Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Random Thoughts

I took pictures in the yard tonight.
The magnolia's got a little burned, they won't be as perfect this year.
We got our parking places back at work. Little things mean a lot.
The woman who sang in England on Who's Got Talent was amazing. Here is the link. Quite inspirational.
After four trips by Jim the Plumber, the tub is not leaking as badly.
But it is still leaking.
The landscaper person is coming tomorrow and I am excited.
We begin the dance with Lord Stanley tonight, go Pens.
James Harrison got a contract that was for $51.75 million plus $20 million in bonus.
Approximate starting for a county caseworker, $26,000 per year.
Today is Tax Day.
Why not have a fair share tax, tax on what we buy, do away with all other taxes.
I love spring.
President Obama is expected by people to have all of the problems solved after 90 days. And it took how long to mess things up so badly?
I think the new first dog is great! Such energy and life in the White House now.
Bean had her first lacrosse game today. Go, Bean.
Have a great Wednesday!


SassySam said...

Great post, mia, and the flowers are wonderful. How do you get that close to them and have them so clear? Where to start? I won't even mention the tub. I'm excited about the gardner! And money for salaries is the great inequality. I saw that singer on the news last night, but the whole thing on you tube is amazing. Can we just give the President some time here. I agree, everyone wants miracles.

Cathy said...

I love your happy you tube clips! And the flowers are beautiful. Looks like the magnolia tree made it. I can't wait to see it all in bloom. I like the idea of fair share tax, they were talking about it on the radio. Mailed our taxes this morning. So much anxiety, what if there is an error? How was Bean's game? What the heck would one do with $51.75 million. That is ridiculous.

Ben said...

People are very impatient, they want everything fixed and fixed now. This country was in such a mess when he took office. I love the dog, too, mia. And it is great that there is a young, energetic family in the White House. I watched that video, I hope she goes on to fulfill her dream, and it seems as though she is on her way. Another year in the dance with Lord Stanley. Go, Pens!!!!

Jessica said...

I HATE TAXES, but yes, dropped it in the mail on the way home. Nice of the post office to give us notice of one day that they weren't staying open. I had to go over to the accountant's at lunch today. I love the pictures of the flowers, especially the yellow one, whatever it is. I don't know who James Harrison is, but I am guessing sports. That's disgusting.

SocialWorker2 said...

That clip is wonderful. How deceiving looks can be. Her voice is amazing. I loved the picture on the news of the girls walking the dog with Mom and Dad. I'm glad they were able to get a dog. We have allergies here, and I know how difficult that can be. My husband said that James Harrison is a Steeler, Jessica, and he is the second highest player on the team. Ben Rothisberger is the highest paid. Sick, isn't it? We never make much money in this field, and although we know that, it seems ridiculous that they make that much. How was Bean's game?

Twigs said...

Those pictures are beautiful, Mia. And I think for the most part, the tree made it. Maybe the leak will stop, I can't believe he didn't get it right yet! How does he stay in business? I suppose the argument for sports players is that they can only play for a short time. I don't know how one justifies that salary. Seems obscene to me. But then, I have never played football, or I am sure I could make that much. ;)

Nate said...

The Pens are on their way.

Angela said...

We just get over basketball, now we have to cheer for the Pens? Is there any sport Pittsburgh is not involved with? You truly are a sports town. Okay, I guess I'll cheer for them. How long does this go on, and what is next?

Anonymous2 said...

Baseball would be next. Great post, mia, the links, both of them, were fun to watch. First dog is the best, I hope they enjoy it. Go, Bean

Nancy aka Wacky Mommy said...

Your nephew is NOT rooting for the Flyers he's rooting for the Pens. But you already knew that. We're watching the game on tivo and are only in the 2nd period but so far, so good.

Nancy again said...

ps Mia DON'T SEND US THE SCORES don't forget. OK, we better not read your blog til after we've watched the tivo'ed games. Damn work, it gets in the way of hockey.

Anonymous said...

There will never be a fair tax. It would put too many people out of work.

Bill said...

The Pens were awesome. Harrison is the reason we won the super bowl, but I agree, no one is worth that much money. I like the idea of a fair tax also, mia. Would make my life a lot easier. But I agree, it will never happen.

Jen said...

Mia, I love the flowers! And the video clips. I like the new first dog, too. And I love watching them all together. Tax day, ugh. I also become very nervous when ours is sent in, and I don't know why, because it's a fairly simple one.

Tim said...

Nice pictures, Mia. And the video clip was fun to watch. Good for her, and I hope all her dreams come true.

Lori said...

I saw that clip on the news, and it was great. So, how did the landscaper person go? We are trying to get the yard cleaned from the winter mess. Sad that there is such a difference in pay for people, isn't it? I saw that the Penquins won, another winning team for Pittsburgh?

dani said...

beautiful pictures. happened upon your blog and found it delightful. i watched the clips. they appear to be all over the internet.

Net Kitty said...

A "momma bird to be" is building her nest over the light fixture right outside my front door. Why do they insist on doing that? Really....Meow.
There are no more new MSN Hotmail accounts.
I frequently stay up late at night and ponder about what color are Tim's ballet slippers.
I think that Socks was the only first cat.
The more expensive the pantyhose, the quicker they seem to run.
Costa Rica, which translated means very rich coast, is home to very few people. Hmmmm.
How do all the colors of the prism manage to become white. Ahh, the awesome Power behind the Universe.
A new post by Mia always makes my day.
Only a few of my random thoughts that seem to be never ending.

Anonymous said...

Random thoughts can be likened to a train...where is the caboose?

SassySam said...

Hmmm, I am wondering, Anonymous, are you critizing what Mia and Kitty are saying in their musings?

Mark said...

I think the pictures are great. I think the video clips are great. I think the random thoughts are great. Life is great, most of the time. Welcome, Dani

Elizabeth said...

The flowers and video clips made my day. Thanks, mia. And I like the random thoughts, I agree with Kitty, Mia's posts make my day.

ginger said...

Also saw English woman on TV. Amazing! She sure shocked the heck out of Simon. They will probably try to glamorize her but I hope not too much. Maybe the unibrow should go.
I agree, noone is worth that much money but that is never going to change so I hope he gives us our moneys worth.
God created the world in seven days but even the President can't fix everything in 3 months.
Wonderful pics, Mia, as usual