Saturday, May 31, 2008

I lied

The picture that said the deer didn't get these...well, papap went out to get the paper this morning and there, munching on the flowers was a deer. These flowers WERE up against the house and I guess papap and the deer stared at one another, and I can imagine the deer saying "DO NOT interupt my breakfast". I don't know if this was the pregnant deer that was bedded down under the shrub last week, but now my flowers are gone as is most of the large hosta in the back garden. This morning I got the courage to allow Ava back into the attic where she "played" with the mice last weekend. I have to clean the attic, so I want to make sure our "friends" found their way back outside. Critters and creatures....our friends.


sassysam said...

Laughing hysterically, I can just see the deer. We are having deer problems here also. They are taking over our neighborhood. And making themselves quite at home. Haven't had the mice yet, but don't feel sorry for us. We don't want them.

Jen said...

The flower pictures are all so pretty. I hope the deer enjoyed them. How frustrating, but at least you have the pictures.

Jessica said...

We also are having deer problems. We have tried everything, some of which are pretty disgusting. We gave up and once the deer had destroyed everything, we planted grass. We are waiting for the cows and goats to invade now. I guess this is what happens when we take over their world. They have no where to go. It's called getting even!

ginger said...

Sorry Mia, Skipper and I were sitting in our "Florida Room" this morning and down the hill came three deer. They were just passing through and didn't stop to eat.
Of course, Skipper did run to the front and checked on our hosta but all was well. I guess they don't like our cooking.