Sunday, April 26, 2009

A Perfect Weekend

What is your idea of a perfect weekend? Is it the weather? Is it the family time? Is it reading a good book? Going to a sports activity? To the museum? Perhaps a concert?
The Pens won yesterday afternoon. We had to plan around that event. We ended up at a sports bar. As we walked in, the crowd went wild with a goal that we had just scored. I mean, absolutely wild. We are a sports town. Then we raced back to the house to see the end. Philly has a great team, but we took the series. Now we wait to see who we play next. I understand the cup isn't until June. Wow, that seems so far away.
Bean, not feeling well, played lacrosse Friday night. She is getting much better very quickly, if that makes sense. She looks like a gazelle as she runs down the field, really very graceful, fast and in control.
Monkeyboy played a scrimmage game yesterday and had a hit everytime at bat and did some excellent fielding as well. They have a girl on their all boy's team this year. She also runs very quickly.
Sprout makes her first holy communion today. I will be leaving for church in a few minutes.
Ava is enjoying the open windows. She is an indoor cat, which I guess is mean by some people's standards. I fear her getting hit by a car, so I keep her inside. She was making the oddest sounds this morning as she was talking to a bird outside the window. I was watching her as I was contemplating getting out of the very comfortable bed.
So, this is what makes my weekend perfect. I even read my book and am almost finished. Reading, sitting at a little league field and lacrosse game in the warm (okay, hot) sunny day in the burg, seeing the Pens win, a wonderful dinner with friends and Sprout making her first communion. About as good as it gets.
Have a wonderful Sunday.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Sports and Such

The Pens win, and what a game it was. Overtime. Onto Philly. Today is a perfect day here in the 'burgh. Sunny, warm. The landscape man called today, and the yard is scheduled. All the bricks around the beds are stacked neatly and the man is coming tomorrow to look at the tree stump that needs ground up.
I went to see Bean play lacrosse today. I don't understand the game, should look up the rules. I always yell for Bean, and I believe she gave me an annoying look today, but I can't be sure. In the midst of the game, running, bumping into one another, one could hear "sorry". I knew immediately it was Bean. She apologized...on the playing field! She later explained that it was because she bumped into one of her players.
Monkeyboy is trying out for a Sunday team for baseball. I don't know how Mippy and Bird are going to manage all this, but the kids really seem to enjoy it.
M.R.G. went with us to the game today. Bird and I got nachos, of course. MRG just watched us eat them. We were all hoping the MRG would go to school with Bean next year, but she has elected to go private. Private vs. Public. I won't even go there.
So, to Hockey God, who told me he was going to root for Philly....and to KK, who also wanted to see Philly win....neener, neener, neener. Here we go Pens, keep looking good.
I hope you weekend is a great as mine is starting to be. Need to go get ready for dinner...mmmmmm.
Have a wonderful spring weekend!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Random Thoughts

I took pictures in the yard tonight.
The magnolia's got a little burned, they won't be as perfect this year.
We got our parking places back at work. Little things mean a lot.
The woman who sang in England on Who's Got Talent was amazing. Here is the link. Quite inspirational.
After four trips by Jim the Plumber, the tub is not leaking as badly.
But it is still leaking.
The landscaper person is coming tomorrow and I am excited.
We begin the dance with Lord Stanley tonight, go Pens.
James Harrison got a contract that was for $51.75 million plus $20 million in bonus.
Approximate starting for a county caseworker, $26,000 per year.
Today is Tax Day.
Why not have a fair share tax, tax on what we buy, do away with all other taxes.
I love spring.
President Obama is expected by people to have all of the problems solved after 90 days. And it took how long to mess things up so badly?
I think the new first dog is great! Such energy and life in the White House now.
Bean had her first lacrosse game today. Go, Bean.
Have a great Wednesday!

Friday, April 10, 2009

Do Re Mi

Something to brighten your day. We have had a very sad week in Pittsburgh. Wicked Kitty sent this to me tonight and suggested I send it to the dancer, Bean. It is late, and I am tired, but I called Bird and told him to have Bean watch it tomorrow. Then, at this late hour, I had to call Bean and tell her to watch it now. I know it is staged, but it makes me feel happy. And all week, it has been a sad week. This is not to negate what has happened, I am still feeling such sadness over the death of the three policemen. But this brought a smile to my face and I hope it does to yours.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

How Sad

On Saturdy, April 4, 2009, three City of Pittsburgh police officers died while responding to a domestic. There is blame all around. Blame to the young man who shot the officers, blame to the mother who called the police, blame to the dispatcher who failed to tell the police that there were weapons in the home. When this kind of tradgedy happens, everyone wants to find someone to blame. Does the blame help us feel less guilty? The bottem line is, three men died. They had families. They had children. They were doing their job as best they could. Can we put aside the blame and just mourn the loss...the loss of the officers, the loss of a husband, of a son, of a father.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Saturday in the 'burgh

Jim, the plumber, came. It is not a pretty picture. Thanks, Ben, for the suggestion, and I probably should have listened. Instead of focusing on the leak, Jim chose to focus on the drain. Many, many, many dollars later and the faucet is still dripping, kind of. Needless to say, Jim will be making a return trip, even though the drip comes and goes...that's the drip in the faucet, I wouldn't dream of calling Jim a drip. Did you ever feel as though you are being taken????
I am still awaiting the guy's idea about my back yard. I can't wait to get started. Getting estimates on getting a tree stump removed. He said he can even design something for under the magnolia tree, which by the way, is so very ready to break out in flowers. I am hoping they hold off because we are to get SNOW in the next few days.
It's a busy time of the year. Baseball starts, lacrosse in full swing, school winding down, my job winding down...just thought I would throw that in the mix...and several trips coming up in the next few months. Tigger, our first one is to your fair city. And we are seeing "Wicked".
Some of the recent pictures are when I went for a walk on Thursday at work. Lost my swipe card along the way, but it was returned. It was a beautiful day for a walk, and it feels good to get out of the office for a while.
I am playing the guitar again. Have to prepare for Bruce to come to the burgh. You never know, he might call me on stage to help with the band.
So, the battery for FiOS is fixed, the faucet is not. Wonder what it will be next? Guess this happens in old houses. Thanks, Ben, for your help, it at least gives me information to ask questions.
Have a great weekend!