Sunday, October 6, 2013


The lighting of the sun is so beautiful at this time of the year.  Driving up the street early in the morning and watching the sun reflect through the trees and make the shadows on the street is such a lovely way to start the day.
The trees are not so pretty yet.  I guess we need a frost to begin the process of turning them to their brilliant colors.  One can still hear lawnmowers cutting the grass, picking up leaves that never had a chance to turn color and preparing the gardens for winter.
The Pirates are still in the playoffs and it's both exciting and nerve wracking to watch the games.  Football has proven to not be very exciting for Pittsburgh this year.  I am a one sport person anyway, so I am focusing on the Pirates.  And Matt's hockey team also.  My brother and his wife were in last weekend, so it was family day at the hockey game.  I guess at this point they aren't really games, they are seeding tournaments.
My neighborhood is a great one to live in and the neighbors are truly nice people.  The house next to mine is going up for sale this week.  We have been pretty fortunate here to have families of all different ages move into this area.  We have newlyweds, retired folks and families with children.  So, it makes a nice blend of people.  I have heard horror stories of what can happen when this is not the case, so I think I am very fortunate.  My front door is open so the real estate lady just rang the bell and popped right in, thinking it was the one that was for sale.  On this street there are three identical houses in a row.  Can be confusing, I suppose. At least it was to the real estate agent! We also have a blend of other houses, and none of them are the same.  The house next door is a Sears home.    From 1908–1940, Sears, Roebuck and Co. sold about 70,000 - 75,000 homes through their mail-order Modern Homes program. Over that time Sears designed 447 different housing styles, from the elaborate multistory Ivanhoe, with its elegant French doors and art glass windows, to the simpler Goldenrod, which served as a quaint, three-room and no-bath cottage for summer vacationers (this according to their website).
I got a new phone.  It is the iPhone 4 and the reason I got that one is because it cost $.99 with my plan.  Took some time to learn how to use it, and some help from Verizon, Katie and Mike, but I think I have it down now.  It is pretty neat, but there are features that I don't like and some I still have to figure out.  The picture of Ava, the cat, is one that I took with the camera.  Not the best picture, but one that I like nonetheless.
Time to grab the Times, the Post Gazette and my latest novel.  It's a kick-back Sunday, so reading until the game comes on.  Go Bucs!


SassySam said...

This is my favorite time of the year. It means I can go shopping for a new wardrobe! Kidding, although I do need a new pair of jeans.
I LOVE the picture of Ava. How cute is she?
Don't pay attention to baseball too much, but I guess I can safely say I hope the Pirates/Bucs (whatever they are called) win whatever it is that people in baseball win.
I have a smart phone, not an iphone. They are pretty cool, although I do get tired of avoiding running into people as they walk and text!

Tim said...

Getting ready to cheer. Just trying my best here, now it's up to the team. Go, Pirates.

ginger said...

Sassy, if, sorry, when the Pirates win, they will have won their league title and go on to the World Series. That's the big one.

I love Ava, the cat, but a hunter she's not. Mia, remember the bat incident?

Cathy said...

Good job, Pirates. A pretty exciting game. Way to cheer, Tim.
Yes, time to prepare the garden for their winter sleep. Soon the leaves will need raked and the kids can jump into the piles of leaves and make a mess again. Isn't that what fall is all about?
I love the warm days and the cool evenings.
The concept of a Sears Home is intriguing. I am going to have to look that up.
I don't have an iPhone. I don't like apple products since they are so proprietary. Our neighbor has a Mac and swears by it, but we have always been PC folks.

phoebe said...

Maybe we can all pich in and buy the house next door. We will all be neiighbors.

Shelly said...

Good idea Phoebe! We are looking for a house.
I think the Pirates lost yesterday. Hope they win the next one.
We are having a lot of rain here and it is supposed to get colder, so maybe the leaves will be turning soon.
My plan is up next month for my phone. I don't have a smart phone and I don't think I am going to get another phone right now. They have sent me things that say I am eligible for a new phone, but so far, my old one is working just fine!

Bill said...

Well, the Pirates gave us a great season. No reason to hang their heads. Now onto hockey, I think I have given up on the Steelers, even if they did win today.

Elizabeth said...

I am not really in any sport thing, but I understand how one can get caught up in it. I did follow the Pirates because of your blog, Mia and it was exciting to read about them. It does seem like they really had a good year.

Twigs said...

Our leaves have turned and it is beautiful. I love to walk early in the morning or in early evening, you are right. The lighting is beautiful.
I have an iphone and it is okay. Mine was free also, or I wouldn't have paid for one. Your picture of Ava is adorable. I love cats!

Tigger said...

I think it is ridiculous that we are still playing baseball, we are playing football and hockey. Some people are so money hungry that they just keep extending the season so that the possibility of playing baseball in temperatures cold enough for snow exists.
Given that, our leaves are at their peak right now, and they are beautiful!
I have an iPhone. It's one of the first and it was a gift. I don't think I'll buy another one, this one works just fine. I think other carriers are beginning to match the iPhone.
I went to the website that has the Sears homes. They are really a neat concept.