Thursday, August 29, 2013

Home From Arizona

It was a great trip! 
Left Pittsburgh, which was somewhat crazy given that we saw a wreck that had traffic on the bridge stopped and the parkway was lined up, but we arrived and our plane took off on time.  L O N G plane ride (4+ hours).  It was 111degrees when we landed in Phoenix, so we went to the hotel.  Interestingly enough you couldn't lower the temperature in the room to less than 76. 
Headed to Flagstaff the next day and thank goodness for relatives!  She took over where I was chicken, like hiking down Walnut Canyon. Although I went on a wild jeep ride through the desert, I would have settled for the mild ride.  Hanging on for dear life, wondering on this first day of the trip, if I would ever survive for the rest of the trip. When our guide asked if we wanted to take the "safe" way back or the "wild" way back, I couldn't even speak...I thought this was the mild ride.  Noooo, everyone cheered and wanted the wild way back.  When asked about the different levels, our guide said there was a mild one, a wild one and an OMG, buckle up wild one.  I swear we were on the OMG, buckle up wild one.  All four tires were off the ground on at least two occasions. 
The train ride to the Grand Canyon was fun....well, kind of fun.  Kids said it was their least favorite part of the trip.  But doesn't everyone have to see the Canyon at least once?  Did I mention, heights are not my favorite thing?
The kids did an adventure course, so proud of them for even doing it.  Not an easy task, for sure.
The "road trips" afford me an opportunity to experience three children for a week.  Without their parents. 
It's wonderful to watch Matt tap someone on the shoulder and be on their opposite side.  Such a wonderful prank that seldom works. 
It's wonderful to see a group hug in the middle of the parking lot at Target.
It's wonderful to stand at the top of Walnut Canyon and hear Matt let out a....what?  Scream?  Wild call?  And then to hear a child next to me ask "us that a wild animal" and me respond, "no, that's Matt". 
It's wonderful to hear Katie sing show tunes non stop, morning, noon, and night.
It's wonderful to hear Alyssa and Matt giggling non stop from 6PM until midnight, and I do mean non stop.
And you know what is really wonderful?  To see three children on the bed, two on ipads and one on phone texting, doing face time, trying to help Matt set up instagram. 
Oh, and did I mention making videos?  Something about Pip.  Dragging me to be a part of it, and if they post it....well.....I think they know better.
The pillow fight on the last night has become a tradition. I think I won.
I hope road trips never end.  Although Katie begins college next fall, the kids get older, one can always hope.  They did ask where we were going next year.


Jen said...

How do people live in that heat?
It does sound like a fun but exhausting. I love to see the "it's wonderful"!
It's nice that you do this every year.

Nancy said...

Love it :)

Shelly said...

Made me laugh! Especially the comment about the wild animal in the canyon.
That's beautiful country out there. Glad you had a good time. And I love the idea that you participate in a pillow fight! Good for you.

Jessica said...

A group hug in the Target parking lot! I love it.
Sounds like a really nice way to end the summer, even if it was too hot. Should have been cooler in Flagstaff, no?
We have been to the Grand Canyon. It was an experience, but unless you plan to go to the bottom and camp out, I don't think it would be worth seeing again. I can understand the kids reaction.

ginger said...

Sounds like a good time was had by all. That's the way it should be.

Treasure that because they are getting older and soon enough time comes when they are all doing their own thing.

I can remember playing super heroes with my grandson and soon he will be off to college and on his own. Where does that time go?

Angela said...

Those pictures of the wolves and the bear are amazing. Were you actually that close to them?
It sounds like a wonderful trip. And the "it's wonderful" was great to read. I especially like the pillow fun.

SassySam said...

Looks like everyone was looking for your post, mia.
So one has to wonder, only went to Target? I hear they have some excellent malls there.
Glad you had a good time.

Ben said...

How fun, and old fashioned pillow fight!
The trip sounds great. I love the pictures of the wolf and the bear cub...are those at a zoo?
Group hugs are always good. Nice picture.
Pirates won tonight, St. Louis lost and diamondbacks are losing. It's a good night in the burgh.

Bill said...

I am so glad I don't live in Phoenix! But it sounds like a wonderful trip.
Pillow fights are great for getting rid of frustrations. Our kids do it all the time.
Bucs are beating Cards royally. In first place again. Hope it continues.
Keep cheering, Tim.

Tim said...

Posted on the wrong one...that first inning was a killer. I did the best I could.

Ben said...

One game a season does not make. Thanks for the effort, Tim.
Pictures are great, mia. I really like the one of the wolf, but the group hug is cute, and so is the story.
I think you are making memories for these kids.

Mark said...

Keeping my fingers crossed for the Pirates for all you Pittsburgh people.
Colorado is beating the Reds, so that's a help.

Lori said...

I love it! I laughed so hard at your "it's wonderful". I especially loved the one of Katie singing and the kids giggling, such a wonderful sound...well, maybe not after six hours. Keep those posts coming, I love them!

Cathy said...

that sounds like such a fun trip. Although the heat in Phoenix sounds awful! And, no, I can't imagine living in that kind of heat. I know a lot of people love the climate in the southwest, but I don't think I would.
This baseball thing is getting kind of exciting for you fans in Pittsburgh. As of this morning, I think they are back in first place again.
Keep cheering, Tim.