Sunday, June 2, 2013


No, I am not going to break into a song.  The picture is one that I took at Phipps today.  A man brought his parents to Phipps and they parents walked along the paths together hand in hand.  They smiled, they spoke to people, but they also sat on the bench in the Sepentine room and watched.  They watched as the families came from the butterfly room, with excited children, and yes, excited parents.  They smiled, they nudged each other.  And as the woman looked tired, the husband reached over and took her hand in his and stroked it lovingly.  And as you can see in the picture, he became tired and as their son took her hand, she gently took her husband's hand and led him along.  It's one of the wonderful things about working at Phipps.  It allows one to observe.  It allows one to see the joy through a child's eye.  It's showing them the wonder of a butterfly emerging and flying for the first time, often from their own finger.

So, New York City, 2013 has come and gone.  I knew it was going to rain, so rain ponchos became standard.  Forgot the umbrella, however.  Scott drove us the the Megabus stop and we arrived an hour early so we could get the front seats on the second level of the bus.  And we did.  Somewhere along Route 22 it began...that pesky rain.  And it continued....however, it stopped long enought to load the crew at State College.  And when we arrived at the rest stop...well, that was an experience.  Our driver became frustrated and pulled onto the grass and told us to hurry, we had 20 minutes.  The women began to take over the men's room...that's all I'll say.

Hard rain began about 30 minutes outside of NYC, and all I could think was how would we ever get from the bus stop to the hotel.  Fortunately, the rain stopped long enough for us to get our suitcases and get a cab.  And the hotel sold me an umbrella.  Which was a good thing. 

We unpacked and decided to go for a walk to stretch our legs a bit.  Can you say monsoon?  I don't actually know the definition of a monsoon, suffice to say that Linda's umbrella was blowing inside out, the rain came down horizontally and the street was flooded in a matter of 10 minutes.  Matt loved it.  Stood in the rain as we huddled attempting to keep dry.  Matt only had one pair of shoes...can you say boys and puddles?  So, we headed back to the hotel and as we reached the door, the rain let up, so off we went for yet another try..

We made it to Ellen's Startdust Diner.  What a wonderful experience!  Waitstaff singing to us, us singing with them, decent food and a great way to forget about the rain...until we left the diner.  Back to the hotel for what else?  Swimming.

Katie visited colleges, Matt came to the Sony Tech Center, we saw Newsies and Blue Man Group.  We paid an exorbitant amount for a cab back to the hotel after Newsies just to get out of the rain.  We took the subway to Blue Man Group thanks to the expertise of Linda. 

The Holland Tunnel was closed due to the rain, it came down in droves.  Umbrellas, ponchos, wet shoes on the air conditioner, being blown dry with the hair dryer.  Matt to NHL store, Katie to SoHo for shopping, Katie exploring the city on her own, swimming in the pool at the was a good trip.  It really was.  The sun came out Sunday as we left the city.  Of course.

Came home to have Peppi's again, this time with Tammi.  Always good to catch up with her and feed my face.  Back to Phipss, baseball and hockey.  Pens lost, Pirates lose and win.  I hope the Pens win tomorrow.  Fingers crossed.


Tigger said...

Yes, the rain over Memorial Day was awful, everyone was trying to get out of town and everything was flooded.
Your comments about the couple at Phipps is touching, Mia.
Ellens is fun, although I am not terribly impressed with the food. The entertainment, however, is superb. You were lucky to get in since it is a big tourist attraction and they don't take reservations.
What schools did Katie look at? We've got some good ones here.

Ben said...

The Pens need to win tonight. Not good to lose at home. Pirates had a heck of a good game yesterday. The city was alive on Saturday with both teams playing. Always nice to see that.
I agree with Tigger, the story about the older couple is very nice. Phipps certainly draws a variety of people and when I have been there it has always been crowded with people of all ages and ethnicity.
Love the story of NYC. Especially Matt and the rain. Someone who enjoys no matter what. I've only been there a couple of times, but it is a really fun place to visit. Glad you had a good time in spite of the weather.

SassySam said...

Often, when I go to the mall, and become tired of shopping, I sit and watch people. It's either the walkers early, moms and kids in the morning and teens at night. What I really love to see is the men sitting sound asleep while their wives shop.
And to go to NYC and shop sounds wonderful! I've heard that SoHo has some great little shops. Is Katie going to go to school there?
OK, go Penguins, Pirates and Steelers...does that cover it all?

Tim said...

OK, I'll be there to cheer. Louder than ever.

ginger said...

If you can have fun even with all the rain, then it must have been great.
The butterflies at Phipps are really nice to see. My daughter got some good shots of them, even got two cohabiting. The tour guide said that's what they do when the mood hits them
I love to people watch too. But then I wonder who's watching us?

Pens and Pirates again tonight. I hope we come up with two wins. Always fun and exciting

Ben said...

Well, Ginger, we didn't come up with even one win. The Pens were embarassingly bad. I have to give it to the Bruins, they could not be stopped, not that the Pens tried to stop them.
I stopped watching after the third goal and switched to the Pirates, then turned off the TV and read. Sad, very sad.
Which Peppi's did you go to, Mia? I was there on Saturday on the NS.
NYC sounds like fun, and it's good that you didn't let the rain stop you from doing anything.

Twigs said...

We've been having a lot of rain here, also. It's crazy, this weather of ours, 90 one day 60 two days later. Don't know whether to turn on the AC or the heat. Put winter clothes away, drag them out again.
Loved you comment about the older couple, and what a beautiful picture.
Horray for boys and puddles.

Bill said...

Well, tonight may be it for the Pens. They have a battle even if they win.
Mia, that picture of theolder couple is really a good one. And the comment that you made is good also.
We had a real downpour here last night, but it is supposed to be a nice weekend. Arts festival starts today,and usually that means rain.

Cathy said...

We have often taken over the men's room, particularly at concerts, ballgames, etc. Sometimes it has not been a good idea.
I see the Pens lost last night. Sorry to see that, I don't much like Boston...any of the NE teams. Arrogant, I think.
Kids are finished with school for the year, now comes summertime fun...if the weather ever gets better.