Friday, March 16, 2012


I know, I am late with this post, but it's been an interesting/exhausting week.

Aida was wonderful. I am constantly amazed at these talented teens an professionals. To Daela, Delaney, Bean and the cast, you were wonderful. And, Daela, I want your shoes.

Bean was ill...that darn flu...for the last performance. They had to drag someone else off the stage when she was stabbed. And immediately after that, Monkeyboy got the flu...FOR THE THIRD TIME!!!! Sprout remains healthy, I think! Bean goes right into rehersals for Jesus Christ, Superstar.

My pole lamp in the front yard went out. Yes, I changed the bulb. My friend, Ginger's husband, checked the switch and said it was ok. So, I called the electrician who was advertised in the phone book. Waldon's Electric. Keep that name in mind. Mike came to the house on Tuesday. I told him about the lamp, and his first question was "did you change the bulb?". Of course I did,you idiot. He came into the house and went immediately, without any words minced,to the breaker box. "Oh my, this is bad", said he. "Fire hazard". I just wanted the lamp pole fixed. He didn't even look at that, just quoted me a price for the breaker box. "$5975.00, and I don't know about the lamp, will have to look at that. You need to get the breaker box fixed hazard." I asked him to leave my house. "Wait, I'll call my boss." Texts someone, calls boss. "He'll offer you a deal if you will sign now." Me..."You need to leave, now." Walking him to front door. He turns to me and says "You need to install an alarm system so you have time to get out of your house." I say to him..."I have another electrician coming and if he tells me something differrent, I will report you to BBB."

Had some difficulty sleeping that night. Talked to my friend, Mark, who said his friend was an electirician and he would have him call me. Bottem line...his friend told me exactly what King Electric told me....$1900. Still a lot, but not $5975.

Monkeyboy went back to school today to take PSAA tests. Bean is back at rehersals.

Did I mention that my dishwasher rusted out and water was pouring into the garage? Yes, quite a mess. Oh, and did I mention that Allegheny County did a new assessment the property and it went up some #30,000? Yes, it's been that kind of week.

And positive thoughts for all...for Linda M. who is going thru radiation therapy, for Monkeyboy who has had the flu three times and really can't afford not to eat, and for my house...sorry, but that is foremost on my mind right now. Did I mention that the basement is damp? Wet, actually.

Monday, March 5, 2012

Okay, A Day Late.....

A friend of mine from high school and I recently connected again after years apart. So, for Marse, I am Mia. And those times in high school were good and bad, but it's very nice to re-connect. Marse is a talented artist and I love looking at her work. I always admire talent, especially when I have none in drawing or painting at all! I don't remember Marse having this talent in school, but that could be because I have lost much of my memory!!!! Are we encouraged as children to pursue some passion we have...or are we told other things are more important? With all of the cuts in education, do we rob children of the ability to explore their passion in music or art? Is education just about reading, writing and arithmetic? There are those that say it should be...drop art, drop music, drop shop, cooking, sewing. I know, I am showing my age by using those terms. I was listening to the girls when I picked them up from rehersal last week talk about a class that I would have called cooking, and I don't even remember what they called it. Does anyone sew anymore? Does anyone make their own clothes? How about cooking? Mippy cooks Sunday dinner for everyone. I love it. Not just for the food, but for the laughter and sharing that occurs at the table. Arguments, stories, jokes, and yes, even some food fights. But it's about everyone in the kitchen, tripping over the dog, filling the water glasses, keeping the food safe from the animals. It's about clearing the table, washing dishes, Bean whipping that towel around her head which brings me to gales of laughter. It's about Sprout and Monkeyboy tearing around the living room or playing quietly...finally getting past the stage of arguing all the time.

Last winter was bad because of all the snow. This winter is bad because of all the bugs going around. It seems everyday someone has a sinus infection, the flu, a cold or intestinal bug. Enough already. I think we have run the gamet. Monkeyboy had a flu over the weekend and had to miss tournament hockey. We are all keeping fingers crossed that Bean doesn't get it for her performance this weekend. Sprout seems to have been the healthiest of the crew.

I was working yesterday. I love, love, love to see these little ones at Phipps. It is such a joy to see them excited to come and see the trains and flowers. The trains are coming down today, but will return next fall. Butterflies will begin in April and the Spring Show is two weeks away. Came home last night in a mini-blizzard. A white out if you will. I was glad to get home safely. My heart goes out to all who suffered from the horrible weather in the south and mid west. How terribly devistating to lose all that you have, your house, your belongings and most of all, those that you love.

Haven't been to the shelter yet this week, but I plan to go tomorrow, so I'll try to get some more pictures. Ben, I understand that Justice is in a good home. Keep looking on line, and you will find another wonderful dog to keep company with yours.

That's it for now! Have a wonderful week and see you next weekend!