Thursday, July 31, 2014

A Busy Week

Where did July go?  Who hid it?  Seems like yesterday was the fourth of July and tomorrow is August 1.  Is it true that the older you get the faster time flies, or is it just because I cannot remember what day it is anyway?  I have grave difficulty with my work schedule.  Some days I think I don't have to work and am reminded that my calendar shows me at work.  How can that be, I ask you? 

I gathered together things for the road trip.  Fellow knit witter, Amy, brought me two books to read.  Reading is one of my favorite escapes.  Wine would be the other.  Put them together and I am one happy camper. 

Found the Easy Pass.  Found the tickets for the Altoona Curves game.  Found that I had made a reservation for the wrong night in Altoona and went to change it.  The hotel is booked.  Two other ones were also.  So, it's going to be the Comfort Inn.  And I am a little worried.  First of all, WHY are three hotels booked on a Tuesday night, and second, the reservationist sounded ecstatic that I was booking a room.  Always a dangerous sign.  But they have a pool and a free breakfast, which always makes us happy.

I rented a van for the Iowa trip.  Wasn't going to.  But at the last (well, not the last) minute that we couldn't fit kids AND food in the car.  Matt refused to go in the trunk so we could have food, so it was decided by me to rent the van.  Katie was a little disappointed because she can't drive the rental, but I assured her that the second leg of the trip to the farm and east, we would come by and drive my car and she could drive that part of the trip. 

Knit Wits had lunch at Max's Allegheny Tavern on Tuesday.  Was a really good lunch.  I used to work on the North Side of Pittsburgh, and it was nice to be back on the old stomping grounds.  A few more drug dealers, a few more boarded homes, but all in all, it is the same.  Come to think of it, I have worked in some really unusual parts of the city. I truly love Pittsburgh, I love the energy, the neighborhoods and the different ethnicity of all of the people.

Pirates.  Oh, my, awful game yesterday.  When they play badly, they really do it right.  I watched in horror as Snider began to walk to third...WALK, and was tagged out.  Sanchez, who was on third, for some reason thought he could make it to home.  Nope.  He was also tagged out.  We lost the game, needless to say.  However, they are still OUR Pirates and we will continue to root for them. 

The track is becoming more and more crowded.  Cross country track team warming up by running a mile, peppy little cheerleaders practicing with their cute little pom poms.  I can deal with them.  I cannot deal with the runner who run four abreast and force everyone to run around them.  Because they surely don't run fast.  And not that I do, but they talk and as they do they weave back and forth, so when one tries to go to the left of the group, the one person wanders into that lane.  I guess I should go earlier.

My tattoo has healed quite nicely.  I'm not sure what the policy at work is about them, so I haven't worn a shirt or blouse yet that shows it, although I have showed it to people.  It didn't hurt much at all.  Katie went with me and offered to hold my hand, a very sweet gesture that I didn't need.  I was glad she went with me though. 

Later that day we went to a park by the river to learn to meditate with my friend, Linda.  A really super person.  I couldn't go last week and amazingly, I forgot this week.  I hope to go back after the road trip.  It was pretty amazing.

Well, I have to get ready for work.  I am working and I want to do some shopping before I begin.  So, off I go.  Look for posts from the road trip.  Cannot wait to see the Iowa clan!


Lori said...

I'm sure time isn't flying because we are aging. It's a conspiracy! We wait through a horrible winter for a beautiful spring (never came), for a nice summer (either rainy or stinking hot) and then we begin to think about fall! Kind of sad, but true for me.
Well, it sounds as though the road trip is ready to go. Have a safe trip and keep us posted.
Love the tattoo, by the way.

Cathy said...

I like wine and reading. Very restful. A glass of wine at night with a good book guarantees me a good nights sleep.
Have a wonderful road trip Mia, be safe and keep us posted.

AlliCat said...

I hear you. Summer, what little there was, is passing way too quickly.
Why can't Katie drive the van? Too big?
I saw on the sports channel the double out by stealing. I did have to laugh. Will they ever live that one down. But they are still doing okay, I think.
Love your tattoo! Are you getting more?

Ben said...

Pirates either do very well or they do nothing. Let's hope they can get it together.
I am a fan of Max's. Place gets jammed during a ballgame, but it is worth the wait.
Have fun on your trip and be safe. Anticipating blogs as you go.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the Meditation "plug" we are looking forward to seeing you after your road trip. i think you are pretty awesome too. I might start bringing Button to meditation class....

Bill said...

The road trip sounds ready to go! Pirates had an outstanding game last night. Exciting. I almost turned it off when Dbacks got the three runs.
Nice tattoo, Mia. Looks pretty good.
Well, have a safe trip and let us all know how it goes.

Anonymous said...

Hope you are having a great trip. I am e mailing this from CA. We just got back from Tahoe and it was short but very nice.

Haven't been able to see the Pirates here but saw the one at home with the walking double play.

Take care and will talk to you when we get home and you tool

ginger said...

Hope you are having a great trip. We are back in CA after a short 2 day visit to Tahoe. It was great.

Haven't seen the Pirates while we're here but did see the walking double play while we were still home.

Talk to you when we get back and you too.

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