Monday, November 23, 2009


First of all, Monkeyboy's team for the great hockey win for the Mayor's trophy. It was an upset, a night game under the lights with parents cheering madly for the teams, coaches yelling to team members and kids playing deck hockey as though their lives depended on it. It was a well played game and did well!
The dilemma as presented to me was to whom do we tip for the holiday. My personal opinion is this: I tip the paperboy. They don't get paid much and they use their car at an awful time in the morning in all kinds of weather to get my paper here on time and besides, I don't tip him during the year. I do not tip the postman. They get paid a lot of money to do their job, and they do it well, but I can't justify paying a tip for a service that is mandatory and has people waiting in line to do it. I don't have children to whom this would apply, but I don't understand getting teachers a gift. Again, they are paid to do something, and here at least they are paid very well. A thank you on a card would suffice for me. I don't tip the garbage men because they whale the can in any direction they feel is fun and they back up the street beeping their back up beep at 5:30 in the morning. I don't tip my haircut person, I tip him everytime I get a hair cut. I did tip my guitar teacher, just cause I liked him and he put up with me. Besides, his wife baked excellent cookies that I devoured on the way home from my lesson. In other words, I tip people at the holiday that I haven't tipped all year for a service they have provided.
A co-worker called off sick last week, saying he thought he might have had a mini-stroke. He lives alone and everyone at Phipps was worried about him. Fortunately, it was not a stroke, it was just a medication adjustment. I saw him today for the first time since he was sick, and he said something to me that I thought was meaningful at this time of the year. He said that everyday was a thanks giving day for him. He has had two heart attacks and his health is not good. I am glad he is okay now.
On a lighter note, I am hoping that the turkey is fully cooked this year. For those who may not remember, several years ago I cooked a bird that when it was carved, it was pink. Mippy asked at dinner for everyone to say something they were grateful for, and she began by saying that she was grateful that we had a lot of side dishes to eat. Others grumbled something and Monkeyboy couldn't think of much to say, except he was really looking forward to having some turkey. So, I'll try again this year, and hopefully, all will be cooked to perfection. But if not, I have so very much to be thankful for...and I hope you do also. Happy Thanksgiving.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Glub, Glub, Glub

Do you know what that is? It is the sound of my drain in the tub draining. On Thursday I took a shower. The tub backed up....a lot. Usually, it backs up slowly and I put in some drain cleaner and it works again, but that day, it didn't drain. I went and got dressed, ate breakfast, got ready for work and looked at the tub. Bad news, it had not drained. Left home, bought some drain cleaner and went to work. Came home, and the tub had drained. I put in drain cleaner and waited for the half hour they recommended and then ran hot water. Uh oh. Waited. Tub drained. Put more drain cleaner in. Waited the alloted half hour and tried again. Whoops, didn't work again. OK, let it go till morning. Woke up and took my shower, figuring I would plunge the drain. That didn't work, (and in fact, had four inches of water in tub) so called a NEW plumber and gave my sad story. He said he would try to stop by at the end of the day. I left to have lunch with Michele, who got a new job. So, we celebrated. Lunch was awful, by the way. Came home and tub was still full, so I was pulling and pushing various things on the shower, and presto....the tub drained. Is there sound that is better than glub, glub, glub as the tub drains?????? Somehow, the drain got closed (I prefer to think it was Ava and not me) and now that it was open, all was right with the world of bathtubs. I called the plumber (didn't tell him the WHOLE story, just that the tub was cleared) and he said he was glad. Very nice man, and I am sure cheaper than the other plumber who would hav charged me $500 to open the plug. Anyway, it is working beautifully.
Monkeyboy played hockey on Saturday and was amazing. This child has some inborn skills that wonderful. It was a beautiful day and we had lots of fun (and food) while watching the game.
I looke out the window today and saw the last leaf remaining on the tree. It was interesting to see and I wonder how long it will hang there, waiting to fall.
The Steelers won tonight....YAY. The Denver family called tonight and B. said he was wearing his Steelers shirt I sent him. He said whenever he wore it, Steelers lost. THE CURSE HAS BEEN BROKEN. Thanks, B., for wearing it! He is my buddy.
Two very close friends are having surgery...Wackymommy and my friend, Linda. Keep them in your thoughts. Surgery is always stressful, and positive attitudes help, as Linda has proven! My positive thoughts are with you both.
Have a great week!