Friday, July 30, 2010

It's Over, It Really Is

Can I just is over for Monkeyboy. No, really it is. It was supposed to be over last night. But, alas, it wasn't.
First of all, it has been hotter than hell any summer that I remember. I mean, come on. It's been 90 degrees for a zillion days. And the humidity has been as high as it can be without raining. Let me just say...J's hair can't take it. It's long, naturally curly and very thick. Enough said.
And S. smiles, and says she feels sorry for us in the butterfly room...which, did I mention...was 94 degrees with humidity of 3,000 degrees.
The butterflies don't even like it. I won't go into that, though.
OK, so it was hot. Stinking hot. And last night was the final game. thank goodness, I am SICK of it We all assembled our chairs, watched with anticipation as the sky grew darker. Of all nights, they were calling for horrible storms. Not to worry, they weren't to happen until after 10:00. liars, all weathermen are liars
First inning. Not good. They got lots of walks and a run. We got nothing. Sky getting darker.
Trip to the concession stand for Bean and I. Female appearing to be on drugs takes our order. She keeps repeating it as she adds it up in her head. I, who have not had dinner, have a large order...mistake!!!!
Bean and I make our way back to the row of chairs. Uh, oh, switching pitchers. Monkeyboy is called to the mound. Texting (hard to do with two dogs, coke, nachos, slushy) to let Bird know. No response from him.
Hot dogs were cold (long walk). Ketchup everywhere. Monkeyboy doing his thing...very well, if I do say so. Bird pulls up on Harley. Sky darkens even more. Ready to start third inning....what is that? Lightening? OH NO. Score...4-0 other team.
No one wants the second dog...I don't blame them. I know, children in the world are starving. Into the garbage.
Apparently, one lightening strike delays game for 20 minutes. Whoops, here comes the second strike. Are those bats flying around? I do believe they are.
Rain starts. Not just rain, but wind. Bird checks the weather on his trusty cell phone. Looks like we are on the edge. No......wait, THEY ARE CALLING THE GAME.
OMG, what is a tornado size wind little wind and a monsoon a little rain? Come on, toughen up. People racing to cars...Bird to motorcycle. Hmmm.
People pray for him, wish him luck, tell Mippy to check insurance and we are on our way. We follow Bird while he fishtails his way home. He makes it...whew.
Fast forward. Game tonight...well, now it is last night. Game to be at 7:00. We arrive at 6:30. Kids warm up. No umpire. It's windy. Cold front has passed through. 7:30. No umpire. Mippy wants hot chocalate. I want a blanket. Kids, now running about, rolling on the field. Parents getting grumpy. 7:45, no umpire. Coach trying to contain kids. Not working.
8:00. No umpire. They decide to let someone ump.......but wait, sun is blinding batter. Have to wait till it drops behind trees. I use the covers for the chair over my arms to keep warm. Some selfish lady has a corduroy jacket AND a blanket.......DO YOU THINK SHE COULD SHARE........NOOOOOO.
Some kind man offers me a blanket from a senior citizens home. I grab it, thanking him profusely. FINALLY, the game begins. Monkeyboy on the mound. Holds the other team. Our boys are pumped. We are shivering.
We win...bottom line....we win. By a lot. Our guys did great.
I just want to go home. Take pictures, get trophies, get in the car. Monkeyboy and dad are in a different car and are stopping at MickeyD's.
MR, Bean, Mippy and I decide to get donuts. Krispy Kreme's sound good. We race towards the highway. OMG, they are closed! It is only 9:30 and they are closed!!!! Not to worry...let's try Dunkin Donuts. WHAT THE HECK??? They are closed. OK, we will stop at Giant Eagle. Wait, they have no donuts????? MR suggests cupcakes. No, I want donuts. Onto the next Giant Eagle. Surely they will have them. They do. Whoooohooo. We grab them all and head for the car. I grab one........AND IT IS STALE!!!! I throw it out the window and Mippy tells me I am a poor example for small children. MR is 15, Bean is 14. Bean said that Bird threw a hamburger out the window once. Mippy is still appalled. Who cares? Not I.
Did I mention that Monkeyboy's team came in first. What a night. I have to go to bed now. Phipps should be cooler tomorrow, J's hair should be good. It's a good night.


Jen said...

Thanks for starting my day off with a laugh, Mia. Great post and congratulations to the team. I have the opposite problem, my hair goes flat in the heat. Guess we are never happy!

Lori said...

That is hysterical! It really is. I love these descriptions of the games and I am sad that the season is over. And I can identify with J. My hair is awful to contain in the hot and humid weather.

Elizabeth said...

Love the story about the donuts. Just think, you fed some hungry critter. But the story reminds me of when something sounds really good and I don't stop until I get it. Sorry they were stale!

Cathy said...

No more ballgames??? Oh, no. What comes next? Great post, Mia, made my day!

Tim said...

I was in the outfield cheering.

Shelly said...

Aww, and Mia didn't get a picture of you? I can totally relate to the donut story Mia. Do stores not realize that we have cravings that are around the clock? And the baseball story is great.

Twigs said...

The weather here has been very hot also, Mia. And it is a bit cooler today. Wasn't there another ballgame where everyone was frozen?

Allie(cat) said...

Love Krispy Kremes. We fight over which is better, Dunkin Donuts or Krispy Kremes. I could probably eat a dozen of them. MMMMM, see now it is 9:00 and they are probably closed, but darn, they sound so good.
Way to go Monkeyboy! And congrats to the whole team.
J. with the hair...just pull it back and put it in a ponytail. So what if it sticks straight least you will be cool!

Ben said...

That should not have happened Mia. They should have been able to call up an umpire. Glad it worked out for Monkeyboy, and the post was very funny.

Tigger said...

It has been cooler here also, Mia. Funny how one gets aclimated to the temperature and a change really becomes noticible. Love the story about the donuts. Actually, that sounds pretty good right now!

JD said...

Don't worry Mia, football will be starting soon. And doesn't Bean play something? It's still hot here. Great post.

Bill said...

Tim seems to have this cheering thing down pat. Football, hockey, baseball, truly a man with multiple talents. Glad to see you follow little league and that it worked with Monkeyboy's team. Good job to both the team and Tim. Good play by play description, Mia.

SassySam said...

Krispy Kreme's are the best! We have them every Saturday for breakfast, our junk treat of the weekendd. Never tried to get them at night, we always make the donut run in the morning so they are nice and fresh. Funny post.

SocialWorker2 said...

Sounds like a great night at the ballpark. The games do help support that feeling of teamwork. I think it's a really good thing for kids to participate in sports or some activity that helps them learn about working together. And it certainly is fun when they win!

Mark said...

There is still all that major league baseball going on, although I don't suppose truly that major league can compete with little league. There is something about kids learning and the absolute joy of winning that cannot be beat.

Wicked Kitty said...

Even Chelsea pulled her hair back yesterday - always a very chic look whether with a Vera Wang Wedding Dress or a cut off T-Shirt in this heat!

Anonymous said...

Perhaps I am stupid, but what does Chelsea have to do with baseball or donuts?

Jessica said...

I like donuts, baseball, and Tim. Does that count? Not so sure about Chelsea.

Angela said...

Donuts sound good about now. Late They seem to go together. Maybe Chelsea plays baseball. She probably doesn't play baseball, and I like Mia's stories about baseball.

ginger said...

Great rundown of the game, Mia.
sorry I missed that one or maybe I'm not.

I know I'm sorry I missed the donuts even thought they were stale.

Can't wait for the next adventures of Monkeyboy and the gang!

Jen said...

Does anyone know where Mia is? Is she okay?