Friday, July 16, 2010


Getting up and going to the track for forty minutes listening to my ipod.

Watching Monkeyboy being called in as relief pitcher and getting the team out of trouble.

Balancing my drawer at Phipps.

Sharing a meal with friends.

Or just eating!

Watching Bean in Footloose and Dance and fun.

Sitting at a baseball game with nachos.

Watching my cat race through the house, playing with a paper bag or just sleeping at the foot of the bed.

Getting ready for the road trip.

A bottle glass of wine at the end of the day.

Reading my book in the garden on a summer afternoon.

Watching a good movie (Invictus, Chase, Juno, The Blind Side, The Wrestler).

Sunday dinner.

Seeing the older couple at Phipps that speak softly to each other in polish and are so devoted to each other, she taking care of him after he suffered a stroke. They come nearly every day and sit in the gardens and talk.

What are some things that make you feel happy?


Lori said...

Things that make me happy are watching my kids play, sleeping in, Sundays with family, a good dinner that someone else cooks, reading a good book and good health for my family.

SassySam said...

Well, shopping of course! My family, my friends, helping out the elderly family next door, movie night with the family, and a quiet day all to myself.

SassySam said...

OH, yeah, the wine sounds good, too.

Ben said...

A good run always makes me happy. Watching the Steelers and Pens, a steak on the grill with a baked potato and corn on te grill with a bottle of beer on a summer night, finishing a remodeling job and having the people happy with it, family and friends getting together.

Another Original by Tamara said...

*Ben's grilled dinner.
*Getting butterflies to light on my fingertip and talking to them.
*Doing an art project with an ill child and then learning from the nurse that they did not have to push their pain medication pump once. Almost reduced me to tears I was so darn happy.
*Plein aire painting on a gorgeous summer day and clearing my mind.
* Watching my zucchini grow.
*A new post by Mia!

Cathy said...

My comment did not post. It makes me happy to have my health after a struggle. It makes me happy to see my children play together. Your blog, you pictures, your music makes me happy. Thanks, Mia.

Mark said...

What beautiful picture! Happy means the bad times making the good times seem so precious. Your comment about the older couple makes me think about my mom and dad, and how precious our time is. Appreciate the good times. Appreciate the dance, the ballgames, the cat, the grilling of food, family and friends. Thanks for making us grateful, mia.

SocialWorker2 said...

It's always nice to look at the good things as opposed to focusing on the negatives. An amazing sunset here last night, sitting outside at night talking with neighbors, watching the kids play (until they start fighting and hitting one another), sitting in the yard in the early morning with a cup of coffee. I agree, Tamara, finding that Mia has a new post.

Jen said...

Cats can be so much fun! Good for you for still doing the track. I saw Invictus, what a wonderful movie! Saw the Blind Side also, thought that one was a bit over-rated, but it was okay. That is so sweet about the older couple and Phipps.

Jessica said...

Invictus was great, but then I like Matt Damon and Morgan Freeman, so I think anything they do has to be good. I agree, Jen, I wasn't crazy about Blind Side. It was a feel good movie and I like Bullock, but the movie didn't thrill me.

Bill said...

I think the thing that makes me happiest is my family. When we do things together, whether it be church, the park or just sitting at home playing a game.

Twigs said...

I like a good movie that makes me happy, and that would be a movie that makes me cry. Make sense? It would make me happy if this darn heat wave would subside also.

Tigger said...

This summer has been unbelievable. I guess I am happy I have air conditioning and I feel for those who don't. Love to watch movies, eat popcorn and drink soda. My idea of a perfect Friday night.

Allie (cat) said...

Things that make me happy:
Jumping into the pool on a hot day
Eating watermelon on a hot day
Sitting in air conditioning on a hot day
Eating in air conditioning on a hot day

It's hot here, can you tell

Angela said...

Sitting around on a Sunday after church, reading the paper and having a cup of coffee.

Nate said...

Rain, Rain....where are you? First an awful winter, cold, this heat! I am going to join whoever that is running through the sprinklers. A nice, all day rain would make me very happy.

Tim said...

I can't do a thing with my hair in this weather.

Shelly said...

Seeing Mia's pictures. And reading her posts. Oh, yes, and the wine.

Anonymous said...

Not having to cut the grass because it just isn't growing! Nice pictures and music.

Ellizabeth said...

Watching kids play, doing simple things that make them laugh, make them curious...just kids. They are delightful. I especially love the picture of Bean running through the sprinklers, such a show of freedom and fun.

ginger said...

All of the above! Can't beat watching the Steelers and Penquins.

Watching kids having a good time and remembering when we were kids.

A sunset, rain, and even snow can be beautiful.

Thanks, Mia for the post. It made us all stop and think of the good things.