Sunday, September 19, 2010

Wow, It's Been A While!

I did not realize that it had been almost two months since my last post. So, here we go!

Road Trip: Midwest, Farm, Beach. Delayed flights, running through the airport, Monkeyboy getting stuck on one level, we on another. Bean to the rescue. Racing, racing, racing through the airport. I think the next time we will not fly!

The farm was great, but the beach was the best! The water was warm, the hotel was wonderful and a great time was had by all. Pretty sure that the beach will be our destination for next year.

School has started, dance has started, hockey has started. Back at Phipps and working lots of hours right now. Lots of weddings there. And the weather has finally cooled down.

Last weekend was a Pirate's game. Monkeyboy wore his Diamondback shirt since we are playing them. He has a favorite player on their team...don't ask me who it is. I have no memory for those kind of things.

I am still at the track most mornings. It is incredible to see the sunrise and to watch the clouds moving. The same group can be found most mornings when I go before work. Some run, some walk, some do the steps and some just watch their partners. When I am not working, I go a little later, and then I see the kids at the school in gym class. Interesting to see the different groups of kids. You have the kids who are obviously the athletic ones. Then there are the kids that talk a lot and giggle as they do the track. There is a group kids who do nothing but long jumps, and their teacher is incredible. He encourages them, they cheer for one another and they really try to do better. I admire teachers who have that kind of enthusiasm and dedication. Much more than the gym teacher who stands by the edge of the track with their clipboard texting on their cell phone.

I love listening to the exchanges on the radio at work. Code for Troy coming to the conservatory is "The eagle has landed". His wife is on our board and they sometimes comes. Everyone looks forward to that! There are other codes, which are sometimes humorous. One is code purple, which means an animal (usually a rat or a dead fish...something like that) is in distress or on the premises. Several weeks ago T. in events yelled over the radio that there was a code purple. Turned out that there were ants in the garden during a wedding. I don't think that warrants a code purple, but she did. Freaked because she thought that the ants might go up the bride's dress. The following week, someone in events said there was an anthill in the garden and a wedding was going to start. S., our maintenance man, said...on the radio...that he would come out and stomp on them. That went over big. T. got on the radio and began to freak that you don't just stomp on them. S. went through the serpentine room mumbling to himself. I think that he did just stomp on them, but I'm not sure.

Monkeyboy had his birthday party (one of two) tonight. He got many gifts, mostly sports stuff. Also the ipod touch. Bird is still trying to figure that one out.

Bean got her ballet pointe shoes and has started classes. She got two parts in Phantom of the Opera and the one that she is most excited about is the understudy for the pointe part. GO BEAN.

I promise I will try to post more often. And thanks for the concern, Jen.