Monday, October 18, 2010

Let The Games Go On

Ahhh, it is the season again.
The NY Times had an excellent article about Nolan Ryan. It talked about him buying the Rangers with the thought of.....making them a winning team. Isn't that a novel idea? Not buying a team to build a new stadium, make money and move on. I read that he was quite the player in his time, and he wants to build this team to win. Good for him. And they beat the Yanks. That is such good news.
Ben is back. Very mixed feelings about that. I think he played a good game. We won. Thanks, Tim, for all the cheering. I think I saw you down by the goal line, but I can't be sure.
Monkeyboy's team is doing well. Monkeyboy has the second highest score...he is going for double digits. Such fun watching the kids play.
Both Monkeyboy and Sprout celebrated birthdays. Sprout's cake had a picture of her on it and it was so much fun! Monkeyboy elected to have a giant chocolate chip birthday cookie. Personally, I prefer cake.
Bean is in Phantom this week. Break a leg, Bean. She is having such fun, but is exhausted. Such is the life of a star. Well, she may not be THE star, but she is our star.
Ava has a bad leg or legs...have to take her to the vet again. He gave her a shot, which helped briefly, but she is not doing well. Both hind legs seem to be affected. She is having great difficulty walking. *fingers crossed that it is nothing serious.*
Seems to be a time when many close to me are having medical problems. This too shall pass, I just hope it passes quickly.
On a lighter note, there was a Japanese wedding at Phipps this weekend and it was lovely. Such beautiful dresses, all dressed in their culture. Makes me wonder why we are so against immigration.
Code purple today...chipmunk expired in the outdoor garden. Butterflies are about done. Great train display currently. I still love my job.
The weather has been decent for the most part. Warm days, cool nights. I am having a garage sale this weekend. Dreading it, but I made the commitment. Hoping to get rid of some junk. Never had one before, so we will see how this goes.
Vote, okay? I know....sometimes it seems to not make a difference, and sometimes I get discouraged, but do not be Have a good one!


Twigs said...

It would be nice to see the Rangers win, and they do seem to be doing a great job so far. I think it's been a while since they have even been in the playoffs. So, Ben is back. Maybe he will focus on football instead of the bars. Sorry about the cat, Mia, hope she is okay.

Cathy said...

We had a garage sale last month. Made $250. My husband is looking for what else we can sell. I have to watch him very closely. Let us know about the cat, Mia. I hate when pets get sick. It's sad...and expensive. But they bring us so much joy that they are worth it.

Tim said...

I had a garage sale and no one came.

Jen said...

I assume the picture is of Bean and is a great picture. Good luck in Phantom. I love our weather, although it certainly is changeable. But those autumn days are wonderful. Good luck with your garage sale, Mia. I have thought of having one, but it seems like so much work!

SassySam said...

Mia, are you selling clothes or jewelry? If so, I'll make the trip. Otherwise, forget it. Tim, I could have bought some of your clothes, especially those cheering outfits.
Animals are such a joy, but it's so sad when they are sick. A lot like kids, only more joy!
Good luck with the garage sale, Mia. We have had a few and they are pretty successful.

Tigger said...

Sorry, but I want the Yanks to win! The Rangers are giving us a run for our money. Hope all is well with the cat and hope the garage sale goes well!

Mark said...

I agree...Nolan Ryan has put his heart and money into a winning team. I hope they take the series. Hope your cat is okay mia.

Ben said...

The Rangers look good and I agree, the Pirates need someone like Nolan Ryan to lead them. I saw the article in the NYTimes regarding him, very impressive.
Yes, Ben is back, much to the chagrin of some. And all eyes were on him. He did okay, and I think most have mixed feelings.
Good luck on your garage sale

Shelly said...

What happens to the butterflies? Yes, we have had some lovely weather here also. Almost makes me forget about the awful winter and very hot summer.
Hope the cat is okay, Mia. I hate going to the vets. My dog doesn't speak to me for weeks after we go.
That is a really cool pic, Mia.

Elizabeth said...

I love garage sales...go to one almost every weekend. It's fun to see all the different things and just to watch people try to bargain. Be prepared to hear some pretty tough bargaining!
My cat has arthritis, so she is on meds daily because of her hind legs. They really help and she is as active as ever.
Hope your cat is okay, mia.

Bill said...

Happy belated birthday to Monkeyboy and Sprout! Are they twins?
My wife is in the throes of halloween costumes. She insists on making them, and I must say, she does a great job, but they are time consuming. Hopefully, she will have them finished by the is fast approaching!
It would be nice to see the Rangers win, wouldn't it?

Noelle said...

Oh, what a wonderful picture! And to see Phantom with someone you know, how great! I have read all of your posts, Mia. They are wonderful. Tell Bean to break a leg. Have a wondeerful time watching it.

Lori said...

My mom just got out of the hospital and is staying with us while she is recouperating. Very stressful time here, so it was nice to see your post. Your pictures bring me a sense of peace, Mia. Thanks, and thanks to Bean for the picture. Kids having fun...nice.

Angela said...

I HATE HAVING GARAGE SALES! They are so much work. It's great to get rid of all the junk, but there has to be an easier way.
And I agree, Mia. Why do we freak out at different cultures, different styles of dress. I think it is neat and often beautiful.

Nate said...

We have a garage sale every spring. Drag everything out, bring it back in, try again the following year. It's a pain. But my wife insists. So we do it. It would be easier just to donate, which we sometimes end up doing.
Good for Monkeyboy...hope he gets some more goals. And good luck to Bean.

Allie (Cat) said...

I look at those pictures Mia and they bring such different feeelings. From the fun at the beach, the tentativeness of the kids at the edge of the ocean, of (I assume) Bean and Monkeyboy at the railing saying goodbye to the beach to the toe shoes. Memories are a wonderful thing.
Hope cat and family are better.

ginger said...

Different cultures are wonderful and immigration is fine if everyone follows the rules but that doesn't happen and as always, the innocent suffer.

We have had quite a few garage sales but never made 200 dollars. I guess our junk isn't everyone's treasure.

Well, Ben came through and good for him, because the fans would have really been on him, I think.
Hang in there, Tim. We have a lot of games to go so don't wear yourself out cheering.