Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Stressful couple of weeks for me....two people very close to me had surgery...and of course Ava, the cat!
It appears that all are doing well, but it makes me appreciate health that much more. One never knows when problems are going to hit us, and when we climb back, it is a good thing.
OK, I am sick of leaves falling. Are you one to try to keep up with raking leaves, or are you one to leave piles of leaves until they ALL come down. Personally, I would like to leave them until they all come down, then have everyone come and help gather them up.
Did I tell you that I am trying to get rid of old paint cans? Well, I am. I must have twenty of them in my basement. I am told that if you put kitty litter in them, they will be taken. Do you know how heavy a gallon of paint is with kitty litter in it? Well, let me tell you, it is heavy!
Anyway, there are eight less paint cans. Working through them.
I have cold sores. It what comes with stress. Fortunately, they are already disappearing.
Bean has a part in the Christmas Carol. Not sure what it is. But I think she is pleased. And Monkeyboy is playing in line hockey, whatever that is.
Phipps is decorating for the holidays and their winter show and let me just say is amazing. Beautiful. If you are in Pittsburgh or visiting you have to see it.
The Steelers got rid of Jeff Reed. He has been on the line for some time, I think. He did well here and I appreciate it, but there have been problems in the past year or so, and I don't think it is just football related.
The Steelers looked bad on Sunday and the Patriots looked awesome. They could do no wrong. Hopefully, we will make a come back. Ben looked good for a minute, but neither the defense or the offense had it together Sunday. Sad, but true.
That's it for now....have a good week!


Elizabeth said...

Wow, a garage sale AND getting rid of paint cans! Good for you! We have a bunch of almost empty paint cans, I wonder if our trash would take them if we did that!
Glad to hear everyone is on the mend. Surgeries and illness is always stressful.

Lori said...

Why can't we just burn the darn leaves...I know, pollution. And we would have to rake them anyway. The first raking is fun, come November and the cold rain, it isn't fun anymore! Hope your friends recuperate in time for Thanksgiving. Not in Pittsburgh, but if I were, I would come to Phipps.

Mark said...

My father just had heart surgery...not fun. I agree, when someone close has surgery it does make one grateful for health.
We have to take paint cans to a site to dispose of them. If you leave the lid off and put them in a safe place, they will eventually dry up without the kitty litter. Just stir them occasionally.
Good for Bean, and Monkeyboy. I believe that in line hockey is just hockey on skates, just not on ice, but on wood.
I am looking forward to Thanksgiving and all that food!

Ben said...

Well, Jeff Reed needs to move on, he has not been with it for this year at all. And the game was awful! But there is always next week. One good thing about living in the city...not a lot of trees in my yard, tiny as it may be. So, no, I don't have to rake leaves. I mow them up, the few that there are. They all should be gone soon, Mia, hang in there!

Cathy said...

We rake the leaves into big piles,then jump into them. Always afraid of what might be in there, but it is always the way to get kids involved. And whatever works!

Jen said...

I don't know if it is this time of the year or if we just are more aware of it, but I also know several people who are ill or who are having surgery. Peaceful thoughts to all who are not feeling up to par.
Now about the leaves...I am just going to let them go and hopefully they will all magically disappear when spring arrives!

Tigger said...

When you live in the city there are few leaves, a price we pay. Winter is getting ready to visit us and it won't be long until we won't even be able to see those leaves. Jen is right, however, I am not sure they will disappear totally, Jen.
Bean is certainly getting into a lot of plays, she must have quite a bit of talent. And Monkeyboy, have fun with the hockey.

Angela said...

The thing about November is that there is little sun. It's that transition month...from autumn to winter. So, it's not the prettiest month of the year. I hate to say it, but at least in the winter months we sometimes get a pretty snowfall...I know, bite my tongue.
Tim, we need you to cheer for those steelers. They need some help!

Bill said...

I just heard that Troy may be out this week. That certainly won't be good news for the team.
I am done raking leaves. I don't care how many more fall, I am done. It's cold, it's wet and it's no fun. OK, I am done complaining.

JD said...

Don't know much about football, don't know much about raking leaves (live in an condo)and I am already sick of Christmas music. What is with the radio stations? Is that Dickens Christmas Carol that Bean has a part in? We always watched that when I was a kid. It was a good movie.

Shelly said...

I think I am done raking our leaves. Sorry about all the stress, Mia. Surgery is never a good thing. Hopefully, everyone continues to recover. Good luck to the steelers and I hope the do better this week.

ginger said...

Skipper is done raking leaves also,it just took 4 weeks to get them all up. There are a few left but not enought to sweat about it.

I loved the original Christmas Story but not always into the remakes. I know Bean will do a great job, she always does.

Family coming in from CA this Saturday so looking forward to seeing those grandsons again.

Hope all is well at your house, Mia. Happy Thanks giving to all!

Jessica said...

How nice to have family with you now,Ginger. Enjoy the family. Sometimes we take family for granted when they live nearby. Happy Thanksgiving everyone. Let's think about what we have to be thankful for and enjoy that.

SocialWorker2 said...

A good thought, Jessica and thankful. I am always thinking when things get rough, that there is always someone who has it much worse. Go Steelers, and I only say that because we all love Tim and hope he can do it.

Tim said...

I will do my best... don't turn against me...I heard that Troy is going to play. I am in conference with him now.

Jackie said...

What beautiful pictures! What is that? I think the leaves are all down here, also. I hope so. I don't follow football, so I'm not sure I can comment on Jeff Reed or how the steelers looked. I do know about paint cans. Taking the lid off works well for drying, you just have to give it a stir every so often and keep it in a place that is away from pets and children.

Noelle said...

I love those pictures. I love Christmas, and our stations here don't play Christmas music until after Thanksgiving, which is fine with me. There are only so many ways to sing the First Noel!

Allei (Cat) said...

OK, if you are all done with raking leaves, can you please come and help me? I am one to leave them all until they are done, and now they are done. So, that is how I will spend my Sunday,raking all those leaves! Have a nice day and hope to see you in my yard with your rakes!