Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Back Again

Hello Again!

I have been on hiatus, but now I am back.  I have been on facebook and have enjoyed that venue, but this allows me to post more at length about issues and my life.

So much has been going on since I last posted, which was about a year ago.

The road trip was the best ever, I think.  We drove to Chicago in the pouring rain for most of the way.  Actually had to pull over several times due to the horizontal rain.  We sailed along until we hit about 20 miles from the city, then hit the wall.  I think there were 15 lanes of traffic going the same way.  Okay, I am lying...but at least 6 and none of them moving.  By this time I was exhausted, as were Sprout, Monkeyboy and Bean.  Monkeyboy (who shall now be known as Matt) took lots of pictures, Sprout (now known as Alyssa) and Bean (now known as Katie) were sleeping/talking/singing (much to my chagrin). 

Finally arrived in Chi Town and pulled up to the door of the hotel.  Exhausted.  Unloaded the van and just wanted to collapse.  Once we got to our room there were cookies and milk for the kids and I, of course, unloaded the wine.  We all became rejuvenated and set out for dinner.

It was a great trip, saw so much and had more than enough to keep us occupied and then some.  Kids got up early and went to the gym while I slept.  After five days we headed to Iowa and the family there. 

Saw Anna, Clare, Maura, Rob and well as my brother and sister-in-law and their child.  What a great time we had there, although Katie had a cold which she shared with me.  I was sick on the last day in Iowa, but was still glad to see Rob and Lisa and the kids. 

Alyssa appeared in a concert at Christmas and looked wonderful.  Her mom has been in and out of the hospital, but seems to be doing pretty well.  Matt just finished hockey season, and excelled as usual.  Katie had the lead in Cinderella and has been in most of the productions of Pittsburgh Musical Theater. 

The snow this year has been incredible.  Not much except for the day after Christmas and this month.  We have all been fairly healthy.

Stink bugs have reappeared after hibernating all winter.  For those of you not in Pittsburgh, these stupid bugs were brought here to get rid of small bugs that looked like ladybugs.  These look like half dead beetles.  Ava, the hunter cat, just looks at them.  It is as if to say..."hey, they are stink bugs....if I kill them, I will stink."  There are many different ways to get rid of them...some flush, some throw outside and kill, some just scream and call for help.  I do all three.

The storm door doesn't shut.  I only mention this because when the sinkhole appeared in Florida, one station said that the first sign that your house would collapse was when the doors didn't close.  Just a heads up.  And I certainly hope the door doesn't collapse...I am in the process of spring cleaning.  Finishing up the living room.  It's always slow at Phipps this time of the year, so I use it to clean...fool that I am.  I cleaned out the desk in the living room.   Do you know how long it takes to shred checks and bank statements from 1998 to 2006?  A very long time....let me tell you.  Found mounds of great pictures and have been posting them on facebook.

OK, this is a new beginning on here and I'll see how it goes. 

Let me know of any suggestions or that this is even being read.  I'll post the link on facebook, and try to re-connect with those folks who read it before.  If no success...I'll quit!  I have to figure everything out again, so be patient, my friends.


Anonymous said...

Where did you stay in Chicago? It's a great town, isn't it?

lisa scotty said...

Great review of the year! Will definitely be keeping up with you :)

Lori said...

You're back! So glad to see you posting again. I'll spread the word.

Kathy said...

So glad to see you back! Sounds like a great trip and it's nice to finally see pictures of the kids you have been talking about. Hope to see more of your posts.

Ben said...

Welcome back, Mia. What beautiful kids! Sounds like a great trip, Chicago is a wonderful the summer. Looking forward to more pictures and posts. Glad you decided to post again.

Bill said...

Well, look who is back! Good to see your post, Mia. My sister lives in Chicago..actually a suburb. Did you go to Millenium Park? How about Navy Pier?

SocialWorker2 said...

Great to see you back,Mia. Looking forward to your posts.

Elizabeth said...

I was writing on another blog and just clicked on yours not even expecting to see a post. What a pleasant surprise! So glad to see your post, I have always enjoyed them.
Sounds like a wonderful summer and the kids are beautiful.

Jennifer said...

Mia, so good to see you back! Are you still going to the shelter? Where is the road trip this year? Gosh, can't wait to hear more.

Jill said...

Beeautiful kids, Mia. Looking forward to more posts again.
Love the road trip stories, always fun.

Steve said...

Glad to see you back again