Thursday, April 24, 2008

View from the bathroom

Woke up this morning and went to take a shower. I opened the window and noticed that the Magnolia tree had lost most of it's petals. Have I mentioned that I love spring? The last time I remember the tree looking as beautiful as it did this spring was when we had Mippy's baby shower for Beaner. And I love to see the petals on the ground. So, of course, I get out the camera. Now, this might prove to be a bit tricky. I have to lift the window and the screen. As I lift the screen, Ava jumps on the tub and looks as though she might look out the window, which she is prone to doing. I am attempting to focus the camera and get the lighting right guessed it, Ava jumps to the window ledge and balances precariously on the ledge. Do I drop the camera or grab the cat? Neither.....I held the camera for dear life.....this woould be the same TYPE of camera I fell into the hot tub with.......and grab for the cat. Have I told you how quick she can be and how loudly she can howl? Woke me up, let me tell you. Here is the picture and Ava is giving me very mean looks.


Steve said...

Hey, around here, it's survival of the fittest. Our oldest boy cat likes to balance on the railing at the top of the upstairs landing, like a little gargoyle. Hasn't fallen yet.

Wicked Kitty said...

Hey Barbie - guess who? Not to worry, cats always land on their feet. Unlike some of us humans who struggle just to stay upright during the day. Luv the pictures and the Blog. My Blog should start out with....I am a social worker looking for a hot navy seal. Did I ask "guess who" yet?

mia said...

even from two stories up?????