Monday, March 30, 2009

No Final Four :(

It was a wonderful game, even though we lost. Right down to the final buzzer.
The flowers Peg brought to Sunday dinner are still beautiful.
The man for the deck came on Saturday. A very nice man. Designed a deck for me right at the dining room table, and it looked wonderful. And he wasn't pushy at all, just explained things to me and left an estimate. Tomorrow a gardner is coming...well, I guess they call them landscape designers. There is so much work to be done in the yard, one hardly knows where to start. Have to keep in mind the herd of deer that wander the neighborhood. The old gardens are coming up, brick borders and all. The one thing that I do want to replace is the hydrangea tree. I love the big flowers it gets in the fall.
I think when it rains, it pours. I heard an annoying beep in my house last Monday and couldn't figure it out before I went to work. I came home, and alas, it was beeping as I came in from the garage. A handy person, I am not, but it was coming from the FiOS box over in the corner...that would be the corner with all the junk piled up so that you can't even get to it. After moving everything and taking the cover off the box, I read the directions. It is a back up battery...a very large battery. Actually, they told me when I called that I could buy it at a motorcycle shop. Nevermind, I said, just send me one. So, it should be here tomorrow.
Then I discovered that the faucet in the tub is dripping. So, I began to take it apart and couldn't figure that out. Called my friendly plumber, Jim. You remember Jim, he was the one who sent the plant after he dug up the basement and the driveway. The very large plant, which, by the way, thank you, is doing very well and getting even larger in spite of Ava nibbling on it daily.
Minor problems, I assure you, but annoying none the less. Sometimes I think an apartment would be nice, but then I get claustraphobic. And I love my house. It is my sanctuary at the end of the day.
Sunday dinner yesterday. Cheesburgers on the grill...mmmmm. Monkeyboy got a buzz cut. He looks older. He loves it, and that's all that matters, right? It was a good dinner and Monkeyboy played hockey in the basement while Bean danced and Sprout called the plays. They are funny, those kids.
No more basketball for me, Pitt is done. But they did very well, their first elite eight game in a lot of years.
Happy Monday, only four more days this week!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

The Elite Eight

Pitt plays in a couple of hours, and I await the game with anticipation. They haven't made it to the elite eight before, so tonight would be the first, I believe.
Yesterday was a beautiful sunrise. Bean was embarassed because I was taking pictures from the car window. I pick Bean up and take her to the bus stop each morning. It begins my day in a happy way. Then I race to beat her bus onto the boulevard. I usually win. My work day begins in much the same way each and every day, with some variations, of course. Today it was stopping for gasoline for the new car. I am getting 23 miles to the gallon, not too bad, but not as good as the Celica.
I usually arrive at work at the same time each day. Sometimes I meet Kitty and we walk in together. Sometimes I SEE people that I really don't want to walk in, so I pretend to do something in my car until they are ahead of me, because it is just too much small talk for me.
I haven't seen the elderly man walking his elderly dog lately while I drive to work. I hope he is okay. I will miss these small things when I leave my job in July.
We had a meeting today for my co-workers. I love these meetings. They are informal. We have lunch at a pre-determined restaurant. Today it was Mitchell's Fish Market. We usually have one person pick the restaurant. Then we discuss policies, questions about policies and helpful hints. I have the most extraodinary group of people. They all have the best sense of humor, which keeps us all sane...well, more sane.
I don't much like fish, so I had a cheddarburger. I usually have that. Most of the people stick to the same eats salmon, one eats salads, one eats chicken. We are a predictable group. We share desserts. Today it was carrot cake and some other concoction. Delicious.
I have been surfing blogs, and some of the pictures on the blogs are incredible. I will get very serious about this when I leave in July. The best time to take pictures is in the early morning and late in the day. I could do it now, but I am just too tired!
Well, I shall try to catch up on some things here before the game tonight. If you watch, cheer for Pitt. Have a sunny day, we are having much needed rain showers...will help the flowers grow!

Monday, March 23, 2009

I Saw It, I Really Did

On our walk Mippy and I saw the green leaves on the tree just beginning. We really did! So, even if it does snow, it will be the heavy, wet snow that melts within hours, right?
I cooked Sunday dinner and Peg came and brought the flowers. I love fresh flowers and so does Ava. She eats the greenery, sometimes knocking them over in her excitement. And speaking of Ava, Flurrie came for a play date yesterday while we had dinner. Flurrie was in her cage as Ava hissed at her, hair on end on her tail. We waited a few minutes and opened the door to her cage. They avoided each other and when they met by mistake, there was some hissing and then running from each other. However, but the end of the evening they met on the stairs and really began to sound like they were going to fight. So much for Ava's hospitality. I thought I taught her better than that!
Monkeyboy, Peg and I are among a small group going to see Springsteen, so of course, that was a topic of conversation. And it was great cooking for everyone again. I love to cook, just don't do too much of it.
My tulips are coming up in the garden, just in time for the small herd of deer that travel the neighborhood. I haven't seen them in some time, but Skipper and Ginger have, and I believe it is the same group. Am wondering if there will be babies this year. Should be with all the nourishment they got from my garden. Plus, there was a buck traveling with them for awile.
We talked about sports at dinner last night. Monkeyboy is very much into sports and Bean seems to becoming interested in lacrosse now also. Peg's son was into baseball big time. I never went in for sports, but I love to watch them. Pitt made it to the next level in the NCAA tourney. I read once where boys' popularity is often defined by sports. Hmmmm, wonder if that's true.
It was a lovely weekend here. I could never live in an area where we did not have the change of seasons. I complain about extremes in temperature, but this time of the year when things are getting green and flowers begin to bloom is the best! Happy Spring!!!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Can It Be?

Winter over? Probably not, but one can always hope.
We all spent most of the day outside. Mippy and I went to the cemetary to walk and saw a hawk flying around. If you look closely, you can see it in the top of the tree.
There was a lot of damage this year to trees. The broken tree caught my eye.
Then we went to the track after taking Oscar back home. Monkeyboy hit balls with Bird and Bean caught balls in her lacrosse thingy while Mippy and I walked the track.
So, what do you think about plastic flowers? We have yet another neighbor who puts them in a flower box on her porch. And the are obviously plastic...I mean, who has flowers that are THAT color?
Some years ago a decorator came to my house to re-do the living room. She did a wonderful job and I think it looks great. She was into silk flowers, and I have to admit that at first I liked them. Now they are all dusty and I have no idea what to do with them. I'm sure they were expensive, so I hate to just pitch them. Besides, the cat has been playing with them, slowly pulling them apart. I love flowers, but I think this year I will decorate that table with real flowers. Ava will like that, also.
It's been a great weekend. Had a wonderful dinner tonight and everyone was mellowed out from being outside all day. I like the longer hours in the evening and it is beginning to be light during the morning when I drive to work. Ahhhh, made it through another winter!
Michele went on a road trip to California a few years ago. She took a gnome with her and posed him along the way. I suggested to Bean that we do the same, take an object of some sort and set him up along side a swimming pool, or perhaps having a cup of coffee at breakfast. Then I can post them here so that everyone can see the road trip from the perspective of an inanimate object. I think it would be great fun. Can you think of what we might use for an object?

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Worm Moon

I took Monkeyboy swimming tonight as Mippy had to pick Bean up from Lacrosse practice. Monkeyboy has progressed amazingly in swimming. He actually appeas to be having a great time. Bean got hit in the bean tonight by a ball. She claims she will probably have to play defense since she can't hit the ball straight. We came out of the school and observed the full moon. Mippy proceeded to explain the "worm moon", so I thought I might share it with you.
The 'Full Worm Moon' is the moon that occurs in March when the sunlight is getting stronger and the frozen ground begins to thaw. You can tell the worms have begun to come awake when you find the little curly mounds of dirt on the ground. These mounds, or castings are part of nature's way of preparing the earth for new growth. Then the flowers and herbs and trees and green grass suddenly burst out and let us know spring is here. (
It is a beautiful night out there, with that full moon. The picture doesn't do it justice, of course. I didn't want to alarm the odd neighbors beside me by standing in the dark taking pictures. Most neighbors would understand, but I don't know these neighbors at all. There seems to be a large turnover in the house next to me, and I'm sure it has nothing to do with me! This couple moved in about two years ago, and I don't think they have ever said a word to me. I recently found out that they had a baby, and when I told Peg, she said she had never seen them. We live in a very diverse neighborhood, people of all ages. And although we aren't the kind of group that gets together all the time, we really help out when there is a problem or when someone needs help. Through frozen pipes, frozen drains, trees falling, weddings, births, and yes, deaths. We are there for one another.
I have a friend who knows none of his neighbors. Says he as no desire to know them. I think that must be lonely sometimes. I am the type that speaks to everyone, even total strangers. I sometimes embarrass people I am with by doing that. Makes me smile!
Enjoy the worm moon as the earth gets ready for new life.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Road Trip

The time has come to plan for the annual road trip with the munchkins. It was to be Canada, but it has been revised. After much deliberation (discussion at Sunday dinner for five minutes) it has been decided that we will travel to Williamsburg, VA. This will be our home base. I have one teeny, tiny problem, I think. It has a pool, but it also has..........a hot tub or a whirlpool, I'm not what the heck it is called. It's what I fell into in Niagra Falls. With my camera. Fully clothed. I shall try to be more careful this year, but I am getting older, and I tend to forget things.
I have placed the reservations, I have rented the van and I have done some research, and I think I am good to go. The kids seem okay with the choice, and I so look forward to these road trips. It is so fun to get the kids away from parents and fill their heads with all kinds of good stuff that I think is important.
I was the "mystery reader" for Monkeyboy's class. I did this earlier in the year, and I am amazed at how much the kids grew since I last saw them. Thanks to Wacky Mommy, I had some good books, and the kids were delightful as usual. I asked the school if they had volunteers, and they said no. How odd is that? I love being around the kids, seeing their excitement.
As I drove to work this morning I saw that there are buds on the magnolia tree in the city. I am getting increasingly excited for spring. Bird rode his motorcycle to work today, so you know it must be getting warmer.
I had lunch with my friend, Kate. We are both on Weight Watchers. I am two pounds from my goal and Kate won't talk about it. We went to Peppi's. They have the bests hoagies and greasy french fries. We didn't bother to count points today. Talk about people watching! Kate watches and has a comment about everyone, not mean comments, just very funny.
This week is the Home and Garden Show. I am going because my back yard is a mess, and I want to dig it all up and start again. *sigh* I am kind of excited about it. But I have no idea of what to do, that's why I am going.
Happy Friday everyone!

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Thoughts on a Sunday

I was working on my photographs in the computer room when I left to answer the telephone, and when I returned, I interupted Ava's bath time. Needless to say, I won't be leaving any liquids alone with Ava again!
Ginger and I went to see Bean in her musical on Thursday. It was delightful...what we saw of it! During the intermission I was called upon to help Bean because she had taken ill. It's scarey when someone comes to seek you out in that manner. She was okay, just got to feeling faint because of the heat. Disappointed, but okay. I, of cours, caring and compassionate person that I am, asked her if she was going to heave in my new car. She assured me she wasn't, and by the time we hit the highway, she and Ginger were laughing and enjoying the warm night with the roof in the new car open. She returned to the stage on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, all to standing ovations. Good Job, Bean!
We have these teasers for weather...57 degrees, and now...struggling to hit 30. I know, it is March, but COME ON. I want spring. I want the flowers, I want the trees budding. The first of the green leaves appearing. On Thomas Blvd. here, the magnolia's come out way before mine does, and I love it. Or maybe they are dogwood. Whatever, they are beautiful.
When I drive to work in the morning, I see the same man walking his dog. He is an older gentleman, and the dog looks to be older also. They are walking along, every morning, rains, snow, sleet. I worry about him because last year a man was shot in that same neighborhood, not two blocks from where he walks every day. Do you ever see people and wonder about them? I wonder if he has lived in that same area all his live. It used to be quite the neighborhood, but now there are shootings among some very old, grand homes. The shootings are not infrequent. I hope he is safe. I love to watch people walking on my way to work. There are the children, walking to school, with these enormous back packs that have to weight as much as they do. There are the teens, jokingly pushing each other at the bus stops. At least I think it is being done in jest.
People watching is a great pasttime. I like sitting in the food court at the mall for people watching...well, for eating too. There was an older man at a table with his grandson while the mother went to get the food. The grandfather was a bit cranky, no doubt because the little boy did not want to be there and he was cranky and hungry. The mother returned and pacified everyone with food.
We had dinner at the Speghetti Warehouse tonight to celebrate a birthday dinner. It was fun, something a little different for Sunday Dinner. The staff all came to sing Happy Birthday. It was embarassing, but fun. The kids enjoyed it. The dinner was good. Happy Sunday everyone!