Friday, March 16, 2012


I know, I am late with this post, but it's been an interesting/exhausting week.

Aida was wonderful. I am constantly amazed at these talented teens an professionals. To Daela, Delaney, Bean and the cast, you were wonderful. And, Daela, I want your shoes.

Bean was ill...that darn flu...for the last performance. They had to drag someone else off the stage when she was stabbed. And immediately after that, Monkeyboy got the flu...FOR THE THIRD TIME!!!! Sprout remains healthy, I think! Bean goes right into rehersals for Jesus Christ, Superstar.

My pole lamp in the front yard went out. Yes, I changed the bulb. My friend, Ginger's husband, checked the switch and said it was ok. So, I called the electrician who was advertised in the phone book. Waldon's Electric. Keep that name in mind. Mike came to the house on Tuesday. I told him about the lamp, and his first question was "did you change the bulb?". Of course I did,you idiot. He came into the house and went immediately, without any words minced,to the breaker box. "Oh my, this is bad", said he. "Fire hazard". I just wanted the lamp pole fixed. He didn't even look at that, just quoted me a price for the breaker box. "$5975.00, and I don't know about the lamp, will have to look at that. You need to get the breaker box fixed hazard." I asked him to leave my house. "Wait, I'll call my boss." Texts someone, calls boss. "He'll offer you a deal if you will sign now." Me..."You need to leave, now." Walking him to front door. He turns to me and says "You need to install an alarm system so you have time to get out of your house." I say to him..."I have another electrician coming and if he tells me something differrent, I will report you to BBB."

Had some difficulty sleeping that night. Talked to my friend, Mark, who said his friend was an electirician and he would have him call me. Bottem line...his friend told me exactly what King Electric told me....$1900. Still a lot, but not $5975.

Monkeyboy went back to school today to take PSAA tests. Bean is back at rehersals.

Did I mention that my dishwasher rusted out and water was pouring into the garage? Yes, quite a mess. Oh, and did I mention that Allegheny County did a new assessment the property and it went up some #30,000? Yes, it's been that kind of week.

And positive thoughts for all...for Linda M. who is going thru radiation therapy, for Monkeyboy who has had the flu three times and really can't afford not to eat, and for my house...sorry, but that is foremost on my mind right now. Did I mention that the basement is damp? Wet, actually.


Jen said...

Sounds like you've had a bad streak, Mia. So has Monkeyboy. Poor kid! Three times? I didn't know that could happen. Our kids have been sick since November with one thing or another. I don't know why, but this winter has been awful for colds and stuff.
Weater here has been incredible. It is the only thing keeping me sane.
I am always frightened when we have to call a repairman. We are at their mercy, and most are honest, but boy, if you get one who isn' do you know?

Ben said...

Mia, glad you called King. He is reliable and honest. And his price makes sense. Waldon has a horrible reputation here and has a bad rating with the BBB. I have used King for work I have done, and they are always professional and honest.
Dishwashers can be eliminated, or at least they are not an immediate need. At least if you get a new one you will know what kind to get. Whirlpools are good ones and they are reasonable. Check them out. And the more gadgets on them, the more there is to break, so keep that in mind.
Will keep all in my thoughts. Hope Linda M. does well, and that Monkeyboy has exhausted all strains of the flu.

Cathy said...

We just had to call a plumber and it certainly had us on edge. I think the best way to go is to ask people for references. Then keep your fingers crossed. The really bad thing is when you have to have someone as an emergency. Then you are at their mercy.
Poor Bean and Monkeyboy! It does seem to happen that kids get sick when they have a big game or concert. Hope everyone feels better soon.

Noelle said...

Hope your friend is okay with the radiation. I have heard that it is not as bad as chemo, but in either case, I hope she does well with it.
We only have assessments when we buy a house. How can they assess a house when you don't plan to sell it? I mean, aren't they guessing what you will sell it for, and what if you don't? Seems backwards to me.
That's quite a difference in prices from the electricians. Amazing, isn't it? You should report them to someone.

Jessica said...

Networking pays. We really depend on word of mouth when we need repairs done on the house. We joined Angie's list a couple of years ago and we still have some names from them.
We have lived without a dishwasher for years, and I don't know that we will replace it ever. It's nice when you have a lot of company, but otherwise it's just not something that we really need.
Hope you get your electricity fixed so you can sleep well again, Mia!

Bill said...

Happy St. Paddy's Day. We are getting ready to go to the parade, and the kids are so excited. It promises to be a good one.
I think Waldon Electric has been investigated by the attorney general at one point, Mia. He and Gileece. That's pretty bad,that they use those tactics. Report them to BBB and attorney general's office.
Our daughter was sick and missed the PSAA tests. Had to make them up and still has more to take.
Have a good weekend all, and wear your green today!

Angela said...

Not too sure that I understand St. Patrick's Day. Green beer and all that. I'm not sure, but it seems like a day that people use just to go out and really get stupid. Not you, Bill, I am the first one to love parades. And I understand that Pittsburgh has a big one. But here, I just see a lot of young people drinking and getting very stupid.
Gee, I sound like and old, cranky person!
Hope Monkeyboy feels better soon! And I hope the treatments go well for Linda.

Shelly said...

I cannot believe this weather! Heading out to the parade myself and it is absolutely amazing. I agree with you, Angela, it does seem as though this is an excuse for drinking too much, but the parade is always fun.
Sounds like that guy was pretty scarey, Mia. I agree, report him to someone. That is inexcusable.
Our flowers are all coming up and I fear that we will have a killer frost, so I guess I will just enjoy them right now. All of the daffodils are up and tulips aren't far behind! Have a great weekend.

Tigger said...

That price he quoted you compared with the other is amazing! Ridiculous. How do people get away with that?
Poor Monkeyboy! Hope that is the end of the flu for him. I agree, didn't know that kind of thing happens. I guess when your immune system get vulnerable you just can't fight stuff off. And there does seem to be a lot going around this year.
I love this weather, but I keep thinking we will have snow in July or something. This winter has been mild, and although we have had some major storms, they have been short lived and have left quickly!

ginger said...

I'm beginning to think this is why we are having so much sickness, too warm winter. We love this weather but I guess we pay for it in colds and flu.

Hope Monkeyboy gets over all this flu stuff, Mia. Baseball is coming up and I can't wait to see some games. They get better every year.