Friday, October 31, 2008

The Time Has Arrived

No, not the photography class final tomorrow. Two of the pictures are here on the blog and I have a total of four. Michele has assisted me with her critiques of my photographs, and I am pleased with the outcome. Two in color, two in black and white. I have enjoyed the class to a certain degree, but some of it has been boring. For instance, last week, we critiqued each others photos, then spent 1 1/2 hours looking at photographers that are famous for their portraits. BORING. I have learned a great deal about my camera and all of it's settings, so the class has been worth while. Now I want to learn how to make mats for the pictures. I had to take a break is Halloween, you know. I don't remember my best costume, but I do remember the best was a candy apple from the family that owned the local bakeshop. I remember my worst trick, it was soaping some one's car....not their windows, the car. I was called into the office the next day by the police and the principal investigating the incident. How was I to know that soap ruined the paint job...and it wasn't just me, it was my whole sorority. Monkeyboy was a hockey player and Sprout was a pumpkin. Not sure about Bean. She may have had rehearsal for Cinderella. And I get to go see her on stage in the theater next week, can't wait! I remember a certain child having butterfly wings made for her for Halloween. She was two years old, and they were hand painted with great care. When she saw them she ran screaming....and I am pretty sure she never wore them. Maybe she wore them tonight, ten years later. What was your favorite costume or your favorite treat? Or do you have a trick about which you would want to keep secret? Have a great weekend and Happy Halloween.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008


There are times when everything crashes down. This would be one of those times. I will just say that work is awful, this thing that happens should not happen, but it does. It hurts us to the core and never goes away. And for Amy, I feel so sad. Has anyone asked how she is doing? Everything else pales in retrospect. But it all comes together. And then there is the election. I am attempting to assist in this election, albeit small as the attempt might be. I am trying to complete my photography assignment by Saturday, with the help of Michele, who is critiquing my work and assisting me in presenting the best of all the photographs I have taken. Baseball Mom hurt her hip at the rally the other night, rotator cup or something, so I have volunteered to do her work for the campaign this weekend. I am not sure why, but I feel as though this election is so very important...more so now than ever. Poppy said he is more concerned about this election. Have I told you that I value his opinion more than most....and he scares me when he says this. He and Mime have already voted. So has Wacky Mommy and Hockey Dad. We can't vote early here. Wish we could. I think I should take Bean's idea and hide in the car. In case you haven't read her reply to my blog on the subject, here it is:
Okay, here's my side of the story! I got home from dance/acting/singing classes. A long day it was-as usual. Mom told me to hurry up, get in the house and get ready to go to dinner. Well, I didn't really feel like it. So, I layed down in the car-enjoyed it too. But, Monkeyboy just had to ruin it!! He began to throw his little bouncy ball at the car window-BANG, BANG, BANG!! It got sooo anoying! Then, he tried to get into the car, that's when I locked the doors. Monkeyboy got the keys and brought them to the car and that's when the battle began-he unlocked the doors, I locked them, he unlocked the doors, and so on. Finally I let him in the car and and went into the house. Mom got real mad!! Listen: All I wanted to do was lay down in the car and enjoy my "alone time".
I love it, thank goodness for children. I have to keep telling myself that kids say it best....all I want to do is lay down in the car and enjoy my "alone time". It's been a bad week, but the downs make the ups so very much better. Wouldn't it be boring to have all "normal time"? I want normal time. My cat just crawled up onto my lap and is purring. Night, and have very pleasant dreams.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Conversations in a Car

A friend of mine said that she didn't mind running around to hockey practices with her daughters, because they told her things in the car that they might have never told her before. She also said there is a wealth of information shared by teens in a car on a long trip to a hockey game when they forget there is an adult in the car. I have heard some of the best things in the car with the kids. On our road trips, they sing, they talk....oh, yes, and they argue. Bean and I get very silly in the car, but we also get pretty serious sometimes. This week we talked about the election. She was telling me that in her civics class they had to make a presentation on one of the presidential candidates. They researched them, read about their policies and did a PowerPoint presentation regarding the candidate of their choice. I asked her if there were discussions about the presentation per se or if there were any arguments. She said that it was kind of funny (her words), but that the kids not only discussed it, but some kids took it outside the classroom and had vociferous discussions outside of the classroom. There was an incident here in our city where a supporter of one party said that she had been mugged and when the man who mugged her saw she was a supporter of that party, he carved an initial in her face of the man representing the opposite party. It was all a hoax, but it caused quite a stir for a while. People called into talk shows, saying this was indicative of what would happen after the election. I am old enough and I have been through many elections in my time. I have never seen a country more polarized regarding this election. A friend of mine said that when she and her seven year old walked to the store the other night he began to say how he hated people who had a certain sign in their yard. Apparently he got very loud and passionate about it. A seven year old. I believe our country is in a very sad way right now. In every way. I wouldn't want to be president. Where would one even start? There are so many things facing us now. I hope when November 5 comes we put aside our differences and all work towards getting this country back on track, whatever that may be. I have heard many people say that they will leave the country if their candidate doesn't win. It doesn't sound like people are ready to come together and try to make this work. In the meantime, I will listen to the kids in the car. It is a lesson not to be forgotten. Have a wonderful weekend.

Monday, October 20, 2008

Did you ever?

Just want to get away from everyone? Bean has a very full schedule. Dance, rehearsal, school, instrument, friends. Saturday Bean gets up early for a full day of Pittsburgh Musical Theater. Mippy and Monkeyboy go to Sprout's eighth birthday party and then leave to pick up Bean before meeting Bird for dinner (a Saturday ritual). As they arrive home, Mippy tells Bean that she has time to shower and practice instrument before they leave for dinner. Monkeyboy and Mippy get out of the car and move towards the house. Bean doesn't move, just sits in the car. Mippy yells "come on". Bean says "I don't want to". Mippy goes into the house and Monkeyboy goes towards the car. As he does, Bean locks all the doors. Monkeyboy races into the house to "tell" on Bean. He gets his ball and goes out to the car and begins to bounce it off the car window in hopes of eliciting a response form Bean. When that doesn't work, he yells quite loudly "If you don't come in, Mom's going to make you go to bed early", which is the threat Monkeyboy hears quite often. Bean then lies down on the seat to have some quiet time away from everyone and "just rest her eyes". Sometimes all I want is some quiet time. I don't have small children running around, but I have to talk to people, sometimes very, very angry people, all day. It's nice to leave the office and not have to talk on the way home. And when I get home, I just need a little quiet time. I don't much like the telephone at night...I have it all day. Just give me HGTV, some wine and quiet. I think Bean has the right idea. What makes a perfect evening for you? A night out with friends, a book and a cup of tea, or just some quiet time in the car with the windows up and the locks down? Happy Birthday Sprout!

Thursday, October 16, 2008


I was supposed to take Bean to dance class tonight, but Mippy took her instead. And took Monkeyboy to his annual physical. Mippy is the mom that I never was, although when Monkeyboy was two and Oscar was new, she was chasing each of them around the house screaming obscenities. So, I went to a basket party. My neighbor, baseball mom, had this thing where you go and look at baskets and buy them. It's a fun time to get together with neighbors and such and just have some wine and talk. Baseball mom said it wouldn't be political, but it was. And I bought something...well, lots. Because of the wine. But it's okay. Beacause when women get together, it is fun. When we went on the family reunion, wacky mommy planned a breakfast for moms. I didn't want to go, but it turned out to be such fun. Wacky mommy can knit, have I told you that? And Cedar Rapids mom, the travel agent, had her daughters (the monkeyboy's love of his life) knitting hats. Anyway, it is the joy and fun of women getting together and just laughing, talking and having a good time. It's generations of women, sharing thoughts about children, husbands and life. And it was fun...tonight and in Vail. Bean, you are the next generation, along with wacky girl, and the three blondies. Keep the connection, with your generation and past and future genereations. You will never regret it. To Mime, I really like the time you and I have together without Poppy, I like getting to know you and talk to you. The walk we took together was really the best. The baskets....did I tell you they cost a fortune.......while they were nice, were only a conduit to the conversation. I learned about a man and woman meeting on the Internet and becoming friends. I listened to an older woman talking about her Christmas traditions. I listened to and eighty year old woman who works one day a week in a candy store so she can be around people. And I talked to a woman with whom I have had conversations with at work for years and finally met. I am so grateful for the women in my life, for their friendship, for their ideas, for their struggles as women, daughters, mothers and friends. We argue, Michelle is of one belief, Clare of another, but we respect each other as women. And here's to Ginger, a woman who is my role model, a great sense of humor and commitment. AND TO ALL OF YOU WHO HAVE BEEN BUGGING ME TO POST. Here's to us all..........thank you for your friendship and for your being a part of my family, both of blood and of friendship. And here's to Wicked Kitty, who challenges me and makes me think, even when I don't want to, who always makes me think I can do better, both personally and professionally and is an inspiration to me with her knowledge and her talents.......Happy Boss Day.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Dancing, Parades, etc.

I took Bean to dance on Thursday, because Monkeyboy had a game. We got there early and Bean and a friend were talking about call backs. I watched them in their dance clothes, laughing and moving. More arrived from a class...advanced ballet, I think. Tired, sweaty, but very happy. Bean's class started and the ballet went off their break. What a joy to watch these kids and young adults. To have the ability to watch a teacher do a complicated step, to watch them learn...the process...and then it happens. They get it. And all move together. Limber. Able to move in a way I barely remember. I'm sure there is competition among these dancers, singers, actors. But you wouldn't know it to see them together. Today was the high school homecoming parade. We never had parades like this. The Dr. Seuss float was done by the band, I think. It was spectacular. And what a day for the parade. Warm enough and sunny enough that the Queens and their courts didn't have to wear a winter coat or carry an umbrella. Monkeyboy met a friend and his friend's brother. The three of them got much of the candy that is thrown. Then I went and took pictures for my photography class. I still have more to take, but this is such fun! Another perfect day in Pittsburgh. Hope your weekend is wonderful and sunny.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

What Goes Around......

 Walking with Mippy, Bean and Monkeyboy. First it was rocks that Monkeyboy picked up. Smooth flat rocks, round rocks, big ones and little ones. Too many to carry in his small pockets, so distributed to those who had "deep pockets". We had an assignment for photography class to photograph something that illustrated texture. Sunday dinner...a bag on the table filled with acorns and buckeyes. Monkeyboy is very particular about acorns. They have to have the "hat" on them. And yes, I could borrow them for my picture. So, I take them home and try different pictures, different settings on the camera, and come up with which I am somewhat satisfied. Alas, the cat found one and knocked it to the floor with her gigantic paw and alas, the "hat" fell off. A dilemma ensued. Do I glue the hat back on, hoping he won't notice (I think I once replaced a goldfish that died so I didn't have to face the kid), or do I come clean and offer to try to replace it? I'll face Monkeyboy and suggest that we try together to find a new one with a hat. He likes Ava, so maybe he'll forgive her. Did you collect things in the fall as a child? I liked leaves and always tried to preserve them as we learned in Miss Frey's biology class.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Sunday again

Mippy and Bird celebrated their 16th anniversary on Friday and Bird gave Mippy the beautiful vase of flowers in the picture. Another beautiful weekend in Pittsburgh with some rain early yesterday. Went to photography class and learned that I had done most of the assignments wrong, but I am learning. Last night was movie night.."Rain Man". Great movie. It amazes me what a talent Dustin Hoffman is. Today I played in a poker tournament on line. Out of over 7000 people I came in 2oth. Took just over three hours. Then to Sunday dinner. Flurrie is growing and has the most beautiful coloring. Mary Rose, Bean, Sprout and Monkeyboy jumping on the tramp, giggling and having the best time. Then we all gathered around the computer (well, most of us) to watch the political episodes on Saturday Night Live. Whenever I feel blue, I just have to watch them to go into gales of laughter. Does Tina Fey not have Sarah Palin down to the wave, the look, and of course, the wink? I think we may have a visitor in the attic again...a mouse, not a bat, thank goodness. Ava was looking longingly into the attic this morning. I have kept the door closed. Not in the mood for mice tonight! Hope your weekend was great.