Monday, February 20, 2012

Sunday Night, or Monday Morning

Poker kills me. I finished 40/985 or something like that. When I finish, I log off quickly so as to not see comments about my stupid play. Thought I could bluff, but that person with high pairs called me. They have their nerve.
What a wonderful weekend! Work yesterday for a short time, but then dinner at Natilli's. Apricot glazed chicken...mmmm.
Hockey this morning and Monkeyboy's team moves on in tournament. A good game. Then some relaxing time trying to figure out how to put movies on a disc. Dinner tonight was fabulous. We had such fun, and I think I was the brightest, although Sprout answered some of the questions before I did. Just because she and Monkeyboy learned the answers in science this wekk....geesh.
I love Sundays. It is a time to wake up when I feel like it, read the paper, have breakfast whenever I feel like it. It's just kicking back and taking time to relax.
I am going to the shelter tomorrow. Cannot wait, they got lots of dogs in there that I can visit with and have some paytime. I listen to Jackie and how she trains her Madigan, and I listen to Sandy and how she enjoys pics of Bella. I love dog owners. Well, most of them. Jackie should train dogs. She has a lot of patience and common sense. And Sandy should take the dogs, just cause she loves them.
My friend, Michele, came to visit us at Phipps. She is headed for Vegas. I was going to give her money to play for me, but given my luck at poker, I decide against it.
Bean is in rehersal for Aida, and soon will start with Jesus Christ, Superstar. It's going to be a busy time for her.
I sold calendars this year which had pictures of the city. I am trying to take more, with the collaborations of Mark. Mark is a tough critic, but it is helpful to have his input. Hopefully, I will double my sales this year.
I cannot believe the time. This is what happens when Mippy and Bird cook an excellent dinner that makes me fall asleep as soon as I sit down to watch TV. Then I have to wake up and it is morning at 9:30 PM.


Jessica said...

Those cat naps after dinner will kill you! I think you should get a dog. It sounds like you love them and would give them a good home. Yes, Sundays can be very relaxing. If you don't have kids to drive everywhere for soccer, basketball, birthday parties! Shouldn't complain though, they are growing much too quickly.

ginger said...

Yes, Sundays are good but also enjoy Saturdays. Lazy days and then go out to dinner and enjoy the rest of the evening with friends.

Yes, enjoy those kids, they are gone too soon. We get to visit our daughter and grandkids in CA for Easter, looking forward to that.

Enjoying this weather! We should have winters like this all the time.

Twigs said...

I agree, Ginger. I think we have had more snow here than you have, but all in all, not a bad winter.
Bean must be very talented to be in all of these shows. Always nice to see talent in young kids.
We go to Atlantic City sometimes to gamble. It's fun, but not as much fun as it used to be. Money can be put to better use for us now. I have played some free games on line, and that is fun.
Good for Monkeyboy and his team. Good luck in the playoffs!

Shelly said...

Does Jackie train other dogs? It's hard to find a good trainer, and although we took ours to a class, I would just like to have someone work with us one on one. Not that I live in Pittsburgh, but it's hard to find someone here. I am glad you are working at the shelter, we need to find homes for strays and not worry so much about purebreds.
I like Sundays, too. Ever since I was a kid, we all get together as family on Sunday and eat a big dinner together. We all bring something and take turns with the main dish, salad, etc. And yes, we come home ready to collapse from food and laughter, but what a great way to end the day.

SocialWorker2 said...

Love that picture of Justice. What a beautiful dog. Dogs can be such a stress release. They are used here to be taken to the nursing homes so the people there can have some companionship. They had a short story on the news about it and the look on the faces of the residents said it all. My friend was having some medical problems, and she said that her dog was the only living thing that would bring her comfort when she felt down in the dumps, totally accepting, not talking with platitudes, just being there. I think we undervalue these animals, and I'm glad to see you volunteering at the shelter.

Jackie said...

I know about dogs and nursing homes, but I have a cat, and I think they are as good and less trouble! True, they are more independant, but that's part of their charm. We had a dog up until about a year ago, and I am thinking of getting another one. I just love animals...well, most of them!

Ben said...

Love dogs, here. Can't live without them. I am thinking of a second one from the shelter, Mia, and Justice looks like a good one. Maybe I'll take a ride out and see about him/her.

Noelle said...

I just saw that you are back again, Mia. So glad to see you're posting again.
I grew up with dogs, and loved them then and love them now. We lived on a farm and had a number of them, at least two at a time. And cats, of course.
Sad to say, we could have used a Jackie. Our dogs were not very well trained, but we still loved them.

Bill said...

Don't know if it is the mild winter or just a sick one for us, but one of us has been sick since the holidays. Our son is home with an intestinal bug after getting over the worse cold ever, which we all had. Cannot wait until we all feel well again. I think the house needs fumigated!
Nice picture of Justice. Pretty dog.

Jen said...

I am curious, who adopts these dogs, and do they check out these people? They are beautiful dogs. And Bella looks like such a cutie. How did they decide on a Great Dane? And is it true that white dogs have a gene that affects their eyesight in later life? She is a beautiful dog. Keep those pictures coming!
Bean is getting great experience in acting and dancing, is she not? And such fun to hear about Sunday dinners. Keep up the posts, Mia, they are great.

ginger said...

Wow, I just found your blog. Didn't know you were back. Have followed you a bit on Facebook but I think I like this better. Looking forward to more.