Monday, April 28, 2008


I never realized how competitive I am. But, alas, I am. Monkeyboy is extremely competitive. We play poker sometimes on family night. He is very good. Sometimes he bluffs and gets this very silly grin on his face. (His father has him practicing poker faces, and sometimes it works.) But then when we all decide that he has bluffed for the last time, we always get caught. Especially Bean. She will call and call his bet.....and he will win. She can lose and just shrug her shoulders and leave. He has this incredible look as he pulls in his winnings. Did I tell you he is seven? BUT...when he doesn't win...look out. When the Steelers don't win......oh, my. And the Pens. Now, I never thought about it, but I play poker a lot. And let me tell you, when I lose, I want to ask what kind of car they drive so I can key it. I want to call all sorts of names. I want to beat them to a pulp. Bean has been selected to test for advanced Algebra. She tries out for parts in the theater. She is very good, by the way. Played the nasty orphan in Annie. I don't think she wants to beat someone to a pulp if she doesn't get a part or doesn't make some advanced thing at schoold. I wonder where Monkeyboy gets his competitive spirit? Hmmmm. GO PENS.


ginger said...

Ok, I am typing this as a trial run
to see if my comment gets to you.

I have commented on two other blogs
Did you not get any of them?

Testing Testing Testing

mia said...

Hi Ginger, Your comments are showing in my blog...can you not see them here? I left one comment for you also. Let me know, this is all new to me!