Saturday, June 28, 2014

Garage Sales

I don't much like them.  Never go to them.  Fight my way up and down crowded streets trying to get to where I am going. 
Guess who is having a garage sale????  Yes, the second one ever.  Dragging things from the attic, from the closets, from the basement.  Ginger's husband helping to price them.  A neighbor joining in the event.  Ahhh, yes, a garage sale. 
I have no idea of what things are worth.  To me, they are worth nothing, which is why I am getting rid of them.  There was an offer put in for the bookshelves.  Again, for me, I just wanted to be rid of them, but everyone at Matt's game said "nooooo, way too low".  So, I said a different price and never heard back.  Go with your gut, that's what I say.  Now I will probably have to pay to have them taken!
Alyssa had basketball camp this week.  I was able to transport.  Now, I am amazed that someone can go into a setting as large as this one was and just join in the group.  I have a very difficult time walking into a place that is new and assimilating myself, whether it be a work situation or a social situation.  Alyssa carried herself with such poise.  She confided to me that she knew no one and yet she stood up straight (something I have a hard time doing in the best of times), and seemed to have a great time learning techniques.
I am having a difficult time realizing that Tuesday is July1.  I know, as we get older, time goes quickly.  Katie will be leaving for Marymount next month, Matt has already had hockey stuff, road trip is rapidly approaching.  Iowa, here we come, squished into my little car, singing, poking, laughing, screaming out state names as we cross borders.  Crossing the mighty Mississippi and cheering wildly as we enter Iowa...only 60 more miles!!!!  And so looking forward to the farm.  A peaceful final (well, almost final) stop.  Nine days on the road.  Hmmm.  In that small car.  Hmmm. 
I wonder if leaving home is harder on the leaver or the left behinds.  As I recall, it was an adventure.  New horizons, new life.  I remember the first time I came home and realized that my mother looked older.  I wonder if I had anything to do with that? 
With Katie off to school, the separation has already begun for everyone.  I remember learning in social work that when someone leaves a unit, whether it be family or friends, a void is left and there is a scramble to regroup and assume new roles.  It's exciting to see one grow and mature, but hard too.  Matt is already taking over her bedroom and making plans on putting his own touch on it.  He also has agreed to take the mega bus to NYC to pick her up from breaks.  This give me an excuse to take long weekends and visit NYC.  And Katie gets to fulfill a dream that she has had for many years, to go to school in the Big Apple.  At her choral concert I bawled like a baby during the last number as the group said goodbye to the school.  Mary Rose leaned over and said "It's okay, we'll get you a megabus pass to go visit".  And she isn't even my kid!  Love Mary Rose!
Well, back to the darn garage sale.  If you have a need for giant wine glasses, or perhaps a bean bag chair.  How about a VCR that won't play DVD's, only tapes?  Make an offer.  This time I will go with my gut, baseball fans be damned.


Lori said...

OMG, I love garage sales. Just got back from my Saturday ruins. Recycle, that's my motto. And I hope everything sells, Mia. Wait until the last half hour and then put out a sign that says "free". That way you will get rid of everything. Good luck.

ginger said...

I know it's a lot of work but hopefully it will be worth your while.
Also it will give you a chance to work on your people skills. You meet all kinds. We had one guy who stayed and talked a leg off of us for two hours.
It's will be hard to see Katie go but you can also see Katie "grow"

Cathy said...

I guess garage sales serve a purpose. I've gone to some and I have purchased things. I've never had one, don't want to. Looks like a lot of work!
Kids leaving home can certainly be stressful. Kids coming back home can even be more stressful!

Tigger said...

I love when kids are involved in sports/dance/activities. And I agree with you, Mia. I hate walking into a new situation alone. Good for her!
Yes, this summer is passing quickly. Certainly a lot of bad weather all over the country, which makes it a wet, wet summer. I know we were supposed to have a cooler than usual summer, but it's been hot and wet here. Bad winter and now a rotten summer!

Cathy said...

Good luck with your garage sale, Mia.

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