Saturday, April 17, 2010


I have problems with my lower back sometimes which is a pain in my butt! so I have to do stretching exercises every morning. So, I am lying on my back, counting the bugs on the floor and looking at the dust on the paddle fan, and I happen to glance out the window. Lo and behold, the oak trees dirty, leaf dropping things that they are are in full green. Leaves are green and beautiful! I am happy.

Now, don't tell anyone, but when I am at the podium at Phipps, I do crossword puzzles and lately have begun to color with markers. I know, but hey, I am bored. And I derive pleasure out of these designs that I draw. Did you color with chalk when you were a child? We did. Colored on the street, on the driveway, on anything. I loved it. So, today, I went out and bought a box of colored chalk. I have been walking in the park on the way to work. I am going to take the box of chalk, put it in plastic and hang it on the fence at the park and invite people to draw with it. Have a contest, if you will. Bean and Monkeyboy decorate their walk, their deck, their street with chalk, so why can't everyone???? The world would be a better place with art on the street. On the sidewalks. On their drives. And if someone doesn't like it...hey, the rain makes it go away.
And what about kites? Did you ever have a favorite kite? I love kites. I love the different shapes and colors. On the road trip I plan to buy kites for the kids and watch them fly it over the ocean.
It's spring, what can I say? I love it. A time of renewal, of fun and play. I have one more week in this floral design and I have posted my newest one. Monkeyboy had a game that was cancelled and Bean had a game that their team won. And go PENS! Tied up the series.
Have a wonderful weekend! IT'S SPRING!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Easter in the Burgh

I am pet sitting at Mippy's. There is a church near their house and I am sitting and watching people get out of their cars and head for the church.
There was a time when it was a big deal to do Easter shopping for a new spring outfit. New dresses, new shoes and anticipation of heading off to church with the family, even if it was only one of two times you went to church. A young woman is getting out of her car now with her husband/partner/boyfriend. Those must be new jeans she is wearing. And the woman walking up the street in capri pants...they must be new also, along with the t-shirt.
There are some who still buy a new "spring/Easter" outfit. A little girl, about two years old, came into Phipps in a dress, new shoes and a big flower in her hair. Her parents took her into the Palm Court and proceeded to take her picture. People were standing there watching because this little child was so charming. We've had so many people come to Phipps because that is their Easter tradition from when they were small. I went there as a child...never liked it much, as I am sure many of the children who come there now don't like it much. I think one must be older to appreciate the calmness and beauty of the Conservatory. There is one man who brings his son every morning. His son is about three years old,and they spend an hour there every day, come rain, snow or sun.
It has been ridiculously warm here...85 degrees. The magnolia tree is beginning to open and I fear it will open and it will be lost to a frost just as quickly. Daffodils are out...haven't seen any tulips opening up as yet.
Mippy and family are visiting Bird's family. Flurry, the cat, has finally come over to say 'hello' to me and Oscar has finally begun to eat. They both seem to miss the hustle and bustle of a family in the house. Razor, the fish, has not had much to say to me...just floats around. The life of a fish must be very boring.
Oscar and I have been having a morning walk at the cemetery. This would be a reason for getting a dog. It is so beautiful at sunrise walking in the quiet. Wait...maybe I don't need a dog to do that! A man was walking with a folding chair and sat down on the hill overlooking the cemetery, I guess for some early morning meditation.
Oscar is a very strong dog and weighs, I would guess, about 75-80 pounds....maybe more. I cringe when I see another dog approaching. I allow Oscar to run free until I see another dog...Oscar is not the most socialized animal. But he fools people because he is a golden and he wags his tail. When I see another dog or person, I call him and he comes to me. I put him back on the leash and we walk towards the other dog...Oscar wagging his tail, panting. The other dog doing the same. A woman smiles and prepares to greet me and then....Oscar snarls, bares his teeth, barks, lunges and yanks me hard enough to pull my arm out of the socket. A shocked look appears on the woman's face as she speeds up to get past us. Me, holding Oscar for dear life, she casting a sidelong glance as she guards her dog. Once past, Oscar again wags his tail, prances and sniffs every blade of grass along the way. Overall, he is a great dog, but he does tend to hog the bed. And I can't push him out of the way...he is just too big! We sit together in the living room, me reading, he on his chair snoozing. I begin to feel tired, so I close my book. It is the signal. I try my best to beat him up the stairs so I can claim a spot, but alas, he shoves past me and leaps on the bed. He sleeps across the middle of the bed, leaving me a mere six inches on the edge. I have been know to race to Bean's bed, and sometimes I beat him to that one.
I hope all of you are enjoying the wonderful weather and Easter Sunday. Dinner today will be at Ginger's house...she is having ham, but is also having kielbassi...thank goodness!