Monday, July 14, 2014

Dreary Monday in the 'Burgh

Well, the white elephant from the garage sale may be leaving my house today.  Someone is interested in the bookshelf and said she would be here today for it.  She came last night to see it.  Hoping she comes, I am anxious to get rid of it and finish decorating the room.
There are a few things that annoy me.  Let me share them with you. 
Men who spit.  I am on the track this morning, and three elderly gentlemen were in front of me, taking up three lanes of the track.  Actually, one of them was bobbing and weaving between two lanes.  That's okay, I understand balance problems.  As I am contemplating how to get around him and his bobbing and weaving, he spits.  On the track.  You know how they do it, they make an inordinate amount of noise and then spit.  Disgusting.  I remember when I first began to run in the mid 80"s.  I met a woman named Narda.  I really loved her.  She was a steady runner who maintained her pace throughout the run.  I ran one of my first races with her.  She kept me from sprinting, walking, sprinting by keeping me on a pace.  She told me of a man who was in front of her when he spit, it landed on her.  She said she tried to stop herself, but she yelled at him for over a mile.  Stop spitting.  I don't do it, why do men feel a need to do it?
Radios in cars at full blast.  I admit, if my windows are down, my radio is louder than when I am stopped.  BUT, when I am stopped, the radio immediately is turned down.  Not the car next to me, they have obnoxious music turned up so that five people behind them can hear it.  I sit and debate whether I should put on opera and outblast them.  I grip the steering wheel and toss them a dirty look, wondering if they are going to pull a gun from the glove compartment. (Someone I used to work with did that...he pulled a gun and aimed it at someone in the car next to him. Crazy idiot.)  So, I hope that the light turns quickly and he can make his jack rabbit start and pull out way ahead of my little, slow car.
People who interrupt.  There is a new person at work.  Seems nice enough, I guess, although Mary said the new person makes her twitch.  While waiting on a customer this woman will shove me aside so she can look for a coupon.  She will interrupt my conversation with a customer to ask a complicated question and it seems difficult for her to wait until I am finished with my customer.  She doesn't make me twitch....yet.
Road  trip is coming up rapidly.  Cannot wait to see the Iowa gang and it will be good to get to the farm again.  Cedar Point is on the way home, and Matt is quite excited about the coasters there.  I'm not.  But then the road trip is about spending time with Alyssa, Matt and Katie and that's the best thing in the whole world!!!!


ginger said...

Wow, that spitting is disgusting but you know what they say about old folks and kids. They can do and say whatever they want and get away with it.
I'm not big on coasters either but the kids should have a ball. We never got to Cedar Point because we were visiting friends in Sandusky and a tornado came through.
I know you will have a great road trip as always.

JD said...

Glad you were able to sell the bookshelf.
I think spitting must be a man thing. And I think it begins in little league. They chew on those seeds. And spit. It is an acquired skill. And it is disgusting. I don't see many women spitting, that's for sure.
You have been running for a long time! Glad to see you are back on the pun intended.

Jackie said...

There is nothing so annoying as pulling up beside a car that has a radio blasting. I don't care what they have on, it's annoying.
I love the thing that Mary said...she makes me twitch. I had to laugh, have we not had someone in our work place that makes us twitch?
Cannot wait to hear about the road trip. You have to post pictures.

Noelle said...

I love your stories about the road trip. What a wonderful way to get to know kids. Get them away from friends (not to say they aren't) and family and just have a blast. Love your posts in the past about the farm. Did you get a scary picture room again?

Cathy said...

Wow, good to see some old friends posting!
Hate spitting. Hate it. I don't do it. Why do you have to? Men, let's hear it!
It's so nice to have a buddy to run with and keep you on track. I walk, jog, sometimes even run. I do it alone, to escape. It's a wonderful escape.
People who interrupt? Jerks. That's all, just jerks. Makes me twitch! Love that, Mary.

Bill said...

Did you have any storm damage, Mia? We had some heavy downpours here and got some water in basement. This weather is crazy!
Hope the bookshelf is history. No one seems to want them anymore. Books on Nooks, Kindle. No one buys books, so sad. I think books were meant to be held in hand, turning pages by hand and smelling the musty old library. That's what reading is about to me. I try to convey that to our kids. We make regular trips to the library for books, it's an outing for our family.

Jessica said...

that's really nice, Bill. I agree, I like to hold a book in my hands. Our library is talking about getting rid of books and just making them available on line. Just keeping some of the classics. Sad, isn't it?

AlliCat said...

I like the idea of a book also. But I think we are becoming a dying breed. Everyone seems to be getting or already has a tablet.
Spitting is disgusting. And I don't get it. Perhaps it's just me, but I doubt it.
Every work place has someone who makes one want to twitch. I guess putting together a lot of people makes for an interesting combination. Maybe she will settle down.
At least the cars don't bounce so much anymore with the speakers in the back. It is annoying. I end up with windows up and air conditioning on. That helps!

Mark said...

Spitting is something I learned as a kid playing baseball. Eating sunflower seeds. I do not do it on the street, in fact, I haven't done it in years. I think sometimes it is connected with medical issues, although I can't think of any right now. OK, I'll just agree, it is pretty disgusting.

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