Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Time Flies

When I was fifteen, I wanted to be sixteen. It took forever, that year between.
When I was eighteen, I wanted to be twenty-one. It took forever.  FOREVER.  Then the day arrived and fially, I was twenty-one.  And I thought to this it? Really?
We are getting ready for our annual trip to New York City.  I begin planning this trip and the road trip in January.  I kept thinking it was so far in the future.  It isn't.  It is here.  We leave on Thursday.
So, at what age does time seem to fly by without telling us?  At what age do we look in the mirror and are hit with the realization that we look old...if not old, older? 
I color my hair.  Have been doing it for years.  I read an article yesterday on botox.  I think rather than getting botox I will buy a can of spakle and fill in the lines. 
Makeup.  I never used to wear it.  I remember sitting in Tammi's office with Linda and them saying I should try it.  Years ago.  Now I feel naked without it. 
Age has its benefits, I am told.  People show you respect.  No, they don't.  Well, I guess some do, but most do not.  And on my facebook page it shows a picture of Barbara Walters with the comment "Is 60 the new 30?"  Of course it isn't.  Stupid question.  And Barbara Walters doesn't even look 60, which she shouldn't since she is over 80.  80.  My gosh, that souds old.  But then there was a time when 30 sounded old. 
So, here we are, about to head to NYC.  Going to see "Newsie" and Blue Man Group.  Katie is going to visit collegs.  See what I mean...Katie is going to see colleges.  *Sigh*.
I sit here typing, avoiding packing.  Because I have plenty of time, don't I?
Pens lost Sunday night in double overtime.  It is a sad day when they lost a 2-1 lead in the last 28 seconds of the game.  They play again tomorrow, and probably while I am in NY.
Matt had a game winning hit tonight.  Tie game in the sixth, two outs, two men on base.  Hit the ball to left field.  One player crossed home plate and everyone left the field.  WAIT A MINUTE....can't they at least run the bases?
OK, so do I pack?  Do I watch the Pirates?  Do I read my newest Baldacci book?  Or do I just watch HGTV?  So many decisions.
Have a great Tuesday and enjoy your week.  Tim, root as loudly as you can tomorrow night, I want a win.  After all, it is all about me.


Lori said...

I say watch HDTV and hope for a good one.
I remember being under 21 and hoping that I could be 21. I had a beer on my 21st birthday and got sick from it. It isn't all it is cracked up to be...being 21. It is the begining of being responsible and who wants that?
I think it is a gradual thing..this passing of time so quickly. I can't believe the kids are finished with school in 10 days.

Tigger said...

Good for Matt! Nice game. Pens will take it tomorrow, but you still might miss some in NYC.
You should look me up, Mia. I am following Pens only because they beat us.
I began to feel old when I hit 40. I don't know why, I just did. And every ache and pain reminds me, I will never be that 15 year old that could do anything and wake up feeling fine.
Ahhh, the joys of growing older.

AlliCat said...

I began to feel old when our first child went off to school. I was a stay at home mom and I was thinking "what do I do now".
Yes, 80 sounds old, but I am sure when I hit 70 it won't sound old at all. Well, actually, I can't believe that.
How exciting, to be looking at schools in NYC! Have a wonderful trip, and you probably should start packing, Mia.
I'll root for the Pens tonight. Hope the win. I have no other team that I am watching.

Cathy said...

I like the idea of spakle as opposed to botox. Cheaper, I am sure and you can layer it as need be.
I can barely remember wanting to be 21 so I could legally get into bars in college. At that time you could smoke in bars, and let me tell you, I came home smelling like a smokey brewery. When I look back I think how awful that would be now...all that smoke clinging to my clothes and how my eyes would burn. But, yes, I wanted to be legal and flaunt it.
Time does pass too quickly, but stupid me, I keep saying "I can't wait for...." something in the future. Sad, isn't it?

Ben said...

Hopefully the Pens will get it together tonight and stay ahead. Cannot believe Sunday night.
Good game for the Pirates last night.
Perhaps as adults we find so little time to sit back and enjoy life, it seems to go by too quickly. I know that I have so much on my plate that I find the week/month/year is over before I have time to enjoy it. Probably a good lesson to learn from that!

ginger said...

Yes, time flies but at 16, you don't think of that. Then you want to be 18 and 21. Mom always said " Don't wish your life away" Now I know what she meant. The older I got, the smarter she got.

Pirates and Pens both tonight. Go Teams!

Mark said...

The Pens won, the Pirates won...good job Pittsburgh.
I felt old when I broke my leg and had to lose crutches. Makes one feel very vulnerable.
And I think that is when I realized that time passes slowly when you anticipate something.

Angela said...

I think we all become so caught up in getting through the day, the week, the month...that we forget about living for the day, the minute, the hour. It seems that if we could just live moment to moment rather than looking forward, time may move more realistically.
Welcome back, Mia, I haven't been here in a while. Glad to see you post.

Jen said...

Penguins won, I saw. We were out of town for the weekend visiting family. Glad to see it, though I have no idea of when they play again.
Yes, I still kind of wish time away. We got back late last night and already I am thinking about our vacation in July and what to pack for that.
It was so cold this past weekend that we had to borrow sweatshirts and stayed in most of the weekend.
How was your trip to NYC?

SassySam said...

I saw Barbara Walters briefly on TV last night with some lame story about William and Kate's baby. She looks so old and so frail. I used to watch The View until she took over and interupted everyone and made a fool of herself by talking about everyone she knew and interviewed. It it is time for her to retire.
I think we are all guilty of looking forward too much. How many times in the winter do I say, I can't wait until spring or summer or fall. I don't think I say I can't wait till winter.
It was a lousy weekend here too, as I think it was in most places. It's been a very odd spring. A good spring to spend at the mall!
Go Penguins.

Shelly said...

21, oh how we looked forward to that! Why? We thought we would finally be called adults. Little did we know.
I think I became aware of how quickly time passes when I began to work and support myself. I began at that time to look forward to the weekends and party time.
I caught Walters last night waiting for the news. She does look either ill or frail. I haven't seen her in ages and I was surprised a how badly she looks.
Good for Matt! I believe it's called a walk off home run, meaning they can all walk off the field as soon as the winning run goes in. I know, he should have been able to run bases! But that's baseball.

Twigs said...

Our weather here has been ridiculous...horrible rains over the weekend and still contiues. Then it is supposed to hit 90 over the weekend. Who said there isn't global warming...oh, wait, it was cold over the weekend.
Is this where I say I can't wait till fall?