Friday, July 30, 2010

It's Over, It Really Is

Can I just is over for Monkeyboy. No, really it is. It was supposed to be over last night. But, alas, it wasn't.
First of all, it has been hotter than hell any summer that I remember. I mean, come on. It's been 90 degrees for a zillion days. And the humidity has been as high as it can be without raining. Let me just say...J's hair can't take it. It's long, naturally curly and very thick. Enough said.
And S. smiles, and says she feels sorry for us in the butterfly room...which, did I mention...was 94 degrees with humidity of 3,000 degrees.
The butterflies don't even like it. I won't go into that, though.
OK, so it was hot. Stinking hot. And last night was the final game. thank goodness, I am SICK of it We all assembled our chairs, watched with anticipation as the sky grew darker. Of all nights, they were calling for horrible storms. Not to worry, they weren't to happen until after 10:00. liars, all weathermen are liars
First inning. Not good. They got lots of walks and a run. We got nothing. Sky getting darker.
Trip to the concession stand for Bean and I. Female appearing to be on drugs takes our order. She keeps repeating it as she adds it up in her head. I, who have not had dinner, have a large order...mistake!!!!
Bean and I make our way back to the row of chairs. Uh, oh, switching pitchers. Monkeyboy is called to the mound. Texting (hard to do with two dogs, coke, nachos, slushy) to let Bird know. No response from him.
Hot dogs were cold (long walk). Ketchup everywhere. Monkeyboy doing his thing...very well, if I do say so. Bird pulls up on Harley. Sky darkens even more. Ready to start third inning....what is that? Lightening? OH NO. Score...4-0 other team.
No one wants the second dog...I don't blame them. I know, children in the world are starving. Into the garbage.
Apparently, one lightening strike delays game for 20 minutes. Whoops, here comes the second strike. Are those bats flying around? I do believe they are.
Rain starts. Not just rain, but wind. Bird checks the weather on his trusty cell phone. Looks like we are on the edge. No......wait, THEY ARE CALLING THE GAME.
OMG, what is a tornado size wind little wind and a monsoon a little rain? Come on, toughen up. People racing to cars...Bird to motorcycle. Hmmm.
People pray for him, wish him luck, tell Mippy to check insurance and we are on our way. We follow Bird while he fishtails his way home. He makes it...whew.
Fast forward. Game tonight...well, now it is last night. Game to be at 7:00. We arrive at 6:30. Kids warm up. No umpire. It's windy. Cold front has passed through. 7:30. No umpire. Mippy wants hot chocalate. I want a blanket. Kids, now running about, rolling on the field. Parents getting grumpy. 7:45, no umpire. Coach trying to contain kids. Not working.
8:00. No umpire. They decide to let someone ump.......but wait, sun is blinding batter. Have to wait till it drops behind trees. I use the covers for the chair over my arms to keep warm. Some selfish lady has a corduroy jacket AND a blanket.......DO YOU THINK SHE COULD SHARE........NOOOOOO.
Some kind man offers me a blanket from a senior citizens home. I grab it, thanking him profusely. FINALLY, the game begins. Monkeyboy on the mound. Holds the other team. Our boys are pumped. We are shivering.
We win...bottom line....we win. By a lot. Our guys did great.
I just want to go home. Take pictures, get trophies, get in the car. Monkeyboy and dad are in a different car and are stopping at MickeyD's.
MR, Bean, Mippy and I decide to get donuts. Krispy Kreme's sound good. We race towards the highway. OMG, they are closed! It is only 9:30 and they are closed!!!! Not to worry...let's try Dunkin Donuts. WHAT THE HECK??? They are closed. OK, we will stop at Giant Eagle. Wait, they have no donuts????? MR suggests cupcakes. No, I want donuts. Onto the next Giant Eagle. Surely they will have them. They do. Whoooohooo. We grab them all and head for the car. I grab one........AND IT IS STALE!!!! I throw it out the window and Mippy tells me I am a poor example for small children. MR is 15, Bean is 14. Bean said that Bird threw a hamburger out the window once. Mippy is still appalled. Who cares? Not I.
Did I mention that Monkeyboy's team came in first. What a night. I have to go to bed now. Phipps should be cooler tomorrow, J's hair should be good. It's a good night.

Friday, July 16, 2010


Getting up and going to the track for forty minutes listening to my ipod.

Watching Monkeyboy being called in as relief pitcher and getting the team out of trouble.

Balancing my drawer at Phipps.

Sharing a meal with friends.

Or just eating!

Watching Bean in Footloose and Dance and fun.

Sitting at a baseball game with nachos.

Watching my cat race through the house, playing with a paper bag or just sleeping at the foot of the bed.

Getting ready for the road trip.

A bottle glass of wine at the end of the day.

Reading my book in the garden on a summer afternoon.

Watching a good movie (Invictus, Chase, Juno, The Blind Side, The Wrestler).

Sunday dinner.

Seeing the older couple at Phipps that speak softly to each other in polish and are so devoted to each other, she taking care of him after he suffered a stroke. They come nearly every day and sit in the gardens and talk.

What are some things that make you feel happy?

Friday, July 2, 2010

A Nearly Perfect Day

OK, so I have been TRYING to get to the track everyday, but it is so very hard. But, I have been doing it. I love going when it is early, when the sprinklers are on. The sound of the water swooshing, (is that a word?) the droplets of water in the early morning sun, the quiet, the blue sky. It is a nice beginning to the day. The picture of Bean in the sprinklers is an older picture, but it is appropriate. I think it shows spirit, freedom, fun.
It was actually chilly this morning. 49 degrees. Made me run just a little faster. I'm not counting times around the track, I am running with my i-pod. I make up new playlists and run as long as the playlist, usually about 40 minutes. And let's be clear...I say run, but I mean jog....very slowly, in time to the music. And it is wonderful. I hope I can keep it up.
I meet the nicest people at Phipps. If you are ever in Pittsburgh, you should visit. Green, butterflies, flowers. Fridays are tequila nights with music. Wednesdays are Farmer's Market. I meet and greet people from all over the world. Last week was a German couple, and Sandy talked to them in German. It's fun to try to communicate with people who speak a different language. And it's fun to tell them about Pittsburgh and all the things we have for them to visit.
So, work was great today. Butterflies flying, people visiting and music.
After work I decided to attend the first all star baseball game with Monkeyboy. Have I mentioned that I love to watch little league baseball? By the way, that surprises me. But it is such fun.
Let's start with the introducing of the teams and the announcer mispronouncing the names of the players. I mean, come on.....get a life here. Then a man takes the field in a horrendous tie and microphone. And he gives a speech about freedom, the 4th of July, the flag and then states he is going to have us join him in a passionate version of The Star Spangled Banner. He begins. No one joins him. In fact, people begin to look around to see how others are responding. Wrong move. Mippy begins to stifle a smile. Bean nudges me in the ribs and I peek out of the corner of my eye to see her suppressing a smile. Oh, my gosh, is CS beginning to laugh? Is that singer beginning to dip and dance? Mippy is now struggling to not laugh out loud. Bean is convulsing with giggles. CS notices and her shoulders begin to shake. Of course, I remain the stoic one in the group. FINALLY it ends and...are you ready.....he comes over and says he is available to sing if we have an event. Mippy pulls it together, as does everyone. However, I must say, she is laughing so hard when he leaves that she is crying. And she doesn't stop. I think she had some "happy juice" on the way to the game, but Bean swears she hasn't.
The team (I shall refer to them as the DeH team) scored in the first inning. Monkeyboy was on the bench a stupid move by his coach when he is clearly a star player and his coach is a truly great coach, one that Monkeyboy has had in the past. Coach knows the game and is supportive and a great teacher. Their team scored, but clearly we had the best team. As the game progressed, Bean and I visited the concession stand. The hot sausage was great! So were the nachos, and you could get extra cheese for $.50. Of course, always wanting to support the team, I ordered more cheese.
Remember the last game where Monkeyboy's team scored ten runs in the last inning? Well, the score was 10-4 DeH in the beginning of the sixth inning. Let me just cut to the chase. Monkeyboy was on the bench. They scored three runs. Two men on base. Two outs. They pull the pitcher and Monkeyboy goes in as relief. Bird and I start pacing. Silence on our side of the field. Tying run at bat. Bird shouts some tips to Monkeyboy as he warms up and Monkeyboy does as Bird tells him to do. First pitch actually I had my eyes closed so I don't know what happened and I'll make this up, but the end result is true and I hear a roar from our side. Strike one. Second pitch. Strike two. AND HE DOES IT. Monkeyboy strikes him out in three pitches. Can you believe it? The crowd roars. What a save!!!!
Is there any doubt? Nearly a perfect day. I would say perfect, but there is always room for improvement, although I'm not sure what that would be.
Happy Fourth of July and have a safe and happy weekend.