Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year!

Some things I remember from 2008...good and bad:
Power outages in January from the high winds and being without power all day!
The Penguins playing great hockey.
Obama coming to Pittsburgh and Peg and Brody meeting him, sitting behind him on stage.
Randy Pausch and his remarkable spirit and will to live.
Obama winning the election and the elation of people in Grant Park.
The concession speech by McCain, a class speech.
The floods in Iowa and family members there.
Tina Fey and Sarah Palin...need I say more? Gotcha!
(I hear Bean does a good imitation of her)
On a more personal note:
Health issues resolved!
Sleepless night in O'Hara airport.
New kitten for Monkeyboy.
The collapse of the economy and all that goes with it.

I hope for the new year that everyone has their health and their loved ones nearby. Be safe and Happy New Year.

What are your memories of will you remember it?


Jessica said...

Love the Tina Fey/ Palin thing. I think that I will remember this year as one of turmoil. Big swing in happenings. On a personal level, it was a very good year for me and my family. On a global front, it's been awful. I hope the economy begins to stabilize and I hope we stop bailing out everyone. LIVE WITHIN YOUR MEANS PEOPLE. Have a wonderful New Year everyone, and Mia, we need more posts!

Cathy said...

We got a puppy this year. It exhausts me. Why do I listen when kids say they will take care of it? It is adorable, but crazy. Been through some health stuff here, son was diagnosed with asthma. Means keeping the house extra clean, which is certainly a problem. Thank goodness the dog doesn't shed or have dander. I agree with Jessica, Mia, you need to blog more often. I have no life, and I so look forward to your blog! With kids and the dog, we are just spending a quiet New Year's eve at home. I am going to join my husband now, and he brought home some wine to toast the new year. So, we will watch Dick Clark (did you know he is 79?) and watch the ball drop. Happy New Year, everyone, and Mia, keep up with the postings.

Jen said...

We had some pretty crazy weather here this year, lots of snow, lots of wind. My memory would be the house we bought, our first one. We are still trying to get settled and it seems like there will always be boxes around here, but slowly they are being unpacked. And our vacation. We went camping for two weeks. Can't say it was all a pleasant memory, our son got poisen ivy all over his body!

ginger said...

Well, I can't remember what I did a week ago so I sure can't think back to the beginning of 2008. All I know for sure is we have all been healthy and hope it stays that way for 2009.
Did have a wonderful visit with the family from CA in November and another visit from the guys in VA for Christmas so those were two big highlights of our year.
Happy New Year to all and smile and be happy!

Ben said...

That's nice, Ginger, family visits are great, especially when you don't see the family as much when they are away. All of my family is here, so I am very lucky. The holidays mean lots of family time and lots of food. Now I have to start running again to get the food off! The music is great, Mia, very appropriate. And I agree, we need more posts! I do enjoy reading them and it seems like we have become a "family" of sorts. Happy New Year everyone, and Ginger, I always enjoy reading your comments. Where is Kitty? I don't mean your cat, Ava, Mia, although that is a great picture.

Anonymous said...

Nice picture of the cat, Mia. Happy New Year eveyone, and I hope it is a healthy and good one for everyone.

bean said...
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