Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Here We Go Again

Every now and then I have an urge to become healthy.  Not often, mind you, but sometimes. 
I am back to the track again.  Early in the morning.  Walking, walking, walking.  I am told that if you do something for twenty-one days in succession it becomes a habit.  Day three. As soon as I roll out of bed, I begin. 
I don't have a cute running outfit.  Today it was a t-shirt with a butterfly on the front that changes color when the sun hits it.  A baseball cap from the 2002 Olympics and an old pair of shorts.  Not the cool running shorts, a pair of plaid (yes, plaid, want to make an issue of it?) Bermuda shorts.
I have a play list on my phone and I must appear odd as I walk to the beat of the music, almost dancing.  There is a song that Katie told me about.  It's called Girls Chase Boys.  A catchy tune.  Linda and I danced around the camp fire to it the other night.  I'm pretty sure Katie and Scott were not laughing at us, just laughing with us.  I digress.
An interesting group at the track.  I am amazed at people who are there.  People of all ages, people of all degrees of health.  There are some that are doing it for rehab, some who are doing it for weight loss and some for a marathon.  I am guessing, but that seems to be the group.  Oh, yes, and those darn young kids that  must be on cross country.  They look fit and young and able to run forever.
So I am not going to measure distance.  I am going to walk/jog and whine until the playlist on my iPhone is complete.  OK, so I cheated this morning, I skipped Coldplay so I could go home and eat
I am getting a tattoo.  Next week.  I am so excited.  I have thought about this numerous times over the years and I am just going to do it.  I know, marking my body with permanent ink is something that can never be changed and I will regret it the day it is completed.  I don't care!  There are those who think it is neat and those that think I am crazy.  (We won't even go there).  But I am going to do it and I'll post a picture once it is finished.  Hopefully, I won't get blood poisoning or some other horrible complication.
I had a really good sales day at Macy's the other day.  Met my goal by 308%.  The next day?  Began at -98%.  People tend to buy lots of stuff, take it home, try it on (sometimes wearing it), then bringing it back to the store for a refund.  We have an amazing return policy, can you tell?  It's okay, I almost made up the -98%.  Almost.
Had lunch with my friends, Mark and Abby yesterday.  Mark and I worked together at Phipps and over the years I have enjoyed the company of Mark and his wife.  His daughter, Jennifer, lives in NYC and when we went there for Katie's auditions we met her and had a delightful time passing the stressful time with her.  Abby and I have decided we will drive up to NYC to see Katie and Jennifer once Katie is settled.
Well, time to grab some breakfast and head to Macy's.  If you return things today, make sure you didn't buy them from me.  But look me up.  It's always fun to see a familiar face.


ginger said...

It's good that you are walking again. I try to do some kind of exercise each day, walking, going to Silver Sneakers or whatever. I don't necessarily enjoy it but I guess it's good for me. That's what I'm told anyway.
Not keen on tattoos, but I guess you're adult enough to make that decision. My daughter is getting one too and I can't say anything good about that either.
l rarely take anything back to the store and now I will make a point of not doing that, knowing that the sales person loses out.

Cathy said...

Mia, you didn't did the garage sale go?
I love that you are getting up and walking every morning! I quit doing that this winter and maybe I should start again. Some day.
I think it's fun that you are getting a tattoo and I can't wait to see it. Something tasteful, I hope! Some of them are beautiful, but they fade and have to be touched up I think. Some are just way too much. But it is a personal choice and you have to take a picture to show us.

Jessica said...

Yes, let us know about garage sale!
I go to the gym several times a week. Try to do at least 3 times. Who cares what you wear? I see the young ones coming in with designer outfits and think they are not trying to be fit, just trying to be "in". I think the point is to try to improve health.
I have seen where you have to get a number to take clothes into a dressing room and that same number better come out! Keeps the dressing rooms neat. Maybe Macy's should try that

Bill said...

Now my wife wants to have a garage sale. I know the work entailed and I just want to put it to the curb and put a sign out there that says "free".
I work out a couple of times a week. Don't have a lot of time with kids in sports, work and things to do in the house, but it does feel good when I get a chance to work out.

Jen said...

Yay, Mia, keep walking, it is god for you!
I hope your garage sale went well, they are hard to do, very exhausting.
And good for you getting a tattoo. Be sure to share a picture of it on your post.

Tim said...

Did you notice? The Pirates won. It was my ability to cheer for them. I have worked hard on this and I have succeeded. That spelling doesn't look right.

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