Sunday, September 22, 2013

Sunday Morning in the 'Burgh

It's a cool, crisp morning here in Pittsburgh...a perfect autumn day.  Pirate baseball this afternoon, Steeler football tonight, Sunday dinner and the Laundromat.

Such an interesting study in human nature.  It's that time of the year where I do all of the heavy bed linens.  I could do them at home, but they put a burden on my washer and dryer, so with quarters in my pocket, laundry detergent and bleach in hand, I head for the local Laundromat.  Don't know why spell check capitalizes that word, but it does.

It's early on Sunday when I leave home and arrive at the facility.  Drag everything into the not so clean building (shouldn't a Laundromat be clean?).  It appears to be empty, but there are clothes in washers and dryers already.  A gentleman comes in and speaks to me.  Being a friendly kind of person, I say hello to him.  He looks vaguely familiar, and I am not privy to Laundromat etiquette, so I think this is the proper thing to do. 

He explains that he had does his wash last night.  Apparently one leaves their laundry and goes home to wait for it, then comes back later to put it in the dryer.  He fell asleep, so his laundry sat in the washer all night.  He had come in earlier to put it in the dryer and after testing it, decided it needed another six minutes to dry. 

The Laundromat has a movie running.  I'm not sure if it is the same movie or if someone switches it at will.  There is a table with magazines on it talking about the 2008 election.  And three broken chairs.  The man remarks that a girl (he is about 50) took him to see a Steve Martin movie called The Jerk.  He asked me if I though she was giving him a message.  I told him I hadn't seen the movie, so didn't feel qualified to respond.  He went on to tell me that Steve Martin used to be quite famous and asked me what my favorite movie was/is.  That's a tough one, because after I watch a movie, I forget the title immediately.  So, I told him War Horse.  He nodded, said he hadn't seen it yet. 

We seemed, at that point, to run out of chit chat, so I told him I had to go get more quarters.  When I came back, he had made a new friend and my wash was done, so it was time for the dryer.  By this time, the Laundromat was filled to capacity.  People folding laundry, people chatting with one another, just a happy, happy place to be on a Sunday morning.  A communal cleaning of clothes, if you will.  Everyone in a good part I am sure because of the Pirates win last night.  I have stopped watching the Pirates.  Too anxiety producing.  After the game on Friday night, for which I took much teasing about at work, I felt it was time again for a break.  I wish them all the best, and I hope we do it, but I just can't watch right now. 

Laundry finished, back home to enjoy the rest of the day.  Clean bedspreads, clean blankets.  I have to go to the library this afternoon .  I read my last book in record time...3 days.  One of those that I couldn't put down. 

I hope your Sunday is filled with good things to get your week off to a good start.  And thoughts to all of those in Colorado, including my nephew and his wife.  They are not affected by the floods, but to those that are, my thoughts are with you.  I cannot imagine the anguish of having your home and memories washed away. 


Angela said...

When we were first married we used the Laundromat all the time. We would take a deck of cards and play while we waited for the laundry to finish.
It was kind of fun, and certainly made some interesting Friday nights! Why we chose Friday, I have no idea, but that became our laundry night.

Jessica said...

The weather here has been beautiful also. I love this time of the nights and mornings and sunny days.
I had to use the Laundromat when our washer broke down. I liked it. For $7 I got all of the laundry done in an hour. Made me stop and think if I wanted to get a washer. We did, but we also did think about using the Laundromat all the time.
I go to the library every week. It is a big day for the kids. We spend about an hour there searching for books.
Yes, those floods in Colorado sound awful. It's been a bad year for weather related disasters.

Mark said...

You didn't mention the Pirates or the Steelers...probably wise. Not a good day in Pittsburgh sports.
A Laundromat. We haven't been to one in years, We did use on in a hotel a couple of years ago when we were on vacation. It was a good thing since we had run out of clothes, but I don't think I would want to use it every week. Although, I usually do the laundry! Our laundry was taken out of the washer, because heaven forbid, we didn't get there at the exact moment to put it in the dryer.
Hope the Pirates do it, Mia. It would be good to see them in the series.

ben said...

GO BUCS. What a game. We needed that.
We are going to have a good weather week here. Cool nights, warm days. Nice. I love this time of the year.
Haven't been to a Laundromat. Why does it automatically capitalize that??
I have a washer and dryer, so there really isn't a need for it. When my dryer broke a belt, I couldn't get one right away so I just went to Bill's house and used theirs!

Tim said...

This is getting exhausting. I have lost much weight with all this cheering. I need to focus on one team, one sport. Guess it will be the Pirates since the Steelers are pretty much out of it.

ginger said...

I have never been to a Laundromat so cannot comment on that. Although they probably did the same thing yeas ago while beating their clothes on a rock!

You did good Tim, they made it to the playoffs. But your work as just begun getting us through the next hurdle. Oops, a little play on words.

Cathy said...

We still go to the Laundromat for out heavy stuff, like blankets and throw rugs. I like it. It gets everything done quicker.
Good luck to the Pirates. Hope they do well.

Bill said...

Sounds like it's going to be a play off here in the burgh. Do you suppose they will show the silly yellow duck on national tv?