Thursday, October 22, 2009

Because Bean Said So

Bean is in rehearsal for Les Miserables. She got home late tonight and told me to, for you Bean.
As you can see, I have been with camera. I truly love the colors of Autumn. The landscape is so amazing. And the sun on the trees is magnificent.
I have been working lots this week at Phipps. Training, tours, etc. So forgive me for not posting on Sunday, but it seems I post either on Sunday or Thursday, and technically, it is Thursday for a few more minutes. I watched the baseball game tonight, so I am a bit late.
The Angels beat the Yankees tonight. I am glad. Too many glamor stars on the Yankees. I want it to be the Angels and the Phillies. But if not the Angels, then I hope the Phillies whip them!
There was a family from Philly at Phipps, and we had quite a discussion about our teams. We agreed that the the Eagles were not a team to cheer for, but that we would both cheer for the Phillies since the Pirates weren't in the running.
We have different codes for things at Phipps to use on the walkie talkies so that we don't panic the public. I have never used walkie talkies before, but I think I like the idea. "Mia to Events" sounds like fun. I like listening to the calls. Kind of like eavesdropping on a conversation. Sometimes comical, sometimes serious, sometimes just pain amusing. I love to listen to conversations. In this day of cell phones it becomes very easy. How does one carry on a very private conversation in a restaurant with someone on a cell phone? One can only imagine the other end of the conversation.
Cell phones are great to a point. I am so tired of seeing people on cell phones driving and so engrossed in conversation that they pull out in front of you without looking. I know, the argument exists that any distraction is dangerous. Technology abounds, doesn't it? Phones ring in a restaurant and you see six people pull out their phone to see if it is their phone.
Monkeyboy and I went to a movie last week. A telephone rang in the pet shop, in the book store and in the movie. All was quiet and you could hear the entire conversation. I don't care to hear how Justin was suspended from school and how angry Dad was, with Mom screaming back at him. Nor do I care the dog has a diarrhea and is it improving? And a teeny bopper giggling with her boyfriend over the phone. Can you just take it somewhere private????
My big project right now is trying to gist the right lighting in my kitchen. My track lighting blew, so I am trying to find the right light so I can read the paper as I eat breakfast. A lamp on the breakfast table does not seem to work. I am using the light on the ceiling fan, which is not optimal, but seems to work somewhat. We shall see.
HP at work catered an event over the weekend. As she explained it briefly to me it was to follow the example of somethng she was involved with in California when she lived there. Check out the website, it is really unique.

So, Bean, I posted. And your play is next weekend. For those of you here in Pgh., it is at the Byham theater. Bean is in the ensemble. Monkeyboy is in hockey playoffs....such a decision.
Have a great Friday.


Cathy said...

I love the picture looking up at the tree. Yes, this is the time of the year for great colors in the landscape. We have recessed lighting in our kitchen and my husband complains whenever we have to change a lightbulb. They are wonderful, but can be a pain. Cell phones cn be a problem. Do you remember when we didn't have them???

Jen said...

I hate cell phones, but I love them. It is, I guess, a way to live now. They are convenient, but a hassel. I don't like being available 24/7, but I want someone else to be. I don't want to see someone else on their phone in the car, but I admit, I use mine. I have picked mine up in a public place, but don't you. I know, I am crazy!

Tigger said...

We are having little sun here in our city, so it's nice to see someone is getting it! Great pictures, as usual mia. I agre with Jen, cell phones are great for me, but annoying when others use them in public or in the car! Here it is against the law to use them while driving unless you have hands free.

Twigs said...

We have someone on our bus that talks on the cell phone everyyday on the way home. I think he has a girlfriend on the side. He always hangs up when reaching his stop with "I love you, talk to you tomorrow". It's funny, but sometimes embarassing.

Bird said...

CODE FLAME!!! CODE FLAME!!!! (I can see it in slow motion, Mia with fire extinguisher in hand running towards a downed butterfly who got to close to a light bulb, as another worker ushers school children away from the tragic scene) Walkie talkies rule :)

Jessica said...

LOL, Bird, that is hysterical. I have never used a walkie talkie. Is that like the police talking into their collars? I think it would be great fun! Maybe I'll get the kids a set for Christmas! Then we can have codes for things, like CODE SLOP, meaning clean your!

Elizabeth said...

Yes, Cathy, I remember when we had no cell phones. It wasn't that long ago. Wait. Maybe it was. LOL. Seems as though when there is new technology we all have to adjust. It does tend to take over our lives, doesn't it?

Bill said...

That's a great comment, Bird. I have been to Phipps, Mia, and I know what you are talking about. It is funny to hear it when you are walking about in the quiet setting. They are having their Halloween event on Sunday, so we will be going again with the kids. The pictures are great, and I also like the one looking up through the tree.

Tim said...

My means of communication are two tin cans connected by a string.

Angela said...

hat outstanding in the fields is really a neat website! Sounds like a wonderful venture. Does she still do it? Wonder how it works.

Ben said...

Sounds like a co-op kind of thing, except they open it to anyone. The co-op would be the providers of the food. I wonder if they all share in the money or if that goes to the organizer.
Tim, we had the same thing as kids. Probably worked as well as anything at that time. It was fun to string it from house to house and see if we could hear one another. As I recall, we couldn't. But it was fun.
I like the red leaf picture. Are we voting?

Lori said...

That really is a cool website. What a great idea. Not sure I understand, but will read it more closely. My kids did the can and string thing after we showed them, and they thought we were nuts. But I remember doing it also, Ben. I vote for the tree. I like that one. My husband tells me the Steelers have a tough game this Sunday. Mia's depending on you, Tim, get ready.

bean said...

We have a set of walkie talkies. And they're really fun. Sometimes, though, you can't understand what anyone's saying on the other line and people forget to hold the button down when they talk. :) (I'm one of them.)

Anyway, Pens won and Go Steelers!
Thanks for blogging Mia!

Allie (Cat) said...

I love walkie talkies! We use them when we are on a trip with my brother and his family. The kids enjoy talking from car to car.

ginger said...

Didn't have walkie talkies when we were kids but recently my daughter had one when we visited Penn's Colony and it did come in handy.

We have a cell phone but it is never on. We use it just for trips or emergencies. Neither of which has happened recently.

Never knew about the code names at Phipps but now I can be one of the informed ones if anything happens.
Of course, I still won't know what is going on but I will feel like I do.

Great fall pictures, MIa. I can see beautiful trees out of my picture window but never think to use my camera.

Ginger to Tim, Ginger to Tim! Is your tin can working?

SocialWorker2 said...

The pictures evoke wonderful memories of football games, jumping in the leaves, walks in the crisp fall air. And the comment from Bird evokes laughter. Thanks for the post, mia.

Tim said...

Thanks for the call, Ginger. I'm getting dressed for the game today.

Shelly said...

LOL, Tim and Ginger. We don't have a major football team here, so we cheer on the local high school. And that is what I think of too, SW2, when I think of fall and falling leaves. Sitting in the stands,cheering on the local team. It is nice, because we know most of the kids personally. So, Tim, if you have some extra time, we would love to see you cheering here.

Michele said...

The pictures are fantastic! My favorite is Along the Path... the tree just looks on fire!!! I try to be considerate with my cell phone, I actually just had to get ANOTHER one from Verizon today because the last one they sold me was crap. It seems at times that much like privacy, customer service is a thing of the past. My biggest pet peeve is when you are IN the car with another person and their cell phone rings. They pick it up and then go on to have an entire conversation with you sitting right next to them. It's rude! Becuase then you're held captive. You can't talk to them, you can't listen to the radio because then THEY can't hear, and what are you going to do, pick up your cell phone and have a battling conversation?

Yay Bean and Monkeyboy!

I also checked out the Outstanding in the Field website. Very cool. There's a youtube video on there of them from the morning show. He's a very interesting man, the main guy!

SassySam said...

He is interesting, Michele, and very cute! Sounds like quite the businessman too. Great pics, mia.

Anonymous said...

Lots of legal issues with that web site, I would be interested to hear how he gets permits from the various health departments.