Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Home Improvements

Of course, the time to do inside home improvements is winter. But I hibernate in winter, snoozing away the dark time, waiting for the light. So, now it is time to look at things in the home and think......omg, this looks truly awful! So, we (this year, I) decide to takle the spare bedroom. This is so when brother and sister-in-law come to visit, I won't have to hear about the lumpy bed or lack of light in the room by which to read. There is, in this room, a chair that was my grandmothers. It has been "done over" a number of times, and this time, I admit, I picked a very odd color. So that became the challange, to find coordinating colors to go with the very odd colored chair. "Popsicle Melon" became the color of choice. Beaner came over to help with the painting. A wonderful child she is, truly helped! The most wonderful part is the eye she has for visualizing things. Finger on chin, lips pursed, looking about....she picked up the perfect flower arrangement and plopped it down in the perfect spot. Told me where to place furniture to maximize space. She amazes me....someone said she takes after her mother. Cleaning up, admiring the room, backing out into the hallway to tip over the can of paint onto the carpet in the hallway. Slow motion, watching the paint spilling out, trying to get to it as quickly as I can. The house STILL smells of carpet cleaner............BUT...........the room looks great! Now to find curtains and bedspread!

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Wacky Mommy said...

Mia, that inspired me. I'm ready to tackle my room now! At least it's painted (off-white, kind of boring, but a good blank canvas). We are kicking-the-can-over sort of people, too ;)