Sunday, June 1, 2008

There's always tomorrow

Alas, the Pens lost last night. As I said, I am very competitive, so when we lost, I couldn't even talk to anyone. I came home and went to bed, lamenting the five on three where we just couldn't seem to get tha puc where it belonged. I have to say, the RedWings are awesome. Tomorrow it is back to Detroit. I walked around the yard today, surveying the non-existant plants and taking pictures of the ones before they are gone. Ava, watching from the kitchen window, wanting desperately to come out and play. Perhaps she could frighten the deer to another feeding place????? Alas, I am fearful that if she were to get outside she would get hit by a passing car. So, I attempt to keep her safe inside the house. She has the mice to play with...what else could she want? Put your Pens gear on tomorrow, pehaps a miracle will occur!


sassysam said...

I don't understand, I was cheering for the Penquins. Did they not hear me? Great picture of the cat. Okay, I'll cheer again for the Pens, but they had better listen this time.

ginger said...

Well, tonight is the big night so we all have to think positive. I know it's hard when they didn't score with 5 on 3 but it's not over till the fat lady sings. Here's hoping she has laryngitis.

Bring it home, Pens!

Sassysam said...

Good for you, Ginger, that's what I like, spirit. I'm going to watch and I'll even pretend I know what's going on.

Jen said...

I don't know what hockey is and I think Penquins are cute. But I think it must have something to do with grown men and ice. GO PENS. Whoever you are.

Nate said...

Jen, how can you not know? It's ok, just cheeer them!