Tuesday, July 9, 2013


Change is hard for me.  Very hard.  I would rather put up with something that barely works than get something new that I have to learn.  Such is the case with computers.

I have an older computer, probably seven or eight years old.  Was spiffy when I got it, but lately it has not been the best.  Kept freezing up, had to start it with the recovery disk, just wasn't something I had any fun with anymore. So, for the past.....oh, I don't know....two years(?) I have been perseverating about a new one.  I have everyone's opinion and have made my head spin when I tried to sort it out.  Then, one day recently, I read that Windows 7 was going to be discontinued in August and no computers would be sold with Windows 7 after December.  After reading and hearing about all the problems with Windows 8, I thought do it now or be sorry.  So, here I am typing on my new HP Pavilion computer.  Jerry, the set up man, came today, put it all together, and although I am on a learning curve, I think this just might work.

Yesterday as I sat at the podium at Phipps, Mark, Curt and I began to talk. Curt was looking for a new pillow because he had a stiff neck.  Remember when you could go into a store and just buy a pillow?  No more.  I have tried many different kinds.  I have one for sleeping on your side.  That worked for a while.  You had to buy two for the price of one...$60.  I didn't want two, wasn't even sure I wanted one.  So I asked...I don't want two, so can I have one for $30?  No, you have to buy two or pay $60.  This was at Kohls.  I found a woman looking at the same pillow, so we bought two and each paid $30.  That pillow was good for awhile, but when I wanted to sleep on my stomach, it was a problem.  Foam or feather, though I'm not sure what kind of feathers they are.  Foam gets hot, so I went with feathers.  Paid a lot again.  Within six months it was flat.  I put it in the dryer to try to fluff it.  Nope, didn't work.  Ended up at K-Mart and bought one for $10.  If necessary, I'll replace it every six months.  What ever happened to a good pillow?????

Wonderful fourth of July.  Had to work, but went to Linda and Scott's for dinner.  Scott grilled burgers and everyone was there.  Had a wonderful time playing yard games, eating, watching fireworks and watching Scott, Matt and Mike so excited about setting off the legal ones in the back yard.  A great night for all, I think.

Remembering things about my childhood.  Remember hot summer nights when you would sleep on the porch?  I do.  I remember window fans when we had no air conditioning. Did you ever ride a bicycle down a hill and feel the wind on a hot summer day?  And the Goodie Bar man and the sweet sound of his music.  Doors unlocked and left open all night.  Gone are the days!

Alyssa went to see One Direction last night with Cheryl's daughter, Sam.  Matt had a semi-final tournament ball game.  They lost that tournament.  Katie had to work, but she is getting ready for her performance in West Side Story.  Soon after that will be another road trip, this year to the Grand Canyon.  Getting so excited...even going on a smooth rafting trip.

And the good news?  This computer has run an ongoing spell check! 


Angela said...

I think change is hard for all of us, but see, you adapted!
Pillows....I hear you. Mine lasts for about 6 months, then I have to get a new one. And there are way too many choices, believe me.
We put a tent up in the backyard. We live in the suburbs, so I don't worry too much. If the air conditioning is on my husband sleeps outside with them. It's a real treat for them and one we try to use sparingly.

SassySam said...

Is it a laptop of desktop?
I have both windows 7 and 8 on my computer and I only use windows 7.
I think 8 stinks.
We had a nice fourth here also. Love to watch the fireworks.
And yes, I remember riding a bicycle and speeding down a hill. Such a feeling of freedom! Love it to this day.
Sounds like the kids are having a busy summer. I loved West Side Story, one of my favorites.

Noelle said...

We buy the cheap pillows and replace them. Gone are the days when pillows lasted forever.
It's been hot here also. Yes, I remember using fans, sleeping on the porch and the bike rides. Never used helmets either.
The fireworks here aren't too great, but it's an effort. We all go to a small park near our home to watch them. It's nice.
My daughter would be very jealous of Alyssa and Sam. She loves them, has posters and pictures all over her room.

Ben said...

Storms were really bad here tonight. Trees down, severe flooding.
Pirates are struggling, Tim, we need your help here.
We walked down to the North Shore to watch the fireworks, pretty amazing. And fortunately, the got them in before the rain.
No more sleeping in the back yard here or on the porch. There are many things I love about living in the city, but I do miss other things. Never had any problems here, but not far from here, one can hear gunshots all night.
I have Windows 8 and I am thinking of trying to uninstall it and install windows 7. 8 stinks.
Gee, I sound pretty negative tonight...sorry! I'm not, really!

AlliCat said...

I agree, change is hard...but good for you! My computer is old and slow, but can't afford a new one right now, and I feel your many choices.
I bought one expensive pillow and found it wasn't worth it, so now I buy pillows at target when they are on sale.
I loved West Side fun to watch it live with someone in it that you know. And I actually know some of One Direction's songs, so I am sure Alyssa and Sam had a great time seeing them in person.

Tim said...

I'm doing the best that I can and it seems to be helping.

Phoebe said...

I really like your new photo for the header, Mia. The kids look like they are having so much fun just brusing their teeth. Yes, I remember hanging army blankets up on the back porch roof for privacy and then sleeping out.

Agree with AlliCat and love the musical score from West Side Story.

Very funny. I thought I was the only one who has those pillow problems. With a discount and sale I paid $100 for a pillow they said is guaranteed for 20 years. No such thing. Now I know why my grandmother brought her feather bed with her from the old country. They just don't make 'em like they used to.

ginger said...

I guess we all have the same problems with pillows. Bought feather ones once but they actually made me stuff up and I am not usually allergic.

Yes, your computer looks pretty. Is it a laptop or not? Looks like one.
Our big outdoor fun was roller skating in the alley and playing hide and seek. You had to go home when the street lights went on. Well, our kids played outside a lot but we don't have street lights here.

Lori said...

OMG, we made tents from blankets on rainy days and played under them all day. We ate lunch and dinner under them. We also played in the rain. On a hot summer day we would put on bathing suits and go in the backyard and run around. If we found water running down the street we would float broken branches down the street.
Pillows, like everything now, seem to be made to be disposable. Sad that we live in this society. At least people are getting smarter about cars. I don't see people rushing out buying cars every few years. Most of my friends keep them until they fall apart.

Bill said...

We went to the Pirates game last night...what a game! The kids were ready to fall asleep, but it was a good win. We were going to go again tonight, but they are sold out.
Looks like your computer is a desk top...I see the tower there on the desk. Always nice to have a new computer. I have to get one. I didn't know they were discontinuing Windows 7. They are having so much trouble with 8 I am surprised they are. I'll have to look into that.
Things just seemed so much easier when we were kids. I know, that makes me sound old, but I believe it. I worry who our kids are with. They make a new friend at school and we try to contact the parents and see if we are on the same page. Can't protect them all the time, but they are young yet, so we do the best we can. Have a good Saturday and Go Bucs!

Elizabeth said...

I don't like change either, try to think of it as an adventure, but that usually doesn't work.
I thought I was the only one that thought that about pillows! Really! I keep looking for one that will work, and they never do. Good to know others have the same problem.

Tigger said...

Windows 8 is not good.
Pillows are not any good anymore.
Rained on the fourth here.
Broke my arm on a bicycle when I was 10.
I think I am going to get a Mac.
Have a great Saturday!
Mine is beginning to look up, just invited to a party tonight. :)

Shelly said...

Looks like Pirates have more in the All Star game than any other team.
I remember my first concert. It was Journey. I was in my early teens and it was quite the experience. And I remember my first job...a paper route. We had to walk the route then, but I see now that they drive to deliver papers.
My favorite summer memories as a child were getting up with my dad before dawn and going fishing. Still like to do it...never cook them, always throw them back, but I guess, in retrospect, it was spending time with my Dad.