Saturday, August 10, 2013

This is what showed up at Phipps on Wednesday.  She came through the door with an attitude.  She was the cutest thing ever.  I asked her mom for permission to photograph her, which she gave me. Our theme for story time was Garden Fairies, so I thought perhaps she dressed for the occasion.  Her mother explained that for her birthday party they had decided on the theme of "Breakfast at Tiffany's".  And you know, I cold see the resemblance of Audrey Hepburn!

Here we are, a week away from the road trip 2013.  It will be to Arizona.  And it really isn't a road trip, we are flying.   We had a pre-travel planning meeting on Thursday and we are all excited.  Lots to do, lots to see, so we'll keep everyone posted.

Observation.  Garbage men. The recycle truck seem to lumber down the street first, usually around 6AM.  Jokes abound between the driver and the pick up person.  Laughter.  Fun times.  So, now I am awake.  About an hour later, down comes the garbage truck.  Not sure if these are just generally angry men or if they enjoy seeing how far they can throw the empty garbage can.  Either way, they wait until they are in front of MY house to turn on the thingy that chews up the garbage, and then the throwing of cans begin.  It was suggested that the plastic liner be taken out and have that along the curb (we don't really have curbs in this neighborhood, it's just a figure of speech), but that would mean the animals would have a feast.  Just an observation.

We have this plant now at Phipps.  It's a corpse plant.  Allegedly when it blooms it smells like dead meat. Or a rotting corpse.  WHY would anyone want to see/smell this?  Apparently it was a big success in DC, but you see, in DC you could see it for free.  You have to pay here to see it.  I'll keep you posted about that one.  I won't be here for the most part, so sad......NOT.

Well, dare I say it?  For the most part, the Pirates are doing very, very well.  They are 26 games above 500, and up until last night they looked great.  We are playing the Rockies and they beat us 10-1.  That is not a is the score.  Now, Tim, I know you are working hard.  But that's not a good enough.  I know, it's probably the thin air and the trip from Pittsburgh.  Let's hope tonight is a better night for them.

The Steelers are playing tonight also.  I can't cheer for two teams at once.  I couldn't get excited for the Pirates when the Pens were playing, and I can't get excited about the Steelers now.  My cheering energy must go for the Pirates.


Tim said...

That's exactly what it was. The travel time and the air. Tonight will be better.

SassySam said...

She is styling! I love it. So very cute. We could do a lot of shopping together, that child and I.
Our garbage men are noisy also. We have cans the truck picks up and puts down, so they cannot throw them.
Sounds like a great trip, even if it isn't a "road" trip.

ginger said...

Sorry Tim, last night wasn't better.Alvarez got gored by a spike and Marte got hit bad with a ball. And then we lost. Bad call at second for a double play. Today has to be better. But keep cheering!

OMG that little girl is unbelievably cute and had no trouble posing from what I can see.

We usually don't have much garbage, I guess we eat it aLL.

Jessica said...

She is so cute! And what a classy person to dress as.
Yes, our garbage men are crazy. I think they are angry because of what they do, so when we have a full garbage can they end up throwing it halfway across the yard. And we bag all of ours, so it isn't like they have to deal with garbage going all over the place.
That plant sounds disgusting. Who would want to see it anyway?
I think the Pirates lost again today. Well, everyone is entitled to a small slump. Hopefully they will do better in the next game.

Ben said...

I hope the Pirates get it together, this certainly didn't bode well for their run for the championship. I know it is just three games, but they didn't look very good at offense or defense. Come on Bucs, let's do it.
Your plant at Phipps is getting a lot of media attention. I won't be there, but I guess they are expecting a lot of people. I don't know why!
Steelers didn't look so hot last night either, but then it's just pre-season for them.
Have a great trip, Mia! Tell us all about it.

Elizabeth said...

That little girl is absolutely adorable!
I am tired of making excuses for people who get paid to do a service, then complain about it. If you don't like your job, get another one. And if you don't have the skill to get another one, acquire the skill.
Mia, I hear it's pretty hot in the southwest...take protection. AND have a wonderful time

Tigger said...

This little girl brought a smile to my face. Adorable. You have to wonder...does she even know who Holly Golightly is?
Yes, every Monday there is garbage on the street from where the garbage people don't hit the truck with the can. We have complained, put it in a plastic bag, stood and watched them, yelled at them...all to no avail. They are the only game in town, so it really puts us in a bind.
I heard about the corpse plant in DC. Lots of attention. I think it would mainly be the same crowd that enthralled with zombies. I would have no desire to see it, but I guess it generates revenue.
I heard the Pirates didn't do well over the weekend, but maybe they will do better the next game.

Twigs said...

I am on the telephone right now trying to get assistance on the 24 hour hotline for my computer. I am #7 in line. We need to revolt, but I don't know how to do that.
I mean, I know how to revolt, I do it everyday in our family, but it usually doesn't work.
That child is very cute, but, come on...Breakfast at Tiffany's? I am thinking the mother found that movie to be as wonderful as I thought it to be!
OK, it is my bedtime. And Tim, I know you are doing your best,keep trying, we all appreciate it.

Bill said...

Pirates have a tough series coming up.
Cute little girl.
Have fun on the road trip

Mark said...

Good to see the Pirates win last night. Too bad he couldn't have had a shut out, but they played well. Would be nice if they could take this game today.
Little girl looks like one of those from that TV show where the moms make them compete in a pageant. She is cute.

Cathy said...

How little girls like to dress up, and I'm sure she got lots of attention in her outfit! The sunglasses are the crowning touch. My kids loved at that age to dress up and be a grown up. Really a cute picture, Mia.
Have a great road trip, looking forward to hearing about it.

SocialWorker2 said...

Little girls and dress up clothes! Very cute.
Have a great trip Mia, looking forward to posts as you go.
And Tim did a splendid job cheering last night...according to the news, the Pirates won.

Lori said...

Have a wonderful trip Mia. Can't wait to hear stories about the trip.

Tim said...

I am exhausted. Cheering tonight wore me out, but at least the Pirates won. Go Bucs.