Sunday, February 26, 2012

Beautiful, Sunny Sunday

Woke up this morning to sunshine and I love it!
I again decided to take Justice for a walk. There are a lot of new dogs at the shelter, and most of them have blue collars. Blue collars mean that they have either just come to the shelter and are being evaluated, or that they require a more experienced handler to walk them, perhaps because they are agressive or have special medical problems. Green are the most gentle to walk and yellow are the middle level. Justice has a yellow collar.
When I go into the cage to put him on the leash, he wags his butt, sits and waits patiently. I am pretty sure he is saying to himself "I'll fool her". So, I feel fairly confident and I open the door to the cage and it begins. Snarling, growling, baring his teeth to every dog we pass. We get outside and Justice again becomes a docile, sweet boy. We pass other dogs, he wags his tail in greeting and we move on down the path. We get to the pen and he catches ball, releases them after some coaxing and greets another dog in the pen next to ours. After a half hour of tossing the ball, the frisbee and other assorted toys, I am exhausted, and Justice looks a tiny bit tired. Again..."I'll fool her". I put the leash on and open the gate to the pen. We begin our sojourn back to the kennel and it begins. He grabs his leash and begins playing "tug of war". Justice weighs 93 pounds. I weigh 121. It is not an easy task and Justice thinks it is great fun to try to pull me back to the pen. By the way, we are not allowed to pull the dogs. Nothing is said about the dogs pulling us. I want to laugh, because he really seems intent on this mission. And he keeps moving his mouth closer to the end of the leash. He isn't being mean, it is a game to him. BUT I WON! Back in his cage, he goes to lie on his cot and promptly falls asleep. He is the neatest dog, and I have fun walking him, even though he is a puller at times.
Monkeyboy had his hockey playoff this Sunday. What a game it was. Hard fought right to the end. They lost 2-1. It is the best of three and next Saturday is the next game. These kids play their hearts out. No shame for either team, they both played really well, and congrats to the winners.
Bean has rehersals, rehersals, rehersals. Lots of manuvering of schedules and ride sharing for Mippy and the others, but it is Bean's passion and she really loves doing it. For those in Pittsburgh, go to see Aida and Jesus Christ, Superstar. They promise to be really good.
Snow here yesterday, and some really bad accidents here in western PA. Not too bad here in Pittsburgh, but north got it really badly. Not so much the snow, but the wind and the blowing snow made visibility really poor.
Phipps has its orchid and bonsai show, and it really is a beautiful show. The garden railroad comes down next week, which makes many people very sad. But the spring show should be pretty spectacular.
Taxes on Tuesday...yuk! Meeting with Abby, the dietician who will help me figure out what I can and cannot eat. And I think it is time I start thinking about cleaning the house from the attic down to the basement. Does anyone actually call it spring cleaning anymore? I think I have to, I just throw things about this time of the year...either to the attic or the basement.
Hope it is sunny in your world and that you have a wonderful day.


Jen said...

Great story about the dog. Try using treats to get him to let go of the leash.
I keep putting off even gathering information about taxes. It depresses me. We have to pay our debts to the government so they can spend more? And don't even get me started on what the candidates are paying for this election.
Why do you have to be on a special diet?
We got snow, and these late winter snows are awful, because they usually start out as rain, then the roads freeze and then there is the snow. Everyone forgets that there is ice under that snow. Fortunately, the snow doesn't last too teribly long.

Elizabeth said...

This makes me want to get a dog, but I have to be away lot and I don't know who would care for it. Cute dogs.
We have some theater here, but it sounds like you have much more there. I love to go and go every chance I have. I saw Jesus Christ Superstar and I have the music from it on cd. I love listening ot it.

Lori said...

Awww, that pup must have a lot of energy! He needs a house with a big, big, big fenced in yard and kids to run around with him.
This winter has been crazy. Hard to believe that it is the end of February already, and it seems like we have had very little snow. Makes me wonder what the summer will be like..and the spring. Our bulbs are already popping up in the gardens.
We did our taxes and are getting a nice refund. We have to change our deductions every year, and we never get it right, although it is nice to get a refund as opposed to paying, which we had to do last year. I know all politicians say they will change the tax code, but they won't.
Spring cleaning? Yes, I still do it. Not like my mom does/did. She used to wash down walls and everything. I don't go that far, but I do put winter things away, do the curtains, change bed linens from winter to spring. And yes, come January, all the Christmas stuff gets thrown in the storage area, old toys get put away to be sorted for Good Will. The problem is that when we get them out to go through them, they create an immense amount of interest because the kids haven't seen them in months.

Cathy said...

Yes, we all pitch in here and do "spring cleaning". It entails changing clothes from one season to another, going through things that haven't been used (clothing and toys) and donating them to our church, cleaning windows, linens changing, all that stuff. Then we begin messing it up again about a week later.
We had snow here this weekend, and boy, that picture of the kids at the beach looks so inviting. That is really a great picture.
It would be funny to see a picture of you and Justice. That is one big dog!!

Shelly said...

This weather is crazzzzy. 50 one day and 21 the next! Snow on the weekends and beautiful during the week. I need to change my work schedule! Keep posting the pictures of the dogs..I love them. That Bella is sure a cutie. And I agree with Cathy, love the pic of the kids at the beach.

Tim said...

Spring cleaning here means getting the cheerleading gear out for the pirates and putting away the steelers and debating about the pens. Decisions, decisions, decisions. Have the made a decision about Hines Ward yet? I haven't heard anything lately.

Twigs said...

Yes, Mia, we call it spring cleaning, we just don't do it!
And I will not say one bad word about this weather, I have loved this winter. Bring all winters on this way. So many sports to get through before football, Tim. You better be practicing.

Jacana said...

Enjoyed the story about Justice - thanks for the moments of light relief

AllieCat said...

I loved the muscial Jesus Christ Superstar. Have seen it several times, and it always makes me feel good. It's nice that she has a part. Aida is good, too.
I never had any luck with orchids. Tried not to overwater them, then the leaves would curl. Have no idea of what I was doing wrong.

Ben said...

Mia, I went to see Justice over the weekend and he had been adopted. I was ready to bring him home. He was just adopted, I think they said, on Saturday by an older couple that was retired. I looked around for another dog, but I think I'll wait for awhile.

Tigger said...

Wow, Ben, that is neat. I hope someone is a good parent for Justice. He did sound like a fun dog.
I don't know about spring cleaning. I just know I would like to get organized. When taxes come about, I always have to scurry around trying to find things to fill out the darn things and every year I say I will be better organized. According to my shoebox full of receipts it looks as though I was organized until the end of May.

JD said...

I hate taxes. I even hate thinking about them. I am going to look at the picture of the beach for awhile.

Debra Brown said...

You have the cutest dog ever :)