Thursday, December 9, 2010

It's Beginning.....

I won't even say it...I will just say that winter has arrived with a vengeance. Bitter cold...not really, but it feels like it. Snow.

I came home from Phipps on Monday night (we are open now until 10:00 PM) and it was blizzardy. Snow covered roads, cold, blowing snow. Of course, no salt thrown in the city until morning. Thank goodness for the new tires.

My brother will be happy to music. He doesn't much like the music I put on this site. So to you...Merry Christmas, I won't put any music on here for you to have to listen to and about which to complain. It's OK, he's my brother, he can complain.

Alas, another friend has been diagnosed with cancer. It makes me incredibly sad, but can I just say this...I got an email from her. She was diagnosed a week ago, and her outlook is incredible. Positive. Upbeat. Hopeful. Accepting. Here's to you J, you are my inspiration.

OK, I am sick of winter. Sweeping/shoveling snow. And it is December. And I ask...when will this end? I know, it is only beginning. And white Christmas....forget it. Give me a warm, sunny day.

I'll stop whining.

Positive stuff only....

I figured out my grab bag gift and, as usual, it is wonderful. As you may remember, and if you don't...I'll remind you. First year was a framed, autographed picture of myself. Wonderful, if I may say so. Next was the postage stamps with my picture on them. A tremendous hit, it I may say so. Next....M&M's with my picture on them. EVERYONE wanted them. This year tops it all. Wait till they see this one! Aren't you all curious? Mippy asked "what will your face be on this year". She just wants the gift. And when Monkeyboy chooses it, when it is her turn, she will grab it. I'm pretty sure there will be a humongous fight over this one. And don't let Bird fool you, he wants my gifts, even though he says he takes them out of pity.

I have found some wonderful gifts and have done most of my ordering on line. Most of it is here, although I am worried about one. I got an email that told me to quit going to the mailbox. They were only going to ship beginning this week, so stop looking. They would email me when I should start looking. Only one gift was wrong, and there is time to fix that one.

Ava is doing well, running and jumping about. Curling up with me to sleep. I so would love to have a dog, pets are such a wonderful thing.

OK, time for bed for me...actually, well past bedtime for me. Have a great week!