Saturday, June 15, 2013

Saturday NIght

I am doesn't take much.
I worked today.  Saw some weddings, a bridal shower.  Again, amazed by the footwear of women.  I watch The View.  Yes, I know, shocking, isn't it?  I am so tired of Barbara Walters, can she just retire right now? I realize that she broke some "glass ceilings"  for women, but she is pathetic right now.  She looks fragile, forgets what she is talking about.  But I digress.  One of the discussions was about women's shoes.  Did you know that the average amount of time a woman can wear the dress shoes that are out there today is 15 minutes?  Yes, 15 minutes.  I'm sure I mentioned my sprained ankle, for which Scott did nothing to help me.  In fact, he turned away from me, leaving me to twist my ankle and turn it a very ugly color.  Again, I digress.  So, when women come into Phipps in these incredible shoes the events staff warn them.  This is an old building with uneven pathways.  Be careful.  Most go in with these shoes and leave carrying them and going barefoot.  And to watch them walk is interesting to say the least.  But I have to say, the shoes I had on when I sprained my ankle were very comfortable.  Katie and I share them...aren't they pretty?  Well, I hope to post a picture, but I am in the break in the hockey game, so we shall see.
I came home from work, listening to the Pirates on the radio (we lost in the 11th inning), watched the game when I got home, then turned to the hockey game.  And exciting Saturday night, can I just say that?  And the hockey game is going into overtimes, just as Steve predicted.  I also shined my shoes.  This, as pitiful as it may seem, was a very relaxing night for me.
Oh, yes, and Matt got called up for a pony league game (insert neighing).  He did well, it seems.  If he makes a lot of money playing baseball, will he reimburse me for road trips?  I think I mentioned that he brought up on a road trip...."What will we do when Mia dies?  Oh, wait, by that time Katie will be driving".  Sigh of relief from the back seat.  Me, going to my happy place.  Group hugs all around.
Plumbing.  Let's discuss that one.  Doing the laundry, water backs up in sewer line.  It has happened before, but plunging has corrected the problem.  Not so this time.  Liquid plumber.  No good.  Let's move to the big guns...ok, wrong phrase...move to the ultimate solution...the snake.  Finally released the plug (tree limbs are a pain) and now all is fixed.
Okay, about time for the next period in hockey.  I want the Blackhawks to win.  They have a neat logo.  That's what it comes down to. 
Did I mention that Katie got a job?  She did.  I'm not allowed to say where or post it on facebook or get the blimp that is in town to hang a banner.  Kids.
By the way, they used to have spell check on here, and apparently they don't anymore.  I don't proof well and where is Linda when I need her?  After this is posted, she will tell me what I missed.


Jen said...

I love the style of those shoes, Mia, they are so comfortable, but I know what you mean about being careful in them. You can't move the same way.
Sounds like a sports night at your house. And do you really shine your shoes? I haven't done that since I was a kid. Most of my shoes are sneakers or dress shoes that I never thought of shining.
Happy Father's Day to all you fathers.

Mark said...

Barbara Walters should have resigned 25 years ago. She is an egotistical woman who is very much out of touch.
Where I work, women wear sneakers to work and then change their shoes. They end up taking the shoes off during the day, I presume because their feet hurt. Comfortable shoes would seem to be the solution, but alas, I guess fashion takes precedent.
Bruins vs. Hawks...I agree, Mia, Blackhawks should win. Hope they do. Pirates seem to be still doing well.

Tim said...

I gave up on high heels years ago.

Shelly said...

Plumbing and electrical problems are the worst. I hate it when we have a storm and the electricity goes out. Bad in the extreme heat and in the dead of winter. At least if your furnace goes out you can use electric heaters or fireplaces.
As for plumbing, I just see money being flushed, excuse the pun. Truly, I feel very helpless and unable to do anything more than use a plunger and draino.
I guess these are problems that come with owning a home. But then I don't want neighbors surrounding me in an apartment either.
Pick your battles, I guess.

Cathy said...

Barbara Walters does not look well at all. I caught a glimpse of her while switching stations. I think shoes may have contributed to her fall which seems to have been the beginning of some problems for her.
We love the little league games, so much fun to sit and watch the kids.
Plumbing...ugh....need I say more? And good for Katie! Never could work while I was in high school since we lived in the country and there was no transportation.

ginger said...

Went away this weekend to VA and then to North Carolina with our son and family. Nice time, got to spend two beautiful days at the beach. Sorry, Mia, seems like we missed a couple games of Matt's.

I am not a shoe or jewelry person, just plain Jane, I guess. Well, Barbara will retire but she will still sneak in some specials, I'm sure. Can't keep an old dog down.

Tim, you can't cheer in high heels.

Tim said...

I can if I want to, Ginger...but I don't want to

Lori said...

I love your posts, they always make me smile.
Hate those shoes, I think they invite injury. I like heels for dress, flats for casual, sneakers for fun, but those just hurt. I agree ginger, Barbara will be back for specials. I don't even think she is good as an interviewer, she just asks the same darn questions of everyone.
I love Matt's question..what will we do when Mia dies. Isn't that a question every child has about someone significant in their lives? What a wonderful child to be able to actually ask it and make a plan. He seems to be a pretty special kid, as do all of them. I love Alyssa's pretty is that?

Twigs said...

Plumbers....what can I say? You find a good one, you have to hope they stay around forever. Ours retired and so far we haven't needed another one (knock on wood), but I dread trying to find one. A lot of them advertise heavily around here, but I don't know if they can be trusted not to tell you that your whole yard needs dug up.
Sometimes I watch the View, but it's gotten pretty bad over the past year or so. Love Whoopie though, she's the only reason I watch.

Phoebe said...

Seriously, I frequently wonder why I didn't become a plumber. You probably need some strength to do certain things but with some training...I could've been rich. LOL. I remember those shoes when they first came around in the 70's. Of course, I was probably only a baby then...NOT :(

Yes, I am smiling Mia after reading the post.

Ben said...

Hawks win, Pirates on a winning streak! Life can be good. Alverez is hitting like crazy and the new pitcher is pretty good, throwing some really good pitches.
Mia, I can just say, find a local person to do your plumbing as opposed to the ones who advertise here. Your plumber may be expensive, but if you know him personally, it is less likely he will cheat you. And to know that he is always available counts for a lot. Just a thought.

Bill said...

And the Hawks won! YES. Just so glad a New England team didn't win, but it was a good series. Good cheering, Tim.

Allie(Cat) said...

I just bought a pair of shoes today. Hard to find what I wanted to, but those were the shoes I chose. I refuse to be relegated to ugly, clunky shoes to be comfortable. Can we not have both? Actually, these seem to be both maybe. I wore them around the house today and they felt pretty good.
Regarding Barbara Walters...I notice she is no longer wearing heels. And I saw her today...why does she hog the conversation with her idiotic remarks? The View has definetly gone down in the past year.

Jackie said...

Nice that Katie got a job. Kids are moving forward, Matt with baseball and Katie with a job.
My first job was babysitting. They call it being a nanny now. No one is a babysitter. I made $2 an hour. Fortunately, my family babysits when necessary. Give them a beer and some chips and they are happy.