Friday, April 25, 2008

It's a hockey night in Pittsburgh

I am not much of a sports person. I supervise a hockey player at work. I have a hockey fanatic living two blocks from me. He is seven. I knew nothing about a power play. He explained it to me. He watches the sports channel rather than cartoons before he goes to school in the morning as he eats his breakfast. He screams, yells, jumps up and down. He is seven. It's nice to have such passion. Everyone should be passionate about something. And it helps me learn about hockey.


Anonymous said...

OK. So I am told that there is a hockey game tonite, right? Someone mowed "Go Pens" in huuuuge lettering at Sunny Slopes in South Park. While my grass is so long because the lawn mower is broke again. The cows are strolling on over to snack on the lush greenery.
Also told that there is a Pirates game tonite. They still here, right? Ok, well my favorite for this evening is the Gallery Crawl. Although, pretty much 4 me that means painting once again in the basement while drinking diet pop. Wicked Kitty is not very frisky tonite. What's up with the word verification anyways?

ginger said...

Loved reading your blog. Felt like
I was looking at someone's diary
with permission.

Pictures were great especially the
tree, just beautiful.

Will this get juicier?

mia said...

Thanks! Probably won't get life is not juicy, just fun! Come back again anyhow. :)

Steve said...

Go Pens!

(Even though they're playing the Rangers, with former Portland Winter Hawks star Brandon Dubinsky.)

I only regret that I lost my Pens hat at the rink over the last year.

mia said...

YOU LOST YOUR PENS HAT???? Monkeyboy got an official Pens hat from my co worker (adult hockey player) as well as a hockey puc (or is it puck) from someone...Malkin maybe? Anyway, he slept with the hockey puc. Adult sports fanatic coaches a young boys club that is supported by the Pens, so he has contact with them through the club. GO PENS!

Steve said...

Yep, I left it at the rink, and when I went back the next day, it was gone, gone, gone. And this was several months ago!