Wednesday, May 28, 2014


It was nice to hear the rain last night.  We didn't have the storms here, just some thunder and a nice steady rain. 
Yesterday the Knitwits had a birthday luncheon.  Sara hosted it and it was wonderful.  Women sharing food and wine, laughter and good times.  A truly remarkable group, patient and willing to help one another with knitting, even those of us who have to start over making socks...what....4 times?  It doesn't matter though, it is the idea of getting together and talking about everything, from religion to politics to The Good Wife.  Fun honored to be a part of the group.
Baseball, proms, Kennywood, field trips and graduation.  It's that time of the year.  Pirates struggling.  I keep thinking they will pick up the pace, but Matt tells me it isn't going to be a good year.  Surely wasn't for hockey!
Still trying to get the foot back to normal.  Hurts, but not as much.  I will not go that odd doctor again though.  Very odd. 
I am loving my job at Macy's.  I am able to meet all kinds of interesting people, some who are shopping for a happy event and some who are shopping for a not so happy event.  Here is one complaint I hear on a regular basis....why are all clothes  for summer sleeveless?  I do not know of any woman over 35 that will wear sleeveless.  OK, Michelle Obama does and she looks wonderful.  One person, that's it.  Seriously, is it so women will have to buy something to wear over the sleeveless dress?  Shrugs, as they are called, cost half as much as the dress.  Perhaps that is the plan.  At any rate, women complain, shop for an hour and complain again.  I don't blame them.  I only wear sleeveless when the heat index is at 95 for over a week.  At that point  I care not what I look like, sitting on an open field watching Matt play baseball demands comfort.
I seem to have a problem with time and work.  They switch our hours daily, which is confusing to this lady (I know, it doesn't take much to confuse me).  The good thing is that it only takes me ten minutes to get to work and when I think I need to be there at 8:45 instead of 9:45 I just pretend that I wanted to do a dry run as I foolishly walk into an empty store and sneak back out and go home and wait for an hour.
Speaking of which, I haven't been to his game yet.  These games now don't have food, which is a big draw for me.  Nachos and baseball go so well together.  Throw in a hot dog and it is pure delight.  I miss hearing Terri yell, but someone will take over that job...just not as well as Terri.
Today I begin at 9:45....I think.  It's now 8:30 which gives me time to eat and knit.  Have a good day, and stay tuned for the saga of new televisions. 


Kathy Stupar said...

Enjoyed this post, Barbara ... You will not want to wait on me ... I am SOOOO disgusted with the clothes on the market -- spandex is definitely NOT a friend to most of us and I wish I had the body of Michelle so I could wear sleeveless... Knitwits sounds like a special group -- any group that can discuss politics and religion and still be friends at the end of the meeting is truly special! ... Love the photo of Ava ... she was watching me as I tried to sneak out of the house in my jammies to get the paper ... I think I heard her laughing ... enjoy your day, neighbor!

ginger said...

I know the agony of shopping too.
I foolishly looked one day for a new bathing suit. How depressing! I gave up. They just don't make suits like they did when I was 21.

Hope you get all your schedules right, Mia. That can be the difference between us eating and not eating. So far, we're doing ok.

Tigger said...

I worked part time in retail until the kids got involved with so much. I loved it too. Never minded the hours or holidays since we don't have a lot of family here, so we would just celebrate them when I got home or on another day. Our Rangers are doing well in hockey, hoping the take the cup. Sorry about the Pens, Mia. Sounds like your knitting group is fun. Never knitted before.

Tim said...

I had to take a break for cheering after the Pens lost. I am going to go the cheerleading camp. Then I'll do better.

SW2 said...

It's okay, Tim. You did so well with the Pirates last year, we all forgive you for your lousy showing this year! KIDDING.

AlliCat said...

I am with your shoppers on the clothes, Mia. Way too hard to find anything that fits someone over 30, not that I am over 30. ;) It sounds like a fun job, hard, but fun.
You need to go to Matt's games, we have no idea of how he is doing! I admit, food is the big draw in baseball, but you always had fun at those games

Bill said...

Tim is on his way to a comeback. Pirates do it again after a dismal showing last night. Go Bucs!

Lori said...

I hate clothes shopping. I think I look okay, then I go to try on clothes and they NEVER fit. I have had they not understand this? I love my kids, but what THEY did to my body is horrific. And it is them, it certainly could not be me.