Tuesday, June 3, 2008


They did it when no one said they could. What a game!


Nate said...

That was quite a game. Kept me up way past my bedtime. Two more and they have it. Go Pens.

Jen said...

That guy had blood all over his face. Yuk.

Ben said...

Fleury could not be beat, what a great game he had. And Sykora's prediction. Was a little worried for awhile, but they pulled it out. Great game, Penquins. Keep it up.

Sassysam said...

Great game, kept me up way too late. I really went to bed at midnight. I only cheered for them that long so I could say I did. Okay, I'll cheer tomorrow night again. When does this end? Does it?

ginger said...

Well, the fat lady didn't sing and I just hope she stays silent again. What a game, I admit I was skeptical especially since the shots on goal were so one sided but my faith has been renewed.

Go get 'em Pens!