Sunday, September 28, 2008

The Great Race

5:30 AM
Wind and rain coming through the bedroom window. Pulling covers up over my head.
6:30 AM
Alarm goes off and I peek out the rain, seems cloudy. Get up, pull clothe on, brush hair and teeth and ready to go.
6:50 AM
Pick up Bean and Mippy...oh wait, Bean had to go get something. Piling into the car and we are off.
7:05 AM
Park the car and walk to catch bus to the start line....where the heck did all these people come from????
7:25 AM
Arrive at race start. Head for portapots. Bean doesn't want to go, but she must. Not too big a line...ewwwww, what's that smell?
8:20 AM
National anthem, ready to start.
8:30 AM
gun goes off, people begin to jog in place. Takes us 3-4 minutes just to get to the start line and then we are off. Very cloudy and a light drizzle. Bean leaves us before we hit the mile mark and she takes off. Mippy and I slowly run....okay, jog.....along, picking people ahead of us to pass. Bean calls us from the finish line, she finishes about 8 minutes ahead of us.

I didn't want to do this, could you tell? But what a feeling of elation to cross the finish line. Bean felt a little sick to her stomach at the end, but said she wants to do it again. The tradition lives on. Later, Monkeyboy was 4/4 at his baseball game and caught some awesome catches to get people out. His birthday followed and I sit here exhausted. Such a wonderful Sunday. Can I go to sleep now? Hope your day was as great!


Sassysam said...

Good job, ladies! I knew you could do it. Well, actually, I had some doubt, just kidding. So, did you think about all of us snuggled in our beds? I have to admit, when I got up this morning, I wondered if the race was over and how you did. Glad to see the post, and congrats! Happy Birthday, Monkeyboy. Good ballgame!

Jessica said...

Happy Birthday, Monkeyboy! Sounds like you had a good day. You too, Mia, as well as Bean and Mippy. I know you had second (and third and fourth) thoughts about doing the race, so I am glad to hear it was a good time for all.

Cathy said...

You had a busier day than I had, I just read the paper, watched a movie and took a nap. Glad the race was a success for all of you. Happy b-day monkeyboy. Think I'll take another nap, you made me tired.

Ben said...

Was this not the best weather for the race? And the crowds were amazing. The finish line could have been better, but at least it finished in the park. Glad to hear Bean met her goal. I didn't meet mine, but there is always next year. Good job, Monkeyboy. I guess everyone had a good day. I'm pretty sure it was the cheerleader and the majorette that made it so good. ;)

SocialWorker2 said...

Great job everyone. Sounds like a lovely day.

Nate said...

Makes me want to start running. Let me think about that first. Good job.

ginger said...

good job to all! I relaxed on Sunday, got ready for the football game and when that was over, I felt like I ran a marathon. Wish those guys would win an easy one.