rain. I love it.  I love the trees being green, the grass sparkling in the morning dew. The angle of the sun at sunset. 
OK, let's talk about the Pens. They are ahead by one game.  Last night they won 4-0.  They played well,  I won't talk about the game before that.  Even with a lead of 4, at the last two minutes of the game I was biting my nails (not really, that would ruin my polish).  I talked to my friend, Carolyn, yesterday.  She has season tickets and said IF they make the next round she will see about selling us her seats. 
Wednesday is story time at Phipps.  I love seeing these kids.  Is there anything more wonderful than a little girl dressed up and looking pleased with the way she looks? Actually, is there anything better than anyone looking pleased with the way they look?  Can I just say again...women coming into Phipps, extremely short dresses, spikey heels, pulling bottom of dress down, top of dress up, wobbling on heels?  Do you really think it looks attractive? And how about the women who come in with flip flops and formal dress only to change into heels?  Hello?  You look ridiculous. You really do. 
We are crazy busy with schools and tours.  And can I just say, there are the school kids who are loud, rude and obnoxious.  Then today we had a group that was 32 seven and eight year old that were amazing.  Polite, quiet and such a pleasure to be around.  I love the kids, I really do, but there are some who are so obnoxious that are so hard with whom to connect.
Katie is in Tarzan this week and next.  If you are here in Pittsburgh and have a chance to go see it, please do so.  It should be amazing.
Time to clean the house.  By the way, I have begun to kill the stink bugs.  No more nice guy here.  No more opening the window and shouting "be free".  The one who buzzed my head the other night did it.  No more nice guy.  Sorry to my animal rights was one of them who said...."KILL THEM".  I did, and I am not sad about it.