Monday, March 5, 2012

Okay, A Day Late.....

A friend of mine from high school and I recently connected again after years apart. So, for Marse, I am Mia. And those times in high school were good and bad, but it's very nice to re-connect. Marse is a talented artist and I love looking at her work. I always admire talent, especially when I have none in drawing or painting at all! I don't remember Marse having this talent in school, but that could be because I have lost much of my memory!!!! Are we encouraged as children to pursue some passion we have...or are we told other things are more important? With all of the cuts in education, do we rob children of the ability to explore their passion in music or art? Is education just about reading, writing and arithmetic? There are those that say it should be...drop art, drop music, drop shop, cooking, sewing. I know, I am showing my age by using those terms. I was listening to the girls when I picked them up from rehersal last week talk about a class that I would have called cooking, and I don't even remember what they called it. Does anyone sew anymore? Does anyone make their own clothes? How about cooking? Mippy cooks Sunday dinner for everyone. I love it. Not just for the food, but for the laughter and sharing that occurs at the table. Arguments, stories, jokes, and yes, even some food fights. But it's about everyone in the kitchen, tripping over the dog, filling the water glasses, keeping the food safe from the animals. It's about clearing the table, washing dishes, Bean whipping that towel around her head which brings me to gales of laughter. It's about Sprout and Monkeyboy tearing around the living room or playing quietly...finally getting past the stage of arguing all the time.

Last winter was bad because of all the snow. This winter is bad because of all the bugs going around. It seems everyday someone has a sinus infection, the flu, a cold or intestinal bug. Enough already. I think we have run the gamet. Monkeyboy had a flu over the weekend and had to miss tournament hockey. We are all keeping fingers crossed that Bean doesn't get it for her performance this weekend. Sprout seems to have been the healthiest of the crew.

I was working yesterday. I love, love, love to see these little ones at Phipps. It is such a joy to see them excited to come and see the trains and flowers. The trains are coming down today, but will return next fall. Butterflies will begin in April and the Spring Show is two weeks away. Came home last night in a mini-blizzard. A white out if you will. I was glad to get home safely. My heart goes out to all who suffered from the horrible weather in the south and mid west. How terribly devistating to lose all that you have, your house, your belongings and most of all, those that you love.

Haven't been to the shelter yet this week, but I plan to go tomorrow, so I'll try to get some more pictures. Ben, I understand that Justice is in a good home. Keep looking on line, and you will find another wonderful dog to keep company with yours.

That's it for now! Have a wonderful week and see you next weekend!


Bill said...

We have always encouraged our kids to follow their heart. They are young, and I think that it's important that they develop any and all talent/interests that they want to pursue. Now is the time to do it!
It is a shame that schools want to drop programs that enrich kids in all areas. And don't tell me that this is because of money, it is a matter of where you spend the money. And I won't say anymore about that!
Our kids have been sick all winter and it just keeps coming back. My wife is talking about fumigating the house. It is supposed to get warmer this week, so I am encouraging her to just open up the windows for a couple of hours.

AllieCat said...

I can't believe all of the damage from the storms. They are certainly in our prayers. Our church is collecting things to send to the Red Cross to help, and I'm not sure what else they need at this time.
How wonderful that Justice was adopted, and really nice that Ben was going to do it. Keep looking for that friend for your pup, Ben.
Schools need to provide a well-rounded education. Quit putting so much money into sports like football and put some money in the arts. I know football and sports are important, but parents have to pay for other sports, make them pay for all sports.

Angela said...

We had our class reunion recently and it was fun to see the old gang. What happens to us that we lose that contact? And probably will again. Although we vowed to have this every five years.
I hear you, Mia. Such an emphasis is put on going to college and preparing for that. Not everyone is geared for college. There are so many opportunities for kids now but very little training. I am not saying that we don't need the basic education, but there has to be training programs for carpenters, electricians, plumbers. And there will always be a need for them.
Ben, it is so cool that you went to see Justice. Let us know when you get another dog!

Elizabeth said...

We made a breadboard when I was in school. Gave it to my mom for Christmas and she still has it. I liked the courses that taught us how to make things. It was a new experience in many cases.
Yes, I still sew, but mainly easy things, not clothes. I sewed some curtains for my bedroom, things like that. The sewing machine is older than I am, it was my mothers.

Mark said...

Always good to hook up with old friends. Our first class reunion was more about what we had done since high school. Now it's more about trying to figure out who someone is. Thank goodness for name tags.
Family dinners are the best. We don't do it often, but when we do, we have such fun. It is part of the reason I like "Blue Bloods". The scene with them at the table just reminds me of how we look when we get together, although our discussions sometimes get a bit more heated.

Jessica said...

I love the things the kids make in school. They are not old enough for some of those classes, Mia, but they do still have art and music. And yes, they should have those, it is about having a child who can explore things and decide whether or not to pursue them.
Blue Bloods is one of my favorite shows. We watch it every week.
The weather here is warming up and I am anxiously awaiting spring. We have had a number of illnesses here also,Mia.

SocialWorker2 said...

All kids need more than the basics, but they also need the basics. I get frustrated when I seen kids pushed through school because the teachers feel "sorry" for them because they are the oldest in the class. I see kids who have graduated and can't read above a third grade level. They are ill prepared to come to the world and be self supporting. There are more ways to teach children than handing out assignments and giving tests. I don't know when we are going to look at our educational system and figure out how to help each child, not just the superstars.

ginger said...

I really never learned to sew even though my mother sewed quite well.

The kids did sew in school and my son even had to take a class too. We teased him that he had to make a peasant blouse like his sister. He ended up making a light weight jacket for his Dad, zipper and all.
He sure put Mom to shame.

I'm still looking for my hidden talent.

Tigger said...

the school system here is a mess. And I wouldn't have a clue how to fix it. It seems so sad for the kids.
Everyone here is sick also. I think that since it was such a mild winter, the germs just took over and infected everyone.
How neat that Ben wanted to adopt Justice! And what a great looking dog.

Twigs said...

How wonderful to have the kind of talent that Marse has. I agree, kids should be encouraged to explore all kinds of things.
It feels like spring here and it is even going to be warmenr tomorrow. I love it! Maybe now we can put all the flus/viruses behind us.
Do you still have your cat, Mia? Haven't heard any cat stories or seen any pictures lately.

Tim said...

I hear they signed McCutchin for $51 million. Guess I have my job cut out for me. Is anyone really worth that much money?

Ben said...

They did, Tim. He didn't finish so well, but he is a good player. It's nice to see the Pirates finally invest some money in the team. Now let's see what they do with the rest of the team. The season is just around the corner and I cannot wait!